Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/3

Good morning. The round-up comes in the unusual Sunday morning slot again because I needed to get the Flat Richie news out first, yesterday. I’ve been busy the last day and a half, getting those badge requests fulfilled. I was surprised to receive so many requests – also from many names which I already knew (but didn’t realise they didn’t have a badge). The badges are going on their way asap. And I’d also like to add here – they are just a bit of fandom fun, not an official thing by any means. No one *has to* wear/own a badge in order to be a fan. I only made them as a reaction to having missed meeting other fans at previous occasions, and I will be delighted if you would like to have a badge. If you don’t – that is fine, too!

And now over to tumblr ☺️

  1. rcrispina is calling for a 10 year challenge. The decade has definitely been kind to *him*…
  2. Yay, and riepu10 takes us to number 5 in her open-ended series “What in common”
  3. A gorgeous set of edited pictures of Guy by armitageadoration – suffering in beauty
  4. I have always loved ghisborne’s gifs – and here is another set whose style I love
  5. Not sure whether it has ever been addressed, but yes, I am so with x-kytanna-x. Mind you, I’d almost prefer LotR because TH is a children’s book – and not very long
  6. It’s just amazing how these gifs really go straight to one’s heart. This one by riepu10 is a case in point. I am not even a fan of Mrs Thornton, but the way he looks at his mother… Damn *dead*
  7. *lol* linking because of the caption by thewarriorandtheking. Yep – kind of brainnumbingly beautiful
  8. I think I must have been looking at Dr White courtesy of riepu10 for too long. By the end of it I was convinced that he was wearing lipstick on his non-existent lips
  9. I have no idea what mormor is (apart from meaning “granny from my mother’s side” in Danish/Swedish), but I liked the whole picture set. Put together by spilling-the-moriartea
  10. Porter a sex pot? Hey, anything, I take anything. Looks as if ra-of-light is also quite enamoured with my favourite hero
  11. And ra-of-light also unearths another example of RA recycling clothes. Good choice though – I really like that grey tee
  12. Those random questions from the Yahoo! interview years ago, are actually even more bizarre when taken out of context. LOL. But OTOH they offer a lot of cute facial expressions and fun reactions. Who would’ve thought that RA prefers wet to sticky??? Even though he otherwise does not like water very much… Posted by ghisborne
  13. What a Guy wants by nfcomics – use as a meme to offend anyone who needs offending
  14. I haven’t read this – you know why – but here is an extensive review of North & South by douxreviews
  15. I’m usually not a massive fan of the “imagines”, especially when playing on predictable stereotypical male/female behaviour, (ugh, I’m such a bore), but this one by jediwizardelf really resonated. Probably because the gif fits so well. (And because I can remember my own daughter saying exactly the same thing…)

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Guylty ❤


53 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/3

  1. #1 he’s done pretty well, but i think like so many of us- that move from 30s to 40s does have an impact on overall smoothness and elasticity of the facial skin
    #6 -omg, that scene always tears right into my heart as he looks so heart broken and desperate
    #10 -well yeah, total sex pot! lol
    #12 just the extremes of that mans facial expression and diversity of his look. He’s just always so earnest in his replies to even the silliest of questions-which s just “awww”

    looking forward to receiving my badge!

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    • #1 – oh yes, absolutely. There were plenty of irreversible changes that happened in my 30s…
      #10 – glad you like Porter, too. I mean, I don’t want him in a romantic comedy (I don’t think that would sit well with him), but if there was ever a possibility of seeing POrter in action again, I’d be right there.
      #12 – that is definitely something that always stands out to me: when he does a whole press junket, it is very clear that he is trying to vary his answers and provide something new to his interviewers. That is really, really nice and thoughtful of him. He wouldn’t have to, but he always tries to please. Well, it’s also very professional, of course.
      Badge coming next week.

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      • i really wasn’t going to watch Strike Back as i thought it was going to be macho macho stuff but all the positive feedback on the blogs persuaded me. I was surprised how much i liked it , but the whole story really is about Porter and his journey and he’s just so likable!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Re interviews: I love listening to him because he really pays attention to the questions, never forgets what the question was (even if his answer is long and intricate) and actually answers what was asked. This may sound weird and like something that’s obvious, but so many interviewees lose the point halfway through and never answer the actual question and most interviewers just let it slide (understandable in an entertainment context where you get ten minutes at a press junket, infuriating in important political matters IMO). The only time he veers off course is when he doesn’t want to answer the question and he gets away with it because most people think he just lost the thread of the conversation like so many others do. In reality, I think he just answers a little to the left without saying straight up “I don’t want to talk about it.”

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        • He does. That’s something that I have observed in RL, too: I remember he stepped in and actually answered a question even though someone else had been asked. (It was in Leeds where someone asked Candida Brady a question, who passed it on to one of the mothers of the young actors in the audience – who completely missed the point of it all. Armitage came in at the end and have an answer that related to the question. He is very observant and thoughtful in that way. He is actually also really good to interviewers in the sense that he habitually seems to repeat the question in his answer. That is something that journos/editors really appreciate. Not only does it make it clear what question he is actually answering, but it’s also really good for cutting/editing the footage/recording…

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  2. I can hardly wait to get some fresh RA news when The Lodge hits Sundance! I think it is screening on the 25th. Reviews, interviews, photos! Woot! (and that is my pathetic two cents for now.)

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