Advance Notice: RAdvent CalendRA Is Back for 2018

Before I tackle the thorny issue of BS 3×02, I have decided to spread a bit of cheer. Well, hopefully. Long story short – like last year, I have put together an online advent calendar of pretty pictures of our pretty boy… The advent calendar runs from 1 December to 24 December, and every day you can open the respective little window.

Since WordPress still doesn’t cooperate with the handy little widget supplied by the advent calendar maker, I am only offering you a screen shot of the calendRA above. But the site is up and running, and you can access it by clicking HERE.

There’s nothing open there, yet – the first window will be clickable on Saturday. But you can already bookmark the page so you can easily find it again on Saturday. I hope you’ll have as much fun with it day-by-day than I had when I put the whole thing together. It’s to provide a smile for you, every day in the run-up to Christmas 2018. And if you really just can’t wait, well you can amuse yourself with last year’s RAdvent CalendRA images included in this old post.

Talking of amusing yourself: I would also like to take the opportunity and direct you all to a new blog on the kid. Ehm, ok, a new kid on the block. Kate, whom many of you may know from commenting here and elsewhere, has finally been persuaded to start a blog of her own. Entitled “My dearest Louise“, the blog is a welcome addition to our dwindling Armitageworld! Please check out her hilarious introductory post HERE and leave her a message of welcome!

Othewise: stay tuned – only 48 hours, and you can open window #1.


65 thoughts on “Advance Notice: RAdvent CalendRA Is Back for 2018

    • LOL – is that a thing, “mensch” as a complimentary expression? *hahaha*
      And hey, stop it – you don’t owe anything to me. I am so glad to see new voices in the fandom. It’s the least I can do to actually channel some attention your way. (You do know, of course, that we all expect frequent posts on the same high level of entertainment from now on *puts the pressure on and cackles evilly*)

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      • Yes, it’s an expression I know from American English. It has Yiddish roots. Defined by Merriam Webster as follows: a person of integrity and honor
        I use it simply as one of the good ones, a person who is good to others.

        And hey, learn to take a compliment, or else… 😉 You’re an inspiration to me and many in the fandom. Deal with it! 😘

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  1. Oooh, an RA advent, what fun! Swoon, he is pretty, isn’t he? And this is so much better for me than the chocolate-a-day advent calendar that I just bought. No calories and lots of inspiration!

    I’ve finally set up a WordPress account although it is slow going figuring it out. But I got there eventually with Twitter so hopefully I’ll get there with this. But at least now I can actually follow the blogs I love (Guylty!) and will come to love (Kate!, Michele!) without all the annoying extra steps. Maybe. Eventually. Sigh.

    But back to work; too much goofing off even though it’s after midnight. At least the room isn’t spinning as much, my fever is mostly gone and I’ve successfully been at the office for 7 hours. But….maybe…just a quick little detour over to see what Kate is up to…

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    • LoLo glad you are feeling better. I wish you were around last night I could have called ya. I had a nightmare and woke up at 2:35 am in a cold sweat. Won’t go into the details until after Guylty has posted her Eps 2 review/commentary… I needed your “tall man hubby” feeding me tomato soup for sura!!


      • I was bad and read a completely spoilery blog about episode 2, so I suspect I know the content of your nightmare. I’m so sorry! You have dogs for cuddles? I’d be lost without my little old lady cats, one of whom is my new avatar although she’s so tiny, I’m not sure that you can see it’s a cat, lol.

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        • LoLo, three dogs, smallest is Sascha (supposed to be Schatze but she didn’t like that name so I went Russian instead) a beagle/schnautzer mix, 15 pounds, she’s the sheriff in the house, Maximilian (Max) (born on May 1) he’s a cocker spaniel, all hunky and like a linebacker, and Edmund (Eddie) Labradoodle who at 75 pounds thinks he’s a 10 pound lap tog. They all sleep with me, I need some affection and Eddie takes up half the bed. Yeah the nightmare was me sitting in my car in the field where Daniel wakes up at the start of Ep2 watching him run, get beaten to a pulp then set on fire. Then I woke up and began emailing a few friends to try to calm down. Not good. My brain is trying to absorb what I saw the other night.. I mean I prepared for it to be him, I recognized those luscious hips from the trailer but hoped it wasn’t. Just very gruesome to me..


    • LoLo comment away please come visit although mine is not Richardy in nature but there are direct hits/love bites at him.. you could definitely add one of your LoLo Productios there too. esp after you see BS3 Ep 2… you would have a field day with your tall man hubby!!


    • Exactly my thinking behind it – no calories, but sweet nonetheless.
      And hooray – a WP account for LoLo! Does that mean you might also use it for blogging? Or is it just for commenting purposes for the moment? It definitely makes following other blogs much easier – via the reader view and the little bell in the top right corner: If it has an orange dot, it means that someone has replied to one of your comments or commented on one of your posts.
      You are a hardy woman, LoLo – back at the office after a gruelling medical test. Not sure whether that is really good. The docs should have insisted you take a day off!!

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    • He is nearly there. I have been following his progress and he had made it to the country of destination by Tuesday. He arrived in the city of destination today – but unfortunately no one was at home to receive the package. “No answer at address”… Damn.

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  4. And it’s December! Lovely pic for day 1, Guylty 😊

    Talking of Lolo’s new wordpress page I suppose I’ll have to get mine out of retirement when flat Richie arrives!


  5. Avec un peu de retard, je vous félicite pour tout ce travail. Que de belles réalisations photographiques dans ce calendrier de l’avent! Que de surprises en perspectives, pour égayer nos matins moroses!


  6. Also ich bin ja #teambearditage, aber gestern und heute ist mir dann doch zuviel des Guten 😂. Da würd ich am liebsten eigenhändig den Rasierer in die Hand nehmen.

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  7. Aha, ich rieche Sabotage… Aber weißt du was: funktioniert absolut überhaupt gar nicht 😜.
    Übrigens gehör ich auch zum #TeamStoppelfeld, bin also durchaus flexibel.


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