First Reactions to #TheLodge

Although I am long not saturated with gorgeous pictures of a specific attractive man, I am actually very curious to hear/read reactions to the film. I haven’t yet been able to find a newspaper/website review of The Lodge, but some reactions have been tweeted by people who attended the midnight premiere. To make it easier for everyone to read them, I have compiled them here in a Twitter Moment. To be updated.

Also, I am praying that someone filmed the 2am (!!!) Q&A seís after the screening. Anybody seen any trace of that, yet?


41 thoughts on “First Reactions to #TheLodge

  1. It seems interesting. I find most horror movies not scary at all, but mainly gross when they are splatter or just stupid because the characters act without any logic (there’s a monster/serial killer around, let’s split to explore the house 🙄).
    To make a good horror movie is difficult, I hope they succeeded (and I think I’ll go watching if it arrives in theaters here)


      • I can somewhat understand him. As a woman who is 5’11, I am often the tallest person in a group, including many men. All my life people have told me to slow down, take smaller steps, not to run. I have to bend down to hear certain conversations. You’re just always the odd one out.
        I’ve read that many actors are on the shorter side, so he always towers over people. If you’re more of a person who doesn’t want to push into the foreground, it can be annoying. You always get noticed.

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        • Adding one more thing: In the very beginning it would’ve been especially tough for him. Starting out in musical theater, you are usually part of the chorus and that’s about uniformity. He would not have fit in well. (Isn’t there an interview where he says he had a special top hat 🎩 that was shortened?)
          I know when I danced (in an all girl dance troupe) that was also a bit of a problem. I was so much taller than the rest, I always threw off the aesthetics.

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                • I can answer that, Kate. As a tall person myself (your height) I have been face to face with RA a few times (stage doors, etc.) He looks me straight in the eye, and I am not craning my neck to look into his. With shoes on, I am probably only about an inch shorter than him. I have also been face to face with Graham (Hobbit premiere in LA and a long story) and he seemed shorter, maybe because he is bulkier. But his eyes are so intensely blue, them seem backlit. IMDB has them both at 6ft. 2, but when asked about his height, RA has given many different answers over the years. If you are like me, as a tall woman you like your men to be tall as well, so I have always paid attention to height. Probably too much. Is there such a thing as a “hightist”?

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                  • So he adapts to his environment. As I thought. Maybe I’ll make a post with shots of ‘tall guy pose’ sometime. It might be an unconscious thing. I find myself slouching involuntarily. It’s so ingrained to try and get level with other people.
                    And yeah, I’m a heightist as well. Everyone is usually shorter, so I like my guy to be taller. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  2. This one’s a no go for me so I’ll be waiting to see the fan cut too. I read there is a big shock at the end so that doesn’t bode well for him dropping back in for a happy reunion. I would love to know his reaction to the film after he viewed the screening. It had to be way more disturbing to see it in its entirety than the scenes he experienced filming.


    • You know, that is exactly what I was wondering, too. I mean, tehre is a massive difference between *acting* in a horror movie, and actually watching it. I’d say acting isn’t really that scary – after all you know how all the effects are made. So, given that he always said he didn’t like horror, how did he fare with the film?


      • I got the impression from the Q&A after the premiere showing that the young girl who plays the daughter had watched it, which is a bit disturbing to me as a parent. She appears to be only about twelve.


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