Official Pics of RA at #RDC5 from Starfury on IG

The best pics are always the official, professional pics. Starfury, the organisers of Red Dragon Con, are now uploading some of their official pics over on IG. There are a couple of singles with RA already.

And some group shots:

This last one is hilarious – what is Richard thinking/doing there? Are they applauding him or why does he look like the cat that got away with the cream? Classic ballet dancer pose, eh?

Anyway, judging by what Starfury has on show for prior cons, we can expect some more images soon. Richard at the meet & greet, while signing autographs, during the closing ceremony? Hopefully! Bring em on, please 🙂 Click on any of the embedded posts above to get to Starfury on Instagram! You can never see too many images of the one and only…


I am looking at that picture and for the first time I notice the detail of that hoodie! It’s not a simple sweat shirt but some ribbed fabric… I swear to cod that I stood beside the man and never saw that… funny how selective our perception can be…

ETA 3/3/2019

ETA 5/3/19


109 thoughts on “Official Pics of RA at #RDC5 from Starfury on IG

  1. Ah looks like he is in third position there ballet pose!! He could lift me up anytime!!❤️😘😘😘
    Thank you for these pics today!! Still campaigning for YoUR pic visible w him just to see your beautiful face and a nice look at the Snowman jumper!! ❤️😘

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  2. Very nice pictures. I keep wondering why they say it’s his first con ever… aren’t the pictures of him with the flower crown from the 2015 Comic Con? (Also, I barely saw the eyes or the hands. Too focused on perusing the jeans! Lol.)


    • I think they say that because the other cons he did were never really fan-focussed as such. SDCC is a huge event, and while he took part in panels, he didn’t pose for pictures with fans. Sometimes I get the impression that SDCC is more like a (trade) fair than a fan convention…

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      • And probably a character limit issue. Before they always said first con appearance for Starfury, but they packed in so many #s, they must’ve run out of space.
        Though I agree with G. He’d never done anything like THIS con before where he wasn’t somehow promoting something, probably as part of his movie contract.


        • Well, I have to admit that this was my first con, too. It’s just my impression that SDCC and Wondercon were on a different scale than RDC. Not least because the two American cons were multi-fandom and very much mediacentric. RDC was a privately organised, really rather intimate affair in comparison.

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  3. What glorious pics and it is great to have a sneak peek in the M&G. I didn’t notice the waffle-knit hoodie either (wasn’t looking down that far I suppose) but that’s so funny about the ballet pose! He was a dancer after all.


  4. Oh my, that last pic… still my beating heart! Loving the silver sprinkled through his hair, not just at his temples. I hope this is the look for his Adam Price chaRActer.


  5. All the pictures are fantastic but that last one is perfection. He shines. He looks as good as I hope he feels: happy, healthy and held in high esteem. (adored actually) ❤️


  6. Your comment “I am looking at that picture and for the first time I notice the detail of that hoodie!” reminds me of one of my favorite fan experiences. NYPat and I (and others) went to the (big nothing) “opening” of the tornado movie at a movie theater in Manhattan. It was the stupidest event — except for producer Todd Garner’s brilliant idea to invite some fans into the tent as press, which was fabulous, because they were the only decent interviewers, the only prepared interviewers, and the best interviewers. The rest of the “event” was Armitage getting out of a car and lingering to sign autographs for 5 minutes in the street, followed by a pass through the tent (which was invisible to us outside), exit through a different door, linger 2 minutes, get into a car and drive away. Pat and I went for pizza after. I said to her, “Quick, what was he wearing?” She thought for a very long time, scrunched up her face, and guessed, “White shirt?” I had nothing. It was only later, looking at everyone else’s photos online, that we “saw” the blue suit and red-blue striped tie. Seen in real life, the man dazzles (without trying), and the brain short circuits.

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    • You know – I had *exactly* that experience at the first SD I did in London. I completely got it wrong when it came to remembering what he wore. Selective perception!


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