The Fan A to Z – #R

Oops, here’s something that should long be buried and done. But since I can’t leave this unfinished, I am going to quickly get through the last of the questions in 2019.

OTPs – what is your favourite pairing of RA’s past work?

Is there any couple I really truly ship? When looking at the bigger roles RA has played, most of the pairings were slightly problematic. Sir Guy was madly infatuated with Marian but she only led him on. No go. Lucas North was deceived by his one true love and his second love, only to be then given an unconvincing true first love. So, nah. Thornton and Hale – oh god, don’t get me started ๐Ÿ˜‚ย ’nuff saidย . Thorin never really had an OT and I am not really into Bagginshield. No go. Porter and Danii? Wasn’t really fleshed out, so no go. Proctor and wife – problematic relationship. Greta and Chop – junkie love, so: no. Philip Durrant cheats, as do Lee and Paul. Kevin and Sandra get divorced. Gary and the tornado tart? Unconvincing. There are basically only two relationships left here that have the potential for an OTP:


So, in the spirit of this week – I am going to choose Dolly and Reba. Disregarding the whole sorry end of the affair, the two of them were different enough to have an interesting dynamic in their relationship. Definite plus: that certain “rescuability” that so many women romantically fall for; the “she/I can change him for the better”. And Reba does that beautifully in this show. Yes, I totally know that we are talking about a serial killer here. But this is totally fictional, so I’ll keep all the usual moral considerations out of my choice today. Anyway no further detail – because I know that some readers here haven’t watched the show yet but might do so this week. There’ll be something to talk about then.

As for the Dansther? I do like the pairing – mainly for the stupid superficial fact that Esther is a German woman. That makes the whole relationship somehow more relatable for me. No, I haven’t dated a spy. Yet. *haha*ย But in a way their relationship is doomed to fail. Not because of what is currently happening inย BS3 but because I doubt that the constant secrecy of a spy’s life is particularly conducive to a romantic relationship. Especially when both are professionals in the same field. Not to mention the constant professional rivalry. Ugh. It would drive me bonkers. Maybe if they both retired and rode into the sunset, things might be OTP… But hey, I’ll already be happy if Daniel survives at all.

Anyway, while we are at it – I am planning to watch episodes 8 to 10 tomorrow and then write a post and open the discussion. I am only going to watch the Fangirl Cut, i.e. Dolly’s scenes only. If you want to join in but wonder what this “Fangirl Cut” is – get in touch with me bts and I’ll sort you out!


55 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #R

  1. 1. Who is Kevin and Sandra?
    2. Lucas true love was Elizabeta right? The phony Boston accident Sara was fictional, Lucas was using her for intel. Leila was an enigma but so was the whole John Bateman bulls—t
    3. Guy and Marian ah I think Marian had some feelings for him. This would make an excellent RE WATCH and discussion (just throwing that out there)
    4. Daniel and Esther: I think had the inane Jason what’s his last name gone on a different path this year Dansther could really have become a romantic spy relationship. The fact that Esther is so calm and not frantic with Daniel MIA is to me an indication that things were never that serious which is a shame. I really like Esther but more so S1 when she was tough and had Daniel by the balls so to speak.
    I don’t get Bagginshield at all, sorry… what is OTP?
    5. Porter and Danii; I agree with you. Seemed very artificial to me…
    6. I love Proctor and his love for Elizabeth at the end., that is a tragic story…
    7. I just saw Durant character in action last night-he sort of reminds me of a naughty Guy but colder and callous.


    • First of all: OTP – One True Pairing.
      1. Kevin and Sandra are the couple in Love Love Love, the off-Broadway play in NY that RA was in in 2016.
      2. Yeah, Elizabeta supposedly was his one true love, but then she dumped him pretty quickly. I never really believed in Maya.
      3. I hear you.
      4. Not sure whether she is not serious – I think she is keeping a professional spy face. The fact that she is asking at all, to me indicates that she is not indifferent to Daniel.
      6. The Proctors are of course all very honorable – it’s just that that story really feels too moralistic to allow for romance. But could just be me…
      Oh, and I have just realised that I omitted Percy Courtenay and Marie Lloyd. Not really my dream couple, either…

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      • Oh did you like Kevin and Sandra LLL? Maya of course where did I get Leila from? Sorry.. Percy was a douche bag. I haven’t seen Lee in action yet either. Paul would be a good topic as well. John Teddybear was so sweet and Carol was the douche in that. Harry and Gerry were very sweet as well. Elizabetta moved on b/c Lucas was imprisoned. I would have liked that rekindling in S7 to have happened. Of the three actresses that he had “chemistry” with the actress playing her I thought matched up with him although I thought he and Hermoine Norris were great together as Ros. She could keep Lucas in check..
        Esther I think felt some emotional attachment in S2 like when he comes to her mentally damaged from the Otto Ganz assassination and his hand is bloodied and she comforts him. I like that vulnerability. The bedroom scene this season seemed calculated and detached. It just didn’t feel like two people who had known each other for 2 years and were f–k buddies or more than that. But I know Mina and Richard are fond of each other ( I really love her calling him The Armitage!) so maybe it’s just me seeing something there that really isn’t..


        • Ooops, Kenneth, not Kevin. And no, they were not a nice couple at all. Both were actually unlikeable characters.
          And ooops, totally forgot Standring and Harry Kennedy. Although that is a comment in itself. Standring and Carol are definitely NOT an OTP, and Geraldine and Harry – well, not in my book. I mean, Harry is cute (although two-dimensional) but Geraldine is just a tad too odd for me…
          Really, you didn’t like BS3 bedroom scene? I thought that was finally a scene that felt natural and realistic (unlike the mad wall nailing in season 1 and the weird call for help in season 2. I thought it had a quality of familiarity – two people who are regularly sharing a bed, hence she snoozes on while he is awake and listening to his podcast… I thought it was cute.


          • No I didnโ€™t like the bedroom scene although I didnโ€™t get the Mad book Sot vs Spy reference at all until Kathy explained its relevance (thank you Kathy๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘) I dunno I think he looks checked out to me like heโ€™s there and professional but I noticed glances and winks between Mina and The Armitage even in the last scene in S2 where he holds out his hand to her and she slips hers into his for the walk. That felt more real than him listening to Whoever is the narrator on the IPad while she sleeps. If I was in bed w him sleeping would be the last thing I would be doing ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‰. I loved the BS1 ep 5 wall banging that was by far my fav scene of anything done by this show
            What that says about me I dunno ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ


            • Hehe, you know Michele – but there is a difference between what is good for *us* as fans, and what is good dramatically for the *show*. In that sense, if all we’d get to see of Dansther was mad raving wall sex, I am not sure whether that would really make sense for the story. In fairness – even the most loved-up of couples in RL doesn’t have sex 24/7.
              IDK, but the scene as depicted in season 3 looked really realistic to me. But then again, I do not have 24/7 sex despite availability of husband. What that says about me I *do* know ๐Ÿ˜‚ – I am old


              • No youโ€™re not old sweetie I am old. At least you are having sex. I live vicariously thru Daniel and Esther. Yeah I totally get what you are saying and the diehard romantic in me just wanted more of the emotional attachment that occurred in S2 although that wall sex in S1 was omg hottie hot hot to me!! He could undress me anytime with his hands!! Mina looked like she was having fun! Iโ€™m just disgusted w the whole season, his lack of involvement and the whole plot line. Iโ€™m gonna watch S1 again now to get my newbie fix if him ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


            • You are welcome Michele. I like the pairing of Esther and Daniel in and out of bed, or up against a wall. I think they could have a relationship, both being spies. They could certainly relate to each others’ work related stress. Then have to have hot sex to help relieve it.

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  2. It was Kenneth.
    I was shocked to discover that the real life Elizabeth Proctor remarried so soon but I guess this happened in the 17th century.


    • I’m ashamed to say that I never even started this challenge, good intentions and all that……๐Ÿ™„
      All these years and I don’t think I realised you weren’t a fan of N&S/Thornton (not a fan of Margaret myself) so either you’ve been very discreet about it or I’ve been very dense haha!
      As for OTP’s, I can relate to much of what you’ve written. Mine would have to be Geraldine and Harry first, then Daniel and Esther, one a true romance and the other a difficult one, but with the lack of real love in RA’s screen oeuvre, I take what I can get. ๐Ÿ˜‰ AU OTP’s for me are Lucas and Ros, Porter and Katie.

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      • Don’t worry about the challenge Mezz – as you can see, I wasn’t particularly keen on it myself…
        NS – yep, I’ve been discreet. There is just little point in voicing criticism about a show that is universally liked by everyone. I don’t know of any other fan who *doesn’t* like it….
        Porter and Katie are an interesting AU OTP. Not sure about Ros and Lucas – she always struck me as slightly too senior for him.


    • Ooops – you are right, of course it was Kenneth. (I *knew* that ‘Kevin’ somehow rang wrong…)
      And wow – did she? Interesting. I am not surprised that she did – the only way of being safe and secure in those days. But I am surprised that she found a man who would take her – after having been accused of witchcraft…


  3. My OTPs, for what they’re worth are Geraldine & Harry (so sweet), Margaret & John (because I like that sort of mushy, sappy romance at times), and finally (& please forgive me) but yes, Thorin & Bilbo (Thilbo Bagginshield), platonic best frenemies.


  4. Hm, for me is the relationship of Esther and Daniel not really romantic, so no OTP, but maybe I am wrong, I didn’t watch all episodes of S2 and only ep1 of S3. I prefer Dolly and Reba, too. But *whispering*: John/Margaret come at next, hรผstel, sorry


    • Now, that is a truly interesting answer, Besotted. Mother and son – good call. They definitely are a formidable pair. And Sinead Cusack is absolutely brilliant as the gaunt and austere mother.


  5. Wow Guylty, you are brave. Outing yourself as a non fan of N&S and divulging the secret that being married doesn’t mean sex is constantly on tap. What’s next? You think leather is not a flattering look on a guy with large thighs? I don’t have a favorite pairing, because I want a happily-ever-after scenario which doesn’t happen often for RA. Loved the N&S kissing, but didn’t really like Margaret too much. She was too preachy and I don’t think she laughed once. But Thorton didn’t either. Not much to laugh about in Milton. How about a pairing of Into the Storm dad and the storm chaser lady. That relationship fizzled with the tornadoes, but it had potential.Attractive single parents, thrown together by bad weather. Lots of possibilities. I do like Daniel and Esther together. I am rooting for a happy ending for them.

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      • I hate to go against the fan current, but I don’t think S3 is too bad. I have said before, my standards for tv drama are fairly low. I think the main problem is plot holes big enough to fly that private jet through. I try to ignore those because I want to like the show RA is allegedly “starring” in. I think Daniel is alive and probably not too well, after having his ass kicked on the railroad tracks and other places. I foolishly hope he shows up again near the end of the series, deals with Diver, and lives a happy life with Esther. I seriously do not believe we have seen the last of him, Michele. I will be pissed off if he is dead and I watched the whole thing with no RA payoff at the end.

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        • Kathy I want a happily ever after too. I would love for Daniel and Esther to reunite and walk hand in hand I to the sunset. I think the series has become dark and convoluted. If Daniel was the main character why get him beat up and then seemingly burnt alive which it wonโ€™t be him in the end but kidnapped and taken to St Petersburg.? Then each episode after #2 show at least a glimpse of him but thatโ€™s not happening. I liked BS1 and 2 I discovered Richard thru Daniel so this season is just heartbreaking for me


    • LOL – yep, the cat is out of the bag. For the moment it looks as if I haven’t been expelled from the fandom yet – despite disliking NS *and* mythbusting that whole marriage = sex thing. You’re actually not far off with the leather btw. Men in leather have never really been my kink, either. But well, Guy is a different matter.
      Margaret = preachy, is spot on! As well as prejudiced and patronising. How did she deserve that luscious kiss and the devotion from that man??? Hmph.
      Yeah, the dynamic duo from the wind film seemed to gravitate towards each other, too. But somehow we never really got to know either of them particularly well, so they are a miss for me. Daniel and Esther really developed potential. Maybe we need to rely on some juicy post BS2 fan fiction to fulfill our OTP dreams…


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