RA Pocket Shrine 181/? – Sinful

Before I get into today’s RAPS reveal, I have a couple of things on my list.

Flat Richie

is safe and sound. He already arrived at destination last weekend. There was a tiny bit of worry that he might miss being picked up, but then LoLo came back just in time to pick up the package. Apparently Flat Richie arrived at a good time – or bad? LoLo was actually not well, with suspected pneumonia. That accounts for the delay in posting her Flat Richie “haul”. But at least Richie and RAPS kept her company before the package is going again on its way to the next destination.

LoLo’s picture

My Blue Scarf

Nordlicht wanted to see the blue scarf that Monica made for me… Here it is:

Can you see how it sparkles? It’s hand-woven! I stupidly can’t find Monica’s business card anymore, but maybe she will leave the address to her etsy shop in the comments.

Edit: Here is the link to Monica’s etsy shop: InSpiriThreads

And now the latest RAPS, sinful and sweet

You may already have seen it because its recipient has a blog of her own, and she has already posted the shrine there today: Zeesmuse.

Devil on the front, sweet roses on the back – and a peacock feather underneath. Who could that contain????

There he struts… Ok, alright, not quite a peacock. But definitely cocky. Guy certainly has no problem with self-confidence…

Kissy, kissy… of course, Guy, as you wish. (Oh what beautiful hair you have…)

Zee already has a pocket shrine (check it HERE) but it was number 27 out of ??? and as such really deserved a little pick-me up after all that time 😉. This one fits nicer into a handbag, anyway, and is presented to Zee in recognition for her services to fangirl satisfaction. *coughs* If you don’t know what I mean, check her Guy fan fic Manna from Heaven.

More RAPS reveals to follow soon 🤓



65 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 181/? – Sinful

      • Yep Guylty as I have told her so many times she’s tired of me saying it I love Guy from S2 and he and Marian together I just eat that up. I know Zee doesn’t like Marian but that is by far my fav season, he just comes into his own and how they play off each other is so great IMO.


  1. Thank you so much. He was QUITE the surprise and came at a REALLY good time for me. He’s lovely, sitting on my dresser at this moment with POP!Thor-in and will be coming with me today! (And many other days! LOL!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad Flat Richie is still traveling. And my goodness, that scarf is glorious! You lucky thing!

    As to the shrine 😂❤️❤️❤️ Guy the peacock – fabulous. Enjoy, Zee, you certainly deserve him!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Lucky indeed. And so pleased to see the creative results of my fellow fans’.
      Hehe, I am glad you are also focussing on the peacock… I definitely had to laugh when I made this shrine. Just because I knew that Sir Guy – although a classic peacock – would definitely not appreciate being labelled thus…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That is a Zee shrine..S,going to post office today to pickup mine.Been under the weather,so I have been out…Thank you and the random picker for the party’s day shrine.

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  4. You can tell I’ve been sick can’t even type correctly..( I haven’t been out of the house) and St. P atricks day shrine.. !!!!!


  5. Happy travelling Flat Richie. I hope LoLo is much better.
    Beautiful scarf, I love the effect of the metallic threads.
    Great RAPS. I’m not a fan of S3 Guy, but that’s a good picture!

    Liked by 1 person

        • He morphs so much in S1. Starts off sooooo bad and by the end of the season, completely – I don’t want to say different, just character growth. So much potential.

          S2 is DEFINITELY a changing year, but S3, yeah, he comes into his own. And I LOVE long hair on a man – as long as it’s clean and healthy! love love love.

          Honestly, S1 Guy and S3 Guy are SO close, they interchange for me.


          • Oh see I think S1 Guy is fighting against Vaisey for power and control S2: he is in love with Marian and fighting control over her and his emotions towards her and S3: he is fighting to STAY on control of himself and what he has left.. I didn’t see the baddie in Guy even in S1 and I know he said he wanted the audience to cringe when he was on screen esp with Marian but I just thought he was clever and manipulative and sexy as hell and engaging….

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  6. Hier sind echt lauter handwerklich begabte Leute unterwegs (außer mir 🙄). Ein wirklich schöner Schal, blau ist sowieso immer gut und dann in Kombi mit dem Metallicfaden… Fast zu schade, um ihn unterm Wintermantel zu verstecken.
    Ich freu mich, zu sehen, dass das Paket offensichtlich auch heil und vollständig bei LoLo angekommen ist. Wirklich schade, dass sie so außer Gefecht gesetzt war. Ich hoffe, es geht ihr inzwischen wieder besser.
    Ich muss zugeben, meine Reaktion auf diesen RAPS war mehr 🤣 statt 🤤 *duckundweg*.


    • Absolut richtig. So ein schöner Schal sitzt bei mir nicht *unter* dem Mantel, sondern wird oben drüber getragen.
      Jawoll, das Paket ist heil und ganz bei LoLo angekommen. Es gab kurzfristig Verwirrung, weil sie gar nicht fassen konnte, dass ein ganzes Geschenk extra nur für sie dabei war :-). Ich glaube, das Paket ist sogar schon wieder auf Weiterreise – ich warte noch auf ein paar Fotos 🙂
      Und deine Reaktion auf Guy sei dir verziehen 😉


      • Da bin ich aber froh, dass ich hier trotzdem weiter mitspielen darf 😉.
        Ah gut, nun weiß ich, dass wirklich alles heil war, danke 😊. Freue mich schon auf LoLos Bericht über ihre Zeit mit FlatRichie (soweit es ihr dabei einigermaßen gut ging).
        Hehe, dann hast du dir diesen Winter sicher extra viele kalte Tage gewünscht, um den Schal auszuführen.

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