Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/9

This is completely new. I am sitting in my bed this morning, Saturday, Macbook on my knees, writing the round-up. Mr Guylty was away for a couple of nights, and so I have the bed to myself. (There’s only a black cat sharing the Saturday morning quiet with me right now…) I usually compile the round-up on Friday evening. But last night, daughter and I had some rare quality time together and so the round-up post was delayed until now. This is actually very comfy – I am cosy and warm under the duvet, the cat is snoring sweetly, and I can see through the window that we have a bright, dry day today. Hooray – I better get going soon.

But before I get up, I better press ‘publish*…

  1. Angelpretend has discovered an app that makes some nice fan art
  2. Ooooh, here’s a gif for me!!! Thank you to Mezz for this little Guy of Gisborne gem. UNF
  3. Let’s just pretend that Guy is offering up eclairs… Another very naughty What a Guy wants post from nfcomics
  4. Getting ready for Richard as the father of teeange sons in The Stranger? Well, in preparation, let’s TBT John Porter and Lexie courtesy of riepu10
  5. John Standring on the phone… NSFW fic by trrriple-rrr
  6. I have totally no idea what gffa is talking about but somehow it has to do with Richard, so…
  7. Honestly, if I had a doctor like *that*, I’d find excuses to go and consult him every week… Gifs by riepu10
  8. the_ironthrone has created lots of icons (for avatars) of RA’s selfies. Makes a nice picture set
  9. This little one word prompt story of Guy by rcrispina has already been out since February, but I only noticed it now
  10. No reminder necessary, silvahauntah
  11. A bit of bagginshield fan art by shadow-room
  12. And this as much for the Thorin fan art as for the caption… By phantodile
  13. And finally, an addition to my declaration that I do not like vampire stuff, I was sent this link to one of trrriple-rrr’s stories. This is John Standring as vampire. And I withdraw my earlier objections and now claim the opposite. I love vampires. (Thank you to armitagebesotted for the link!)

Did I tell you I have been letterbombing with love recently? The first of my letters has arrived, and that means I can post the little RAPSi it contained… I’ll do it in a separate post once I have had my shower.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Guylty ❤️


86 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/9

  1. Mezz you are wonderful as an artist ! So happy you are here to share w us!!
    Guylty my interpretation of #6 was Richard was in Phantom Menace as that guard what’s his name and that is what she is referencing there.
    The fan art and sparkly Richard
    are wonderful to gaze at on a Saturday morning here in VA!!
    Glad you and daughter G had a nice bonding time!! Always treasurable and Jag too curled up with you!!❤️😘😘


  2. Ok in the immortal words of the woman in the deli when Meg Ryan is er um faking a O “I’ll have what she’s having” as far as Standring fan fic piece goes! Sign me up w phone sex or any sex w Mr teddy bear anytime!! You were right Rachel !!❤️😘🇬🇧😛😺🤗

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  3. #4: Never before noticed the ex-wife copping a feel of his leg. I suspect the actress couldn’t stop herself. And I forgive her.
    #13: The vampire legend is always about the seduction and the sex. Just depends on how it’s written….

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  4. I am finally far removed enough from death’s door to commence with the unpacking of #FlatRichie. Release the Kraken! Let loose the dogs of war! (For heaven’s sake, you dozy woman, you need to give poor Guy some air.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • First of all: So glad to hear you are feeling better now, LoLo. It sounded really worrying! And very much looking forward to hearing more about the unboxing of Flat Richie.
      (PS: Will reply to your e-mails, too.)

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      • I’m going to head to bed for a bit (it’s almost 4 a.m. here) and then will go out for a day of photo ops with “the boys.” I’ll try to write up something for you as well and send along the snaps. I’ve made my choices and am overwhelmed with the spectacularness of the whole thing! I’ve even started outlining a new “RL with RA” based on the lovely items I chose.

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        • 4 am???????? Oh LoLo – off to bed with you now! And don’t overdo it with the photo ops – you are still recuperating, right? But I am glad to hear that you have found some nice things in the package and that it is even inspiring a bit of fiction 😍

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          • Yes, definitely still recuperating. I finished the antibiotics and steroids on Thursday but am still coughing and wheezing and needing the inhaler (right now, as a matter of fact), so #TheBestKate has convinced me to see my primary in the coming week for a checkup. If nothing else, I’ll get it in her records that my childhood asthma has returned (with a vengeance) and that will make it easier to get refills on the inhaler.

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  5. John Porter and Lexie. It’s been a long time since I saw them. I have a soft spot for Porter. He was my first RA love


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