Forgotten Photos of RA from #RDC5 [part 6]

How is it even possible to forget photos of Richard??? Don’t ask me, might be just the general overRAtusation with fabulous news and pictures these last weeks. In any case, I discovered a few more images on my computer which I had taken on my small automatic camera. It’s a Canon PowerShot, which actually has a nice little zoom. I just wish the lighting had been better. As is they are grainy. But anyway.

Guylty is of the “ramontic” sort. No, that doesn’t have anything to do, it just means she is the opposite of romantic and usually wouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. But here, please take the following picture loot as a little gift for you, with thanks for reading through that never-ending post yesterday 😉.

These are photos from the Sunday Q&A. I haven’t yet edited all of them, and the framing is generally not good enough to edit a proper portrait of RA out of it. But well, you get the gist. Here are a few that I cropped smaller. (That Starfury background is really pesky…)

Here’s an experiment with grainy b/w.

And the Guylty favourite of the lot.

Can you think of a caption?


61 thoughts on “Forgotten Photos of RA from #RDC5 [part 6]

  1. I think these are pretty damn good!! It looks like you were up close and personal with him!!!!
    I hate V Day but thank you for the pics to gaze and oggle and goo goo eye and fawn and drool and lap up.
    The post yesterday was quite endearing and extremely thorough so we should thank you again and again and again ………………

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      • Shiiitttte I don’t need any excuse to gaze at him. I played that skiing vid of his like 500 times last week and this week. V Day ugghhhh hate it along with NYE and NYD. Is that the Marky Mark camera? Did you ever write a post about the origin of that or no?


        • THat skiing video was neat, I agree. My favourite bit: the scarf that was blowing behind him. Made the whole thing look like an animated short *grins*
          And no, this wasn’t taken with Marky Mark. This was my little red camera – fully automatic, just a point-and-shoot. (I should name her properly – let’s call her “Red Dragon” *muhahaha*)
          Which origin do you mean? The origin of the nickname “Marky Mark”? No, I don’t think I ever posted about that. It’s not really that exciting – it kind of refers to the camera model. It’s a Canon 5d mark ii. Now, when you say the name, it is pronounced “Five dee mark two” – but with the male name ‘Mark’ in it, followed by two “i”, the whole “Marky Mark” name was the next step..


  2. “If I tilt my head a little bit like this, can you see the grey?”
    Thanks for the pictures… Hope I’ll have time to do more than just skim your great posts — they make me feel almost as if I was there!


            • Hehe, and not only is his hair smooth, it is also black as raven plume… #l’OrealColorista 😂
              I absolutely loved it when he turned up with his *real* hair colour in BS2. I am wishing him and all those other actors of similar age, that they can transition gracefully out of this neverending race for beauty and youth. I really do feel sorry for him (and all the other people in his industry) that have to conform to the pressure of beauty. It invariably always reaches a point where it becomes undignified.
              I was looking at Richard Gere the other day and thought to myself – the man really is to be applauded. Super sex symbol of the (early) 1980s – and then he came back in the early 90s with grey hair. And BOY was the man sexy!!! Even back then I loved that he did that. Didn’t care to fulfill that stereotype.

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              • I know right! Gere was sexy as hell in Officer and A Gentleman and he like Harrison Ford doesn’t give a crap what others think! He does his own thing! So funny you mention L’Oréal hair o
                Color I bought some last weekend to exorcise the grey strands climbing into my roots! 😱😬I needed a bit of nostalgia where I met him so I started revisiting Daniel S1 have not gotten to the penultimate ep 5 yet my personal fav!!😘❤️❤️❤️

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          • Idk. Depends on the person maybe. GöGa is quite young and I’ve spotted the gray temples after his last trip to the barber. He’s horrified, but I love it. 😃❤️


          • I reckon those who refer to him as “Daddy Armitage” are in the under-35’s, I don’t think I’ve heard any of us more mature ladies use that term – dad jokes, dad pants, dad roles aside. His silver temples certainly make me feel better considering I’m *cough* years older than he is! 😉


  3. I think your favorite is mine, too. Love the tilt of his head. I think he looks a bit saucy there. I imagine he is addressing Kate. “Interesting question. Care to discuss it over a glass of wine after? I’ll let you know where.”

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