Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/4

Are you ready for another round-up or are you Armitaged out this weekend? Actually, no, never.

RA in Sundance, Photo by Taylor Jewell

I mean, honestly, this is UNF, is it not? I have always liked RA best in pictures where he doesn’t stare into the lense. This one again proves the point – that slight smile is mysterious and attractive, and he looks less fake and forced than in other posed photos. Oh – and the watch! It’s still in business – after all these years. Definitely one of the reasons why I love RA!!!

Without much further ado (because I will probably post about the rest of the Sundance pics and interviews in a seperate post), here is this week’s offering.

  1. Ok, there’s no escape from the picture bounty at Sundance. Deepestfirefun, for instance, focuses on the essentials 
  2. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has already got the first interview gif up
  3. rcrispina offers to take requests for fan fics
  4. Ra-of-light finds a rainbow in Richard’s closet… or so
  5. SPOILER alert!!! Here is a scene from one of the BS trailers. Containing Daniel. Giffed by riepu10. Don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled
  6. Six years, sansael, six fucking years… and going strong after this weekend!!!
  7. *coughs* unmentionable *coughs. Nfcomics What a Guy wants
  8. Ra-of-light has spotted a nice little cross reference between Sleepwalker and NS. I remember thinking exactly the same when I saw the snooze film
  9. Another SPOILER picture from BS, posted by deepestfirefun. Careful!
  10. And deepestfirefun again with an explanation why many pictures of RA are so attractive
  11. Nellindreams with an edit that refers to Richard’s next (known) role
  12. Circusgifs apparently succumbs to the power of the Armitage via BS
  13. Interesting photo set by ra-of-light – RA in the mirror
  14. I haven’t read it (because of reasons *haha*) but here is a NS fanfic by rcrispina. It’s called “Northern Weather” and rcrispina has posted the first four chapters in one go. That’s what I call fan service
  15. Ok, these pictures must be a bit older, but while I remember the shirt, the tie and the blue jacket from other occasions, I can’t remember seeing these images. They remind me of a New York occasion, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Anyway, posted for your pleasure by jassy2101

Ok, that’s it.

I’m going to look at Mr Gorgeous again now. Look, he approves.

Guylty with a crush 😍



38 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/4

  1. Wow these are just all grand!! The energy off of him at Sundance is magnetic in your writing, enthusiasm and selections!! Kirsch would be so proud your f bombs of late !! Go girl!! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Love it all. I see I’m not the only one focused on essentials—coughdeepestfirefuncough—and it really is a great selection of his special features! 😉
    I haven’t seen Sleepwalker but I’m loving the N&S mirror images. And the rainbow 🌈 pictures are such fun!! I love it when people have off the wall associations and ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

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