#FlatRichie Has Reached Stop 3. And Guylty Is Flummoxed

Ok, important things first. I have already mentioned it in comments – and tweeted to those who are over on Twitter. But hooray:

Flat Richie has made it back to England!


As of noon today, Helen is looking after Flat Richie. The arrival of the parcel has actually shocked (!) her out of inaction and she has written a blog post! Yep! Did you know Helen had a blog? Well, do follow her there, just in case. More HERE. Here is a little glimpse of Helen’s workbench, btw. You will see more photos on her blog.

ETA: Ooooh, and just after posting my post I realise that Helen has written another blog post, showing off her choices. Check it out HERE.

So, with Leg 3 of Flat Richie’s world tour now behind us, I have updated the map.

Crisscrossing back and forth across the Atlantic: Ireland > Germany > US > UK, Flat Richie is definitely going to have a massive carbon footprint. Squirrel is planning to do something about that in the end, btw. I’ll keep you posted once I know more.  Where is he going next??? I’m not telling. I’ll keep the suspense! But I do look forward to reading(seeing what Helen is going to choose from the parcel.

Moving swiftly on, apart from the annual Christmas message RA also posted a little Chrimbo post in Instagram today.

View this post on Instagram

Happy Christmas from Studio 3 @audible

A post shared by Richard Armitage (@richardcarmitage) on

gif by watson-sighs-and-tut on tumblr

*coughs* I am not exactly overawed by the implications of Richard hanging out in another Audible studio today… yawwwwwwET another audiobookyawn… but I was very happy to see the favourite white T is still in action, even shortly before Christmas, in winter… Those Audible studios must be toasty. But that Christmas elf? Poor thing was taped on the window – and gagged to boot. Richard, you are not in Middle-earth anymore… Remember, Thorin = film role; Richard = you in RL.

And staying with Instagram, the flummoxed bit. Don’t you love the English language? “flummoxed” – what a wonderful word!  So I have been hanging out a bit over in Instagram. Nope, not a case of following Armitage, who recently seems to have gotten into posting on that platform. In fact, I am actually one of the early users of the platform – it was launched in November 2010, and I registered my account in January 2011. (The big thing at the time was actually a similar app called “hipstamatic”. Yeah, anybody remember the app? It basically was a photo editing app and started the idea of plastering filters on handy, square smartphone images. hipsta actually was a paid app, iirc, whereas Instagram was free, so guess where cheap skate Guylty washed up? Yup…) Anyway, I enjoy posting there every once in a while, but since it is a photo app, I do try to post images with aesthetic value… I don’t use IG for social media purposes as such, and most of my follows are friends and family, as well as a few well-known photographers. There is literally only a handful of celebrity users I follow – the likes of Stanley Weber for his cool photographs, Sam O’Neill for New Zealand love, Graham McTavish because he’s decent, and Leland Orser because his social media efforts need to be rewarded with a follow. Ok, admittedly I also follow Richard. But I don’t follow the official Berlin Station account, so imagine my surprise a couple of days ago when…

Huh???? Where does that come from? And why? How has BS actually found me??? Especially as the two liked photos bear no relation whatsoever to Berlin or Richard or the show…

Curiouser and curiouser. Leland, dear, have you been playing with Epix’s Berlin Station IG account and rewarding *me* with some well-placed likes? If so – great strategy! I feel flattered indeed.

Anyway, looks like an all-round good day today, eh? I think I’ll go back to the Chrimbo message now and indulge in a little bit more Christmas spirit, some *awwwww*ing and fond love-eyed interior squeeing. Oh, and I want to continue guessing the name of Richard’s production company. Peaches Productions? Huncote Hunk Co? Choc Ice Pictures? What’s your guess? Let me know in the comments!

Entirely gratuitous image here. Just because.






90 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Has Reached Stop 3. And Guylty Is Flummoxed

  1. How about Tall Dwarf Productions in honor of LoLo? Congrats on your pics being followed, they are stunning.. I think I will go and listen to Richard discussing Cmas Hirelings again. Good idea. Oh the Thorin “quote” is great and if you only knew why I am smiling behind typing this…

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  2. how do you feel about the official Berlin Station account following you, aside from just being really confused? does it make you feel exposed or maybe a little creeped out since your stuff has nothing to do with BS or RA there?


  3. I’m so relieved that Helen received the parcel safely. Will definitely check out her blog post.
    Love the suggestion of the name Tall Dwarf Productions. Michele nailed it 😊 Happy to see your photos being noticed. They’re outstanding. I am especially fond your landscapes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, I was also really relieved, Donna. Funniest thing: I had just sent Helen an e-mail asking whether she had received the parcel yet, when she messaged me on FB to say that Flat Richie had arrived 🙂
      Tall Dwarf Productions is my favourite too!


    • Weird, weird, weird – but as you know, that is what is happening to me over on your blog. I never get notifications that someone (you) has replied to my comment; I always have to “manually” surf and check. I don’t know what WP have changed…

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  4. Berlin Station’s IG liked three of my pictures (2 nature pics and 1 book pic) and Epix’s IG liked two pictures. One was the same nature pic than what BS liked and the other was a picture of my sistets cat. Weird choices.


  5. Der Junge wird ganz schön rumgereicht. Gut, dass er keine Flugangst hat. Wenn sich das Muster so fortsetzt, müsste es ja wieder über den großen Teich gehen.
    Berlin Station will wohl neue Freunde machen, weil sie Angst haben dass ihnen die Zuschauer davon laufen.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Bezweifle, dass diese Truppenteile so zahlreich sind. Nur weil sie laut sind, müssen sie noch lang nicht viele sein. Außerdem kann diese Fanliebe auch ganz schnell erkalten, falls die falsche Person gegrillt wird.
        Davon abgesehen würd mich aber tatsächlich mal interessieren, wieviele Zuschauer BS eigentlich tatsächlich hat.

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  6. De très bonnes nouvelles!
    – J’aime toujours autant les aimants de Guy (je préférais le col roulé).
    – Mes félicitations pour vos photographies irlandaises primées.
    – J’ai le vertige devant les distances parcourues. Serais- je à la hauteur du défi que je me suis lancée? Je vois une forêt d’arbrisseaux pousser à l’horizon. .


    • J’ai 4 différentssites pour calculer l’empreinte carbone. Je vais réaliser une grille pour que chacun me précise ses données personnelles. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à tous.


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