Newsflash: #FlatRichie Reaches Italy Just in Time for New Year’s

Just for those of you who are not on Twitter – Flat Richie has made it safely to his next stop.

Look at that – forest boy, Marian and Vasey are helping Guy unwrap the package… Hooray – looking forward to seeing what Ilaria is picking from the package…

And to give a little more meat to this post – here’s the latest map:

More news soon. (As well as a New Year’s Eve post from me.)
And just because I can: Gratuitous picture of Richard Armitage 2010


31 thoughts on “Newsflash: #FlatRichie Reaches Italy Just in Time for New Year’s

  1. Whew got a little quiet there but thank you for the update. Hope your Cmas Eve and Day were good. Do you celebrate Boxing Day? Hope the smoke free project is in high gear. Replace cig tonight with a Guiness or Glenlevit or a cup of tea, no problem!!!! Been thinking about you!!!!

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    • In Ireland we call Boxing Day St Stephen’s Day. My in-law family traditionally goes on a long walk, including a picnic on a
      Hill somewhere ,-) It usually works out because it never gets that cold in Ireland. This Christmas it was about 10 degrees Centigrade.
      The smoke-free project is still going strong. But instead I have gained about 8 kilo 😭

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  2. I’m enjoying watching Flat Richie’s progress!

    You have mail.

    Also – a question. The junk book you made, was that a gift for someone, are we supposed to put pictures and such in it of where we live for you so you’ll have a record of everywhere Flat Richie has been, are we allowed one of the pretty bookmarks???

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  3. Oh these are great pictures Ilaria! I like how you featured Guy and the gang as presenters. Sheriff Vasey in a Santa hat made me lol. πŸ˜† I’m also delighted you picked the Florida mug ornament and the Thorin candy dispenser. Enjoy! Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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