[Re-Post] Adorable Silliness

Hello hello hello – sorry for the sudden silence yesterday. No complications with the crown prince after his procedure but rather a visitor who came at 2pm and left at 11.30pm 😁. And I had had such high hopes and big plans for yesterday. I was going to watch Hannibal 3×11 and then write the re-watch post. Well, that didn’t happen 😂. I am not sure how fast I am going to be with the re-watch today, so to tide us over, I looked into the RAmantic past again.

It’s actually not that easy finding a post in my archive of tumblr overkill. Just so you get a vague idea, here is a look at *my* tumblr archive for only *one* month in 2012.

Well, in fact what you see above in the screen shot is only 1/8 of what is in my archive for September 2012! Of course it is in the nature of tumblr that stuff re-appears double, triple, multiple times. And because tumblr is a microblogging platform, most of the content is actually not created by *me* but simply reblogged. But well, in any case, the screen shot belies the frantic need to talk about RA, to gush, to fangirl, to drool, to entertain, to get distracted and to distract others. So there you have, Armitage Army newbies – good old guylty was a newbie once and couldn’t get enough of RA…

So, anyway, finding some re-post-worthy stuff in the rabbit hole that is a tumblr archive, is difficult. This is only a small bit, but I laughed again and thought that this is so obscure that there is a high chance many of the readers here may not have seen it. Because – you have to look hard… 😂 But then hard it will also hit.

This is, as you can imagine, a tiny scene in the background of the shot, afaik from one of the Hobbit vlogs posted by Sir Peter Jackson in 2012. Prior to release of TH . The gif in question is rather blurry. In case you haven’t quite copped what we are talking about – you see Richard doing some weird, crazy jumping in the background. Whether he is dry-cycling in which case I would like to be the bike between his thighs or doing some exaggerated ballet moves, it is just hilarious. My take was always (as you can see in my tumblr post above), that RA was being silly and clowning around, something that I love to see him doing. The man is usually so eager to be serious, it just warms my heart when he lets go and is simply the way he is. Which apparently occasionally includes being a bit of a prankster, clown or joker. Oh, and not to mention that self-deprecating humour. That is just full-on sexy – someone who laughs sustains my interest more than someone who only has one facial expression. Even if the latter is a full-on smoulder.

Anyway, we’ll probably never know what exactly *he* was doing there. *But* Graham McTavish is in on it, too. He is also doing some suspicious arm and leg movements. Were they dry-flying? Learning the breast-stroke? No sniggering here, ladies, I was talking about swimming not foreplay! We will never find out. Unless we ask McTavish to explain to us what was going on – he is probably the one most likely to answer a fan question to that effect… 😉. What do you think RA was doing? And why? And what do you think about grown men clowning around? A sign of being young and full of life – or being silly and unprofessional?

Let me know in the comments.


104 thoughts on “[Re-Post] Adorable Silliness

  1. This post is so delightful as I sit here in my freezing office this morning!! I think the set was light hearted and maybe they were letting loose for the day. Are those Peter Jackson’s kids? So glad the crown prince (cute name!!) is doing well. How are you doing?


  2. a puppet drinking tea? at first I thought he was sitting down and fell off his stool 😆 as for your closing question of what do I think of grown men clowning around, I think you know the answer to that: I’m all for it! playfulness is a must for me.

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  3. Das müssen aufregende Zeiten gewesen sein… Leider hatte ich damals keinen Schimmer, dass es RA überhaupt gab. Ich beneide euch.
    Vielleicht probieren die Herren aus, wie beweglich sie in ihren Zwergenunterkleidern sind oder sie haben einfach zu viel Energie und wissen (mal wieder) nicht wohin damit.

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    • Ach was, nix zu beneiden. Es ist doch für alle immer gleich aufregend, egal wann sie anfangen. Und sieh es mal so – wer später anfängt, hat das Glück, einen viel größeren Back Catalogue durchgehen zu können!
      Übrigens finde ich deine Erklärung der “Tanzeinlage” höchst amüsant. Köstliche Vorstellung

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      • Die vielen Extras und Anhänge, die PJ quasi als Fanservice mit den DVDs lieferte, sind wirklich ein wahrer Schatz. Ich kenne sonst keine andere Produktion bei der das in dieser Fülle und Ausführlichkeit der Fall ist. Ohne dieses Filmmaterial wäre ich nicht auf RA aufmerksam geworden. Ich habe ihn hinter den Kulissen des Hobbits entdeckt, sozusagen…


          • Na ja, ich bin etwas besessen vom Herrn der Ringe und und verschlinge grundsätzlich alles, was damit zusammenhängt… ausführlich… mehrfach…
            Ich war entzückt mit welcher Hingabe sich diese Leute in Neuseeland der Verfilmung meiner Lieblingswelt widmeten und so kam eins zum anderen. 🙂


            • Toll – und dann auch noch Richard als der Ober-nerd, der sich da richtig gut auskannte. Da ist mir gleich klar, warum er unwiderstehlich auf dich wirkte. Ich mein, auf uns Non-Tolkienites hat ja allein schon der Schlafzimmerblick in der Anfangsszene gewirkt, aber für einen echten Ring-er ist Richard natürlich nicht nur Augenweide, sondern auch richtig Seelenfreund.

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              • Dazu kam, dass ich den ersten Film im Kino natürlich nur auf Deutsch gesehen habe und so traf mich seine Stimme in den untertitelten Anhängen mitten ins Herz. Die Stimme ist für mich ein nicht unerheblicher Teil des Gesamtpaketes. So ist er quasi “schuld”, dass ich heute viele Filme in englischer Sprache schauen kann. Ich habe mich hauptsächlich seinetwegen da hineingearbeitet. Es ist nämlich schlichtweg unmöglich, “North and South” synchronisiert zu gucken. So schrecklich, da geht jeglicher Charme verloren.


  4. Put a bunch of guys in a room wearing fat suits and hilarity ensues! This is exactly what I loved about those BTS vlogs that PJ captured. We got to see glimpses of spontaneous silliness and unrestrained exuberance. Adorkable Armitage is always a treat and it was a great antidote to all that Thorin broodiness 😉 And wow! Your fangirling was impressive back then. Were you blogging at this point?

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  5. Ich finde, es sieht aus, als ob er Steckenpferd reitet. Hat halt nur das Steckenpferd dabei vergessen 😂.
    Wegen mir darf das Kind im Manne gern öfter rauskommen.

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    • Prince is fine – and the Queen (aka moi) is happy to have him around and to pamper him. Not literally, she hastens to add *eeeek* (Crown prince is 20 yo)
      Yeah, I was wondering what he was wearing, too – it almost looks like the kind of tight suit that Andy Serkis was wearing when he was doing his motion capture stuff… Well, haha, maybe Richard was training to do some motion capturing in the role of a goblin?


  6. Coming in late here, forever thankful to Peter Jackson for those vlogs. Even though Richard managed to go MIA in most of them, what we did get to see of him was priceless, and then there was all the BTS footage they included on the DVDs. The fish throwing and his cheeky pat on Tammy’s dwarrow backside are among my favourites.

    When I look back through my 6+ years old Tumblr archive the one thing that stands out to me is the sheer variety of posts. No one month looks like a repetition of another, and considering my Tumblr is RA only, that says a lot for the creativity and generosity of the Armitage fandom there. Things have quietened down with Richard’s work hiatus and the mess made by the change in the community guidelines, but I’m looking forward to much more activity this year starting with Sundance. (his Instagram video is a fabulous start!!)


    • Ooops, that was just a link in my comment and it’s come up with the full post! Other links haven’t done so, what forces are at work here?!!


      • OMG, that gif set, Mezz. No no no, I am grateful it actually turned into the real thing. It’s priceless. (And certainly will cause a few sleepless nights *hahaha*.)


    • I was always slightly miffed that RA was able to withdraw himself almost completely from the vlogs. A selfish thought of mine, of course. I do respect and accept his argument that he wanted to be undisturbed by video intrusion during the process of filming. The effect, in any case, was that the few bits of him here and there, were even more precious… Sir Peter’s vlogging was great – it was the first time that I had the impression a film production actually *did* have the fans in mind, and was catering for them – not just in terms of the end product, but also in terms of insights bts along the way.
      It’s great fun to look over the old tumblr months. As you say – so colourful, so lively. A lot of it very naughty as well *blushes*. But fun with a capital F!


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