Grateful Last Update 2018!

The last day of the year is not to pass without a quick post from me. Stealing a minute while my mum is jeans shopping with her grandson and granddaughter, I can finally reply to all those lovely Christmas wishes I received over the last week! I am sorry that I never even replied to the comments on my blog – when mother dear is here, I simply don’t get online time. Apologies. That sounds ominous, but in fact we had a lovely Christmas, albeit with an unexpected guest.

Just a couple of days before Christmas, Mr Guylty’s 21-year-old kind-of-goddaughter was thrown out of the house by her own mother. With her father (a good friend of ours) travelling in New Zealand and her granny having left to celebrate Christmas in London, our young friend was essentially left homeless. We took her in and celebrated Christmas with her. Even my mother – who tends to be very traditional and family-focussed when it comes to Christmas – had no problem with that, even though it meant we had to speak more English than usually. It was Christmas – and when if not at Christmas time should we prove that we are compassionate and that we have our priorities right? As usual, extending the family for Christmas meant that it was actually nicer than ever – with everyone on best behaviour to at least provide a harmonious Christmas Eve to a young girl who must have been distraught and sad otherwise. It was her first ever Christmas without her own mum… And without sounding too sickly-sweet and sentimental here, but I felt grateful that our little family was all together, that we had plenty of presents to exchange, a fabulous traditionally German meal to share (I spare you the photos of sausage and sauerkraut – it never looks as delicious as it tastes), and had space enough to give refuge to someone who needed a place to stay.

Pre-present exchange sitting room in Casa Guylty

On Christmas Day we celebrated Irish Christmas with a short walk along the pier in Wicklow and then had traditional Christmas dinner with the in-laws. You can just about see the Christmas pudding burning in the following picture. Shout-out to Mr Armitage: It was delicious, and the suet leaves no discernible taste.

That creamy dessert in front of the Christmas pud is a Banoffi pie, btw

And finally, on St Stephen’s Day, the whole family gathered for the traditional walk – this time an 8 km trail around the reservoir in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow.

After that my mum and I set off on a short trip to Belfast. Northern Ireland is only 2 hours away by train, and well, I felt we needed to make that trip before Brexit is going to shut down the border… Belfast is a great place, its turn-of-the-century architecture very grand and imposing, and a clear reminder that the city was rich and important. Not least because of the Harland & Wolff shipyard, where the world’s most famous ship, the Titanic, was built. We visited the fantastic Titanic museum, walked through the shopping streets, looked at the Botanic Gardens and the Ulster Museum, briefly strolled into Queen’s University, and did some post-Christmas sales shopping. It was a lovely trip, and I am grateful that we had such fun together, with no fights at all.

The gratefulness extends to my fandom family, too.

I have had another fantastic year with all of you here on my blog, over on tumblr, on Twitter – and in RL, too. So many of my fan friendships nowadays extend into RL: This year I hosted CraMERRY and daughter here for a short break; later in the year CraMERRY and I went on a short trip up to the Northwest of Ireland. Linda60 visited me here and we travelled to the West coast in August. Helen’s regular annual craft workshop trip meant that I got to host her here, too. Hariclea came for a weekend break in October. I had a cup of tea with Su in December, and spent a lovely day with Tiny Clanger in December, too. I look forward to many more such meetings in 2019 😉

I also need to – and want to – say thank you for the amazing gifts I have been sent this year. Most of the gifts I have already said thank you for, but there are a few parcels that have yet been unmentioned. Monica hand-wove a gorgeous deep blue scarf for me!!! Louise sent me a parcel of tins and goodies. Tiny Clanger brought along a whole bag of tins and bits and pieces, including a cool crystal sphere for taking photos through, when we met in December. Nordlicht supplied me with my preferred tobacco-beating drug (peanut puffs).  And Squirrel sent me a massive parcel full of my preferred tins… (There were many other gifts as well, but afaik I have previously mentioned them.)


Aren’t those b/w photo tins absolutely lip-smackingly gorgeous? Well, as gorgeous as the chap on that tag. And the tin collection on the bottom left almost looks like a tiled backsplash… Can’t wait to play with all the tape and stamps and tins and ribbons… The peanut puffs are already scoffed 😉

Thank you to all of you for the happy mail you have sent me over the course of last year. It actually puts me to shame – I have received so many fantastic things, and I am way behind the shrine-making. Keep your fingers crossed that I will have more time in 2019 to finally make some inroads in my tin stash 😉

While I can’t deny that I absolutely love receiving all these gifts and surprises, I am nevertheless aware that the most valuable thing you are gifting me, is your comments, your time, your attention and your kindness. You are the stars of this fandom, people! Because you care and you engage. Your greatest gift for me this year were two auction results that entirely blew me away. We are talking 2018 donations to the tune of 2,218 £ / 2,470 EUR / 2,829 $!!! Thank you!

And finally – a bit of a thanks to Mr A, too

Well, Richard. Here we are again. Another year over and I am well into year six of being your fan. According to stats I have written almost 75,000 words this year on this blog that is dedicated to you. Before you throw your hands up in horror and suggest I put my time into the service of something worthier than “just you” – no! I enjoy blogging about you as much as I enjoy watching you do your thing. I would’ve loved to see more of you this year – more projects, and more of Daniel Miller in BS. As it is, I can see why you have made yourself scarce. 2018 will doubtlessly be an anno horribilis in your memory – the difficult months leading up to May, and the devastation of life after your mum’s passing. I understand. All the more thanks for staying in touch via the excellent and plentiful audio books you released this year. And for your attempts at entertaining us on Twitter. Not really my preferred medium for you, but OTOH it kind of pleases me to see that you are not perfectly accomplished in *everything*… It gives me hope to know that someone who is as gorgeous as you, might actually be human underneath all the handsomeness 😉

So, thank you for another year of entertainment and gratification. I hope your 2019 will be better than the year that is finishing tonight. Keep doing what you do – and don’t listen to what I say. I am sure *you* know best. 
Guylty ❤️

Here’s to 2019!

So, as we leave 2018 behind, here’s what I am hoping for in 2019: First and foremost I hope and wish for health and peace for my family, myself, and all that I hold dear in some shape or form. That includes YOU! I still haven’t given up hope that Brexit could be avoided, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will find another interesting client next year to make up for the loss of my main source of income this year. I look forward to new encounters – with other fans and Richard????  – to learning about interesting ideas, starting new projects, to expanding my horizons. And I’d be delighted if you kept me company on that journey once again! Happy New Year!




52 thoughts on “Grateful Last Update 2018!

  1. What a wonderful post G! I’m not feeling organized enough to compose such a wonderful tribute to the past year right now. Thank you for all the fun on and off the blog, for organizing so many fun fandom activities and here’s to many more in 2019!
    My favorite picture is of the Botanical Gardens greenhouse. I’m not into material things. If I were rich, all I would want is a huge park/grounds with old trees and one of those old-timey glass and metal greenhouses full of exotic palm trees.

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    • Thank you Kate 🤗. Glad you liked the post, especially as I was in a bit of a hurry writing it. I would’ve liked to pay more tribute to All the remarkable people and experiences I met this year but I just didn’t have enough computer time.
      The greenhouses never cease to amaze me. Such beautiful structures!

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  2. well i’ve certainly enjoyed my first 4 months of fandom! i’m stuck here for at least another 5 whilst waiting for Flat Richie! lol! (only joking-you won’t be rid of me that quickly!)

    it’s been nice meeting online such lovely people and I find it amusing that there’s a definite Germanic theme to many of his fans!

    looking forward to seeing if his profile gets raised in the UK at all next year- when ever i talk to people about him here they only recognise the name when i talk about Spooks or The Hobbit-and usually with a sparkle in their eye!

    Your xmas certainly looks very family orientated and traditional and i love the living room decor.

    See you next year!

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    • Thank you Rachel – and lovely to have you here and hear you feel at home and welcome! It’s been really delightful for
      me this year to meet new fans. You guys really inject new life into an old blog 😉
      I join you in hoping that RA’s profile is raised again in his homeland. He really deserves some good role offers! (And so do we 😉)

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  3. A fabulous year end blog post (all of yours are but this is probably my favorite) and your “letter” or “well wishing” to Richard (I’m happy you called him that) was poignant and endearing. My fav picture in this collage above is that one on your traditional walk b/c the sun is in the distance like a light on the horizon and I wish for 2019 for you and everyone here to be full of laughter, love and light!!!!
    Happy New Year and bless you for reminding us that there are others out there in worse situations and feeling alone and kindness and compassion are what it’s all about!!!!

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    • Richard’s the reason for the blog, so he always gets the last word here 😉. And especially this year, as I forgot to send him a Christmas card. I’m not really a fan letter writer (as I said before) but I usually used Christmas as a reason to send him best wishes, update him on the year’s auction proceeds, and to request a few signatures on photos. Last year’s request was unanswered- we can assume why – but it still put me off a little bit… With a new year now starting, maybe I’ll send him a New Year’s card 😉


  4. Thank you for everything you do for us, from your blog posts to the shrines, to everything else. You make this a fun fandom to belong to! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year with hopes that 2019 is all you desire and more.


  5. Love your post! It seems you had a really nice Christmas and I love that you helped a girl during a sad moment of her life.
    I am so curious about Christmas Pudding, here you can’t find it and it seems too difficult for me to try and cook it. I hope that someday I’ll be able to travel to A place where I can find it during Christmas days. I went to London six years ago, but I didn’t think to try it 😀

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    • Christmas pudding is ubiquitous here. It’s very moist and rich, and tastes best when flambeed and warm, and accompanied with brandy butter.
      Thanks for the Flat Richie update – so cool he made it to you in time for New Year’s!


  6. Wonderful post to round off 2018 — great photography and great sentiments all round. I’m so glad you had such a great time with your mum and Mr Guylty’s young friend.

    Wishing you, your family and everyone here a very Happy New Year. Oh, and Mr. A too, mustn’t forget him, must I? 😱

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  7. Happy new year to you. Love the photos of your Christmas activities. Things look so beautiful and festive in your home, thank you for sharing glimpses of your holiday. The drama at my house was a smoking hot oven that required us to open all the windows and use fans to clear the air. Fortunately, the only thing burning was the greasy oven, not the food. No lasting harm done. Looking forward to another year of enjoying your fun blog and maybe writing an ode or two. Hope RA does something inspirational, like taking off his shirt … or pants.

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  8. Das perfekte Schlusswort für 2018. Und auch wenn ich auf ein besseres neues Jahr hoffe, hat es hier bei dir (und mit all den anderen Blogs und Kommentatoren) viel Spaß gemacht. Danke für viele unterhaltsame Stunden. Ich musste mich zwar zwischendurch mal eine Weile ausklinken, bin aber froh, nun wieder mehr Zeit hier verbringen zu können. Freue mich auf noch viel mehr davon in 2019. Rutsch gut ins neue Jahr!
    P.S. Ein letztes Rätsel für 2018 muss noch gelöst werden: Wie lange hat Mama Guylty gebraucht, um es zu merken 😉?


    • Das mit dem Ausklinken ist gar nicht mal so schlecht! Ich bin ja auch jetzt seit ein paar Wochen auf Twitter eher raus und es bekommt mir gut. Ich bin nur ein bisschen traurig über ein paar verlorene Mitstreiter- aber im Großen und Ganzen ist es manchmal besser für Herz und Kreislauf, sich zu distanzieren.
      Dennoch hoffe ich auf ein neues jahr, in dem sich neue Brücken schlagen und die Harmonie wieder hergestellt ist.
      Danke dir für dein Mitlesen und Mitmachen!!! Und die Flips! Möge dein 2019 immer Flups bereithalten 😉


      • Dann scheinst du es ja sehr gut vor ihr verborgen zu haben 😂.
        Im Fandom ist es wie im wirklichen Leben. Manchmal entwickelt man sich mit der Zeit halt in verschiedene Richtungen. Dann ist es besser, loszulassen, auch wenn es traurig ist.
        Gegen ganz viel Harmonie in 2019 habe ich nichts einzuwenden. Hoffen wir mal, dass sich das OdB auch daran hält. Hin und wieder eine kleine Meinungsverschiedenheit in Sachen Bart oder akzeptable Teesorte wird aber hoffentlich erlaubt sein, oder 😉.
        Danke dir für die Flipswünsche, die geb ich gern zurück 😉. Hab das Jahr 2018 jedenfalls erstmal standesgemäß mit Flips verabschiedet.


        • LOL – ja, ich war natürlich echt fies und hab meine Anti-Rauch-Aktion komplett verschwiegen – weil ich sehen wollte, wie lange sie braucht, um es selbst zu merken. Muss auch zugeben, dass ich leicht beleidigt bin, dass sie es erst nach einer Woche gemerkt hat.
          Ja, vielleicht muss man auch im Fandom manchmal loslassen. Ist nur irgendwie immer mit Faktionskämpfen verbunden, habe ich das Gefühl, und zwingt unbeteiligte Dritte dazu, Partei zu ergreifen. Genau deshalb finde ich das so unschön.


  9. Once again, your eloquence and generous heart expresse our love for Richard and caring for each other. I’m glad you and your family were able to help that young girl. The time you spent with your mother sounds like Heaven to me. May 2019 bring an abundance of blessings to you and yours.

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  10. Hope for a wonderful 2019. Even if you had an unexpected guest at Christmas I am sure you made her feel welcomed into your home after all is that what Christmas is really about. You and your family gave her the true gift of the season.

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  11. What a beautiful post to finish up the year, G – the photos, your Christmas, time with your mum, your message to Richard. Wishing you happiness, good health and success in this new year, and I look forward to another year of fandom friendship and fun here. ❤️❤️

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  12. Ich hoffe, du hattest einen guten Rutsch und bist gut im neuen Jahr angekommen, für das ich dir und deiner Familie alles Gute wünsche.
    Herzlichen Dank für all dein Engagement und deine kreativen Ideen. Ich schaffe es nicht immer, regelmäßig rein zu schauen, aber ich freue mich, wenn ich dich und all die anderen wieder hier finde. Liebe Grüße.


  13. Happy New Year. What heartwarming end of year post, S. Your Christmas holiday hit all the good bits; Good food, keeping family traditions, special time shared with loved ones and hospitality offered with open arms. These are the gifts worth giving (and getting). Thank you for all you have shared in your blog this year. The photos, the shrines, the fun projects and challenges, the auctions etc. they all make the adoration of our OOA such a delight and are treasured gifts from you that are much appreciated. It’s no wonder your reader/friends shower you with gifts and Happy Mail. What you put out in the world comes back to you. I wish you a wonderful 2019 full of happiness, inspiration and endless possibilities ❤️

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    • Late replying to all those lovely comments… Thank you, Donna, for such kind words. The blog and the friendships that have grown from it, are one of the reasons I get up with a smile and with eagerness every morning.


  14. Da hast Du doch tatsächlich ein Christkind aufgenommen 🙂 ganz in der Tradition des Weihnachtsfestes, schön!
    Würstchen mit Sauerkraut, lecker 🙂 Früher gab es bei uns immer Schäufele mit Kartoffelsalat. War lecker und schnell gegessen damit die Geschenke schnellstmöglich ausgepackt werden konnten. Heute lassen wir uns mehr Zeit…..diesmal war es Fondue 🙂


    • Stimmt – unser eigenes Christkind. Inzwischen sind Vater und Großmutter wieder im Lande und sie konnte weiterziehen. Aber war wirklich schön mit ihr.
      Wir wollten dieses Jahr eigentlich auch Fondue machen, allerdings an Silvester. Doch dann stellte sich raus, dass das Töchterchen eigene Partypläne hatte, und zu dritt hatten wir dann keine Lust auf den Aufwand. Es gab stattdessen eine Quiche 🙂


  15. EIn bißchen spät, aber trotzdem von Herzen: Danke für Deinen Blog, die vielen tollen Bilder und Aktionen und vor allem die positive Stimme, die Du immer wieder in den Ring wirfst – weiter so! ❤

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    • Danke dir, Herba – von dir kommend bedeutet mir dieser Zuspruch sehr viel, schließlich sind wir ja hier schon alte Hasen im Fandom. Auf ein weiteres Jahr dann mal 😉


      • ‘alte Hasen’ beschreibt es ziemlich gut. Ich komme mir bei so manchen Vorkommnissen wirklich so vor…wie die olle, nörgelige Tante, die den jungen Hüpfern aus reiner Bosheit den Spaß verderben will 😉 *lol*

        Ja, mal schauen, was 2019 so kommt von der RA-Front. Ich bin für positive Überraschungen immer gerne zu haben 😎


  16. Belated New Years greetings to you and yours dear Guylty!! I am so utterly out of the loop lately so I have loved reading about your “current events”. I hope we can catch up soon!!


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