RA Pocket Shrine 183/? – Mother’s Little Helper

With that adage, I should’ve posted this RAPS reveal last weekend when it was Mother’s Day here in Ireland. For the record: I had to remind my daughter that it was Mother’s Day; I did not receive any presents; there was no special day in it for me. But I did receive a very nice card from a kind friend. Sob story over. Instead I posted an unloved Re-Watch. #Fail. But at least I managed to space out the RAPS reveals a little before you all get completely bored with them.

In a bid to shake things up, today’s RAPS presentation is basically a co-post by yours truly and the recipient, Besotted. I thought I’d let her speak herself, and to show which words are Besotted’s own,  I’ll print them in quotes. (The photos illustrating her little text are hers, too.) I made this little shrine for her because I know she is especially fond of ‘mother’s little helper’. I launch into the RAPS reveal at the end, myself. But here’s Besotted:

What’s in this envelope with an Ireland stamp and return address?

Hmmm, nice photos by Guylty and 2 wrapped packets.

Stickers! Yes, they are always fun, as the sender’s note says.

Then a tin. Can’t argue with the modern chemistry statement on the front, and “unemployed philosopher’s guild” on the back? Well that sounds like a club that would take me as a member.

And inside? THORNTON!!! My favorite. Squeee. I like how he’s “looking back” at his younger self. Sigh.

Before we get to that – here’s the tin that gave this shrine its name.

Mrs Thornton loved her good boy, didn’t she?

The gentleman and his former/other self. I think he has become more gorgeous with age.

And if you ask me – yes, he *is* the new Mr Darcy. And Captain Wentworth, Mr Knightley and Edmund thrown into the mix, too. There can never be too many shrines for Mr Thornton, and at this stage there are… *quick count*… thirteen of them. Lucky number?

Right, that concludes my recent ‘letter-bombing’ spree. Thank you to Besotted for her little photo story! And no worries about that number 13! Mr Thornton is popular. And I still have three other shrines stock-piled 😉. For occasions. I’m sure there will be some.



27 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 183/? – Mother’s Little Helper

  1. Definitely lucky 13 🍀 and a very lucky besotted. And knowing you, that 13 is an entirely temporary number anyway. 😉
    Now I’m gonna go back and stare at that Thornton some more. *sigh*


  2. Happy Mothers Day..I know how you feel. I don’t get anything either..I love my St. Paddys shrine.the case is beautiful. My post office loves to see your package from Ireland,so creative.I hope you received my email thanking you..Besotted,enjoy your shrine..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooops, did I not reply bts, Dotti? Sorry, yes, I did indeed receive your e-mail! Hehe, so I also cheered up the local postmaster with my package? Sure, it only had a little bit of colourful tape on it 😉


  3. Ooh, Besotted you really received a little gem. Always the perfectly gorgeous gentleman is our Mr Thornton. Beneath the proper top hat and cravat – a passionate soul smoulders that makes him extremely attractive and irresistibly sexy. I love every one of the multiple shrines you have created in his honour, G. Also, the way you present the RAPS when you photograph them is very creative too. (Grateful to have one of the lucky 13 ) 🎩🍀❤️


    • While I have never liked Mr Thornton’s politics, I have always loved his personal characteristics. His passionate love for Margarete is especially delicious because of his reserve… And the difference between the “public” and the “private” man makes him even more attractive. Oh, *sigh*…
      And yes, I totally love photographing the little shrines. It’s very much part of my creative process – thinking of a suitable set-up, styling it with the material that I have, and then doing the little photo shoot. I feel unattached to my shrines as such, and am happy to let go of them – but only because I know that I have my photographs to look at 📷📸😊


  4. Besotted is a lucky lady. A little bit of Thornton goes a long way to brighten any day. You seem to be producing shrines constantly lately. Not complaining, just very impressed and grateful for your copious creative output. We can never have enough shrines in our lives. 🎩


    • In fairness, I have to admit that the latest shrines were all minis, i.e. they did not require much planning. In fact, they were a challenge that I set myself, to use up previously printed images and somehow weave them into the little mint tins. As such they are much easier – and quicker – to do than the larger shrines. But yeah, after five years of making these pocket shrines, it’s high time for volume 2 of my shrine photo book. So I am trying to get ahead with that 😉


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