Richard Has Arrived for Sundance

Thanks to @kiwi_all_blacks who reposted this on Twitter – a new sighting of Richard!!! So, the holidays are over, the new year is beginning.

Can you see the embed? Just in case, here’s the Instagram post as a screen shot:

We note: Richard is back in black – is that his ski jacket from “the top of the world”? The cap gets a dry “no comment” from me, but I welcome the half-stubble/half-shrubbery look.

And I look forward to whatever we will get to see from the premiere of The Lodge. First trailer? A few stills with Richard in them? Panels and interviews? Please please please…


62 thoughts on “Richard Has Arrived for Sundance

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      • Yeah I mean I get he got bombarded and that wasn’t very etiquette wise nice but in a way it is flattering that he would get descended on by fans and photogs(proper term?) His cap-what is on it? Looks a bit grungey from the back. He has a little napey curl going on too. I like the stubbly beard too.

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        • No, I don’t think he or we need to take it as flattery. Getting off a 10-hour flight, I’d want my bags and nothing else. But maybe it’s a Sundance thing. Idk.

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        • Well, attention is flattering – but I think this is not just attention but also demands…
          Does it say something on his cap? (I never look too closely – I hate those baseball hats with a passion. I think they look silly on a grown-up.)
          Had to look again to check for that nape curl. LOL – eagle eye Michele. That’s a baby nape curl there 😉

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          • hahahaha if you only knew Guylty! I don’t know about the cap saying either. Listen for someone who has been under the radar for awhile that kind of a reception is big I think! He is ever gracious too!!


              • I totally understand why it would be appalling etiquette wise to thrust stuff in his face after 10 hours on a plane but playing devil’s advocate here to be greeted by a throng of people I assume know who you are Thorin King Under The Mountain has got to be an ego booster and a nice recognition start to this Festival esp if he has been out of the loop or hiding underground for a bit..


  2. Am I the only one who admires his patience? Yes, I know it’s part of being famous, but I don’t think I’d ever accost anyone in a situation like that.
    ‘Sorry, just trying to get my stuff here…’

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    • How are these autograph hunters even getting in there? Or is the baggage claim not a restricted area?
      And yes, I would *never* even *dare* to do that to a celeb. Poor baby is trying to please everyone, as usual…

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      • Baggage claims are generally not restricted access here in the States, at least in any of the many airports I’ve been in since 9/11. With any event like Sundance, autograph hunters, paparazzi and fans will know well in advance that tons of talent will be arriving throughout the days and nights leading up, so they will be in wait. I’d never be able to join a scrum like that myself, not with so many other people in an unorganized situation, and, as you say, when the object of adoration would certainly want to get the hell out of there. I would WANT to, without doubt, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I bet he wonders at times if even Hobbit money is worth the neverending pestering. But bless his kind, patient heart. (Granted, after I finally reveal how I met Keanu, no one is ever going to take me seriously about not pestering a celebrity crush. But…but…my sister and I were the only ones to approach him that first time and we had a lovely chat with him and his mum about the art exhibitions. Really.)

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        • I can’t wait to hear that whole Keanu story LoLo – it sounds most intrigiuing.
          And really, the baggage claim is in the public part of the airport in the US? But but but that is not very security-conscious??? Anyway, fully agree, however much I always wish I had more courage as a fan (and muscle my way through the throng or right up to the stage door and actually make some coherent demands and insist on a conversation with RA), in the end I actually do think that it is unfair to ignore the privacy of a celebrity.


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  4. I am slightly amazed that he had so many people interested in his autograph. Remember all those photos of him strolling through airports nonchalantly and seemingly alone and undisturbed? Maybe he’s getting more “known”. Or maybe like Rachel said, celebrities are arriving constantly and people can stake the place out. The SLC airport is pretty small and it would be easy to do, but probably super boring waiting around.

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    • Maybe it only takes one person in the know to say “see that non-descript guy there who is trying to look inconspicuous with his olive green cap? That’s actually hot-as-hell Richard Armitage, he of the famous peaches and ovary-obliterating smoulders. He played Thorin in The Hobbit. I think he’s worth asking for an autograph.” And boom – all 25 other autograph scavengers will follow, like a pack of vultures.

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      • Guylty one of the well I guess benefits of Twitter is that knowledge/info spread like wildfire so if someone is posting a sighting of him at Salt Lake City airport and fans already know he is descending there at some point soon boom a crowd doesn’t take long to form. Personally unless I had a bottle of whiskey or wine in me and you all by my side I could not waltz up to him and say” The Armitage I need you to sign this for me and can you take a selfie with us also? ” I would pass out I think… from him … from the whiskey or wine … or maybe from all of the above..


  5. Great! I only wish it were a picture from the front.
    As for the hat,, I’ve come to the conclusion that it must hide a large-ish bald spot. Wearing the cap is less work than trying to get the hairpiece in place and looking stylish — unless you have a hairdresser by your side. I’d like to see what he looks like without the cap. I bet he’d look just fine, even with a bald spot.

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  6. En cette saison, une casquette en laine (irlandaise ou écossaise), un bonnet de ski norvégien à pompon, un bonnet péruvien multicolore, voire même une chapka russe avec de la fourrure seraient plus indiqués.
    Je lui offrirais bien volontiers une de mes réalisations au crochet des années 1970! C’étaient des bonnets à rayures concentriques multicolores. Très faciles à réaliser, je partais du sommet. De plus, j’utilisais des restes de pelotes de laine disparates. J’avais du mal à faire un tour entier de la même couleur. Le summum de la ringardise et du mauvais goût aujourd’hui! Cela ressemblait à cette vidéo: , sans oublier le pompon: . A vos crochets!


  7. Ugh! Outlaw Hobbies. They are definitely in it for the money. I’ve seen their RA offerings before on eBay. Their autographed pics also include verification of the “in-person” signing -hence the photo with their watermark. Most of the autograph sellers are pretty aggressive and will try and get him to sign multiple pics at a time. He seems to be pretty accommodating most of the time but I’ve read he has been known on occasion to refuse to sign or limit it to one auto. I’m sure he doesn’t mind signing for genuine fans but I seem to remember him refusing a pro at an airport in Canada once and they made a big fuss about it on Twitter.


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