Straight From The Horse’s Ski: Richard Reports From The Piste

I usually don’t do re-tweets, but THIS…

Working my arse, Mr Armitage!!! You look as if you are enjoying yourself. And well done and well deserved.

I totally love this. It’s *exactly* the kind of selfie that I like – with context, with environment, with fun, with reason. Oh, and with Richard.

I hope this stays and doesn’t get deleted!


76 thoughts on “Straight From The Horse’s Ski: Richard Reports From The Piste

  1. Best. Armitage. Selfie. Ever! I used to ski when I was a kid (had to stop when arthritis wiped out my knees when I was 15), and oh, I miss it! I’m so jealous of our beautiful man on that gorgeous (albeit incredibly unchallenging) slope. He looks so damn happy! I love it! But mostly….he’s in America! He’s not that far away! *thud* (Oh, and I’m glad that he didn’t delete his original tweet when he realized that he’d forgotten the at’s. Maybe he’s been listening to us?)

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  2. I can’t believe how emotional this little video has made me feel….well. then again. maybe I can. Seeing him – dare I say it, the real Richard?!! – so obviously enjoying himself after the sadness of last year has made me smile whenever I think of it. Love, love love it!!

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  3. You should ask Mimi if she knows where that run is located. She knows the area really well and has skied all around there. So has my husband. I’ll ask him tomorrow. Really fun video. He looks like he’s on an easy run, which he should be if he is trying to film himself. Must be hard to hold the phone/camera, whatever, and the ski pole at the same time. That would be more than enough to make me wipeout on a bunny hill. Actually all it would take is a couple of misplaced snowflakes.

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    • Mimi saw the video – and got itchy feet and wanted to get on skis immediately, too :-). Not sure whether she knew exactly where that slope was, but I thought it was pretty cool that it was completely empty…

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    • That’s what I thought, too, Yve – dumped his bags in hotel, changed into his ski gear and helicoptered up the mountain. Fabulously empty slope, beautiful weather. Wow, those filmstars really do lead the life. I almost feel envious. Almost. 😉


  4. I watched this cute video around fifteen times. Yes, he looks definitely relaxed and happy and shows a genuine smile.
    I guess he used a lift and not the helicopter because the area is not quite on top and there are signs to other slopes, which is quite unusual in untouched areas. In addition, the slope is well-prepared, very plain and there is no deep snow. So, no need to be envious except for the point that Richard is there and I would LOVE to meet him somewhere in the mountains. Please, come to Austria or Switzerland and we could have fabulous downhill runs together *dream*…


    • I defer to your superior knowledge about skiing, Camassia 😉 I know nothing about skiing, so the whole helicopter comment was just a joke and not to be taken seriously…


      • Nah, no superior knowledge. I never had more than the usual ski vacations, mostly in Austria, never with a helicopter and in deep snow I tumble immediately…
        But I checked the prices for an 11 day trip to Park City, flight, stay and fees included and this is astonishingly cheap if you compare it with an ordinary week in the European Alps.


        • Oh, interesting! Well done for finding that out – I had no idea! I would love to know, though, whether it is always as quiet on the slopes there as in the video he posted.


  5. Ok, just checked with expert., AKA,husband. He thinks run is in Deer Valley, very fancy place that is usually not crowded. There are two other places it might be. Second guess is Canyons, at lower elevation, but you can ski in and out of fabulous hotel there, also very fancy. I gave wrong info before. Helmets are not required, but many skiers wear them, especially the good ones.

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      • i think the skiing put him ina good mind set-he’s looked pretty happy and relaxed the whole way through the event. Possibly because the directors and Riley are the ones who have been at the forefront of it all. He gets to ski, see a few old friends, watch the film and get free clothes-neat! 😉


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