Richard Is Lumberjacking in Sundance

And a quick clothes change and more photos this morning, thanks to Shutterstock, photos by Jason Merick:

My favourite is this one:

And hooray, Richard has made our wishes come true and posted another video. He even sings:

Hehehehehe, just kidding…


53 thoughts on “Richard Is Lumberjacking in Sundance

  1. Boy I kept going back to see where he posted the video then realized YOU WERE KIDDING!! I have that song in my brain now “He’s A Lumberjack! “
    Maybe he got the lumberjack jacket as swag and was too polite to say no or it was free so what the hey! He looks much healthier like he has put some weight on so thank goodness!!


  2. back home finally! so can reply properly..whichdoesn’t mean much as i never write that much! but i like the red, not fussed on the check as it just reminds me of grunge!


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