Whoa… I See An *ooof* In My Future

Photo for LA Entertainment, at Sundance Festival

Um. Seriously? 🧀 Well, ok.

But never mind, dear readers, this is the last post tonight. I am not going to clog up your WordPress reader in an attempt to garner ever more views on my blog. I am just leaving this here as a reminder to write an *ooof* at some point. Maybe around February 29th?  Not quite sure why I keep thinking of the phrase “the big cheese”? Me, I am going to remove myself from the internet now. Events such as this usually mean that a news race develops on Twitter and in blogland, with frantic reposting and reporting, and I just don’t want to get caught up in that. I have a few creative things to do in preparation for an event that is soon coming up. Oh, and a tumblr round-up…

Laters, kids!


98 thoughts on “Whoa… I See An *ooof* In My Future

  1. good job i’m sitting down! the background and the posing give the impression of old school style photos-like something you see at a small town photo studio…..really really nice and he just looks so approachable in this particular picture

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  2. Looks like he’s about to do a magic trick and pull a coin from behind his ear! He does look cute, though. He himself made fun of the pose, with “Itchy neck”.


    • Je pensais que le col de son manteau lui grattait le cou. La texture du manteau semble être très rêche, brute, dure. J’imaginais un “camel overcoat” en poils de lama, d’alpaga ou de chameau (pourquoi pas de mammouth laineux sorti des temps péhistoriques?) JUST KIDDING!

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        • Ce manteau présente un style très anglais.
          Dans les années 1985, j’ai porté un manteau évasé, court, en laine de la même couleur. Déjà à cette époque, il avait coûté cher. C’était une création d’une usine bretonne. J’aurais bien aimé le garder plus longtemps mais ce type de vêtement est très fragile.
          J’aime bien la tenue de Richard Armitage. Ce festival Sundance prime le cinéma indépendant. Il se tient dans les montagnes, loin du clinquant des réceptions mondaines. Les participants ne portent pas de costard cravate. Le manteau, le pantalon et les chaussures de Richard sont assorties. Le pullover marin interpelle car il serait plus accordé avec une tenue grise ou bleue. Depuis plusieurs années, le grand couturier français Jean Paul Gaultier a relancé la mode du pull marinière. D’ailleurs, il en porte souvent lui même. https://www.jeanpaulgaultier.com/fr-fr/les-creations-mythiques/ (J’avais révé d’une rencontre entre RA et RR)

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          • “J’avais révé d’une rencontre entre RA et RR” à Sundance. Peut-être l’année prochaine avec “My Zoé”?
            Pourquoi RR?
            Le visionnage des films de Robert Redford m’a amené vers ceux de Clint Eastwood. Puis ce fut le binge watching d’un grand nombre de films de guerre américains, japonais, scandinaves, hollandais, tchèques, allemands, russes… Les films anglais sur l’aviation sont les meilleurs. Ensuite après David Lean, j’ai découvert les dramas anglais et l’histoire était écrite. Voilà Michèle, pourquoi ces deux acteurs sont liés dans mon cerveau.


          • I had some really beautiful clothes in the ’80s too! As for the coat, it must be right on trend now, as last night I saw a young stylish guy wearing pretty much the exact same thing.
            I checked out Jean Paul Gaultier’s website. I think I’d like to see RA in those man-skirts!


  3. Wow! I’ve woken up to so many goodies today I’m not getting anywhere with my morning routine and chores. Back later when I’ve had a chance to look more closely on the laptop! 😉


      • Too much of a good thing??!!! A slow release would give us time to pore over each and every photo but in the meantime, I’m just clicking away and making sure I’ve caught it all. The eight year old inside me seems to take over – I hate to miss out on anything!


        • Same here, Mezz. And while a little bit of excitement is always welcome, I somehow resent this whole frenzy. It usually makes me really grouchy because there is too much and in the end it is only about keeping up with the incoming news, rather than appreciating what we see and hear. Last night I actually closed the laptop even before it was my usual bed time – to get away from it.


  4. Apologies for reposting my exact comments from My Dear Louise, but here it is also in case anyone *needs* my thoughts on the interview. D’oh!

    I’m in the minority but don’t think that the interview was that bad. Maybe because I’m coming at it from a different perspective? Yes, I want to see more, more, more of our beautiful man, but I’m just as (don’t hate me, please) interested in what the filmmakers have to say. Plus I’ve seen dozens and dozens of these types of things in person, and I felt that both the directors and Kevin didn’t do nearly as bad a job as everyone else seems to feel. Yes, it could have been a bit more coherent but I found it informative as far as their intentions and what they were trying to get at. Relaxed and happy directors give better interviews, and as Kevin Smith points out, directors are the rock stars at Sundance, not the actors. Plus, like Smith, I’m always interested in how filmmakers meet and why they choose to work together. Co-directing, and especially successful co-directing, is *extremely* rare in live-action filmmaking so I’m fascinated by them and would love to learn more about their process.

    “Goodnight Mommy” was a ginormous critical hit and definitely more psychological thriller, from what I understand, than out-and-out horror. I’m fascinated that RA even saw it and was then so gripped by it that he reached out to his team right away. It makes absolute sense now that he would be willing to do “The Lodge” even though his part seems to be more minor. I guess we need to trust The Armitage! I remember being intrigued by “Goodnight Mommy” when I was researching it for work when it first came out. But as usual, too many films, too little time, so I haven’t seen it yet.

    His comment about full-frontal nudity CRACKS ME UP! That obviously is his greatest fear, even more than water! Too bad it’s not included, sigh…. One thing that REALLY stood out to me is RA’s incredible physical stillness. Unless he is actually talking, he doesn’t move. Every ounce of his attention is focused on whomever is speaking. He. Does. Not. Fidget. Seriously, watch it again and pay even closer attention to his body language. His physicality is astonishing! No wonder people talk about how amazing it is just to be with him in the same room. You can tell he’s one of those people who makes you feel like no one else exists when you’re talking with him. I wonder if it also partially stems from what he has said about being so aware of how big he is and trying not to intimidate people. If a big man doesn’t move, one isn’t as in danger of being afraid of him. (Having been married to someone who is 6’4″ and had a number of lbs on our man, I’m very conscious of this.)

    (Please forgive me, G, but I will probably post this exact same, very lengthy comment on one of your blogs to save my aching fingers. They’re really bothering me at the moment because of work, which also means that my poor fans [all 3 of you] will have to wait for a new “RL with RA,” even though the ideas are flying around my tiny mind!)


    • Ok, just in reply here, although your comment didn’t quite match what was written in this post about the interview.
      Ooooh, LoLo, you are opening a can of worms here. Since your comment isn’t fully directed at me, I am not taking it personally, but I did feel slightly resentful at your implications. I am one of the people who are critical of the imdb interview, but I have to emphasise that my criticism not AT ALL about wanting RA to speak more and the directors to shut up. I don’t really think that kind of equation rings true – just because I want to hear more RA speaking, doesn’t mean I want to hear LESS of the directors. Especially in this case, where the directors are Austrian (thus somehow closer to my own cultural background than anyone else on the panel) and non-native speakers who come at the whole situation from a different POV. But what I would have liked, was a bit more coherence in the interview. The interviewer – who is a bit of a larger-than-life figure in his own right – was maybe focussing too much on the pure entertainment factor, rather than asking some informative questions. I just thought he was too “all-over-the-place”. Also, there was clearly some kind of clash of cultures going on, with the two Austrians not entirely sure how the whole thing worked. The continuous giggles were masking an underlying confusion and insecurity – and it would’ve been the interviewer’s job to put all interviewees at ease, as well as take the reins and cut answers short when they were getting too convoluted. Also, as an interviewer you cannot announce “Everybody HAS TO answer this question” – and then actually ignore one of the 4 people present. Bad form. And again – I am not saying that because it was Armitage who was ignored and snubbed (by default) that way; it would’ve felt just as bad to me if it had been Keough who was ignored.
      I agree with you that it was really interesting that he reached out proactively in order to get involved in The Lodge. Good news for us, I think, because it might mean that this is more a psycho thriller than a horror movie. (I’m waiting breathlessly for the first reviews to come out. Plus, we have our own spy in Sundance – Mimi is going to watch the film tonight. Can’t wait for her verdict.) Mind you, I am definitely not going to watch this if there is any supernatural crap in it. I just don’t do horror. I am a complete coward in that way.
      Physical stillness – good point. Yes, he always does. The body control of a dancer? However, I do think he fidgets, LoLo. Just not by moving his arms and legs. But he often picks at his cuticles or the callouses of his hands. He is just better at toning it down 😉 However, yeah, I can see what you mean re. good listener. I also think it is a sign of him being respectful and professional: He has understood how fidgeting will translate onto film/TV, so he is keeping still to look good and to show his colleagues/interviewers some respect by gifting them his attention.


      • I’m so sorry, G! I didn’t mean to be obnoxious at all. Please forgive me.

        You are absolutely right that a better interviewer would have been able to calm their nerves and stick to questions about the actual movie at hand. I wish he had followed up on the question of casting. Why did they choose RA besides the fact that an actor of his stature wanted to appear in one of their films? Why did they choose to have a religious cult experience be the “bad guy”? (I’m basing that on what little I know about the film.) They obviously do have interesting views about children and childhood so I’d like to know what they feel about religion as well.

        My apologies again. I’m so sorry. *hangs head in shame*


        • Oh LoLo – no, I really did not mean to chide you. That was not the point. Especially as your comment wasn’t even directed at me specifically. No apologies necessary for me at all! I just wanted to make that point clear. (And maybe there is still a little bit of that over-zealous German righteousness in me *arrrgh*)


            • Ah, LoLo – no – you are perfect as you are!
              And the Crown Prince is prancing around again. Stayed 3 nights in the comfort, warmth and safety of his parents’ flat, then moved back down into the student den (and his girlfriend’s single room). Luckily he had very little pain (probably my genes) and only took a couple of the highly addictive painkillers he had been given… I expect full recovery soon 🙂


  5. Oh, you know, upon further reflection (as if I’ve been thinking about *anything* other than RA since the hullabaloo started with his skiing video), I’m really encouraged by the “Goodnight Mommy” connection. I will confess that it had completely escaped me before. But unless “The Lodge” is truly godawful, working with these two directors in their English-language debut is going to be great for RA’s visibility and career. Even if he’s in it for far shorter than any of us will like, it’s going to demonstrate, yet again, his willingness to take chances and work with people he finds interesting regardless of the paycheck, which was pretty small upfront, I’m sure, although he undoubtedly has points on the back end. So, fingers crossed, but I’m much more enthusiastic about this whole thing than I was when we first learned that he was filming some little horror movie in Canada. And I also believe that the more attention he gets now, the better things will look for “My Zoe” as well as far as its distribution.

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    • absolutely, there’s obviously a big buzz about this film and pretty much anyone involved in a project that has that kind of buzz gets noticed 🙂 exciting times!

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    • 🙂 Le fait que ce film soit présenté au festival de Sundance montre déjà qu’il n’est pas dénué d’intérêt aux yeux des critiques de cinéma. Cette vitrine mondiale est une très bonne exposition car malgré tout, les films d’horreur sont dans une niche très réduite. Leur diffusion n’est pas celle d’un film grand public. Il y a souvent des a priori sur la qualité des films d’horreur ou des films de séries B (policiers). Gageons que “My Zoe” soit avec plus de visibilité. Peut-être qu’en participant comme acteur à “The Lodge”, il prenait des notes pour son éventuelle future création filmique au sujet de l’histoire de Bridget Cleary?


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