The Fan A to Z – #W

Thank cod for Ikea. Some people go there with their kids to park the latter in the free creche in order to have some time off. Others go there with their mothers to fill the time *haha*. Well, actually, I did *not* leave my mum in the creche. But including bus rides we were busy for five hours yesterday, hooray. I bought some stuff, but it was all small fry, from some fake flowers to a couple of desk lamps. Today is going to be another wet day. I’ll have to think of something to pass the time if I want to avoid cabin fever… But now on to another fan challenge question…

W – A prompt or AU for a piece of fan fiction?

Where to start? I mean, we could just begin with yesterdays throwaway remark in my strikethroughs. The piece of lint on Richard’s zipper. My imagination – and yours – knows no bounds. There are a hundred million ways Richard and his chaRActers could be pictured in a fan fiction context. And a lot of fan needs have already been met by fan writers in the past. But for the purpose of *this* fan challenge at *this* particular time, I’ll say this: My prompt for each and every fan fic writer is any chaRActer death. Or rather the opposite. And in particular the latest such death that occurred and that I would like to have reversed.

Daniel Miller: After Hector has been shot dead while rescuing Daniel in the Estonian forest, Daniel continues on his own and stumbles into the green dacha. He opens the door – and finds Esther Krug waiting for him. With a smile and open arms. Continue…

Francis Dolarhyde: In the final showdown with Will and Hannibal, the ‘murder husbands’ have actually not killed Francis but the Red Dragon. As Will and Hannibal tumble over the cliff edge, Francis slowly awakens and finds himself free. Continue…

Raymond de Merville: Chastised by the religious valour of The Mute, Raymond decides to down all weapons. To exorcise his own demons, he leaves his father, his family and his legacy. Disguised as a mute friar, Raymond wanders through Normandy, looking for salvation. One hot summer’s day, as he has taken off his robes and is refreshing himself with a dip in the nip in a small pond, a local woman spots him (and the horrible war scars he carries with him on his back) while splashing in the waters. Continue…

I’ll leave it at these three. I am sure these will not be picked up by any fan fic writer, anyway. I’d have to do it myself. Have you got any prompts you’d like to see written up?

PS: Upon request, the marble cake recipe:


300g flour

300g sugar

300g butter

4 or 5 eggs

3 tbsp cocoa

1 tsp baking powder

Start by combining all ingredients except the cocoa. Once smooth, place one half of the batter into a greased cake tin. Add the cocoa to the remaining half of the batter and combine until smooth. Place on top of the other half of the batter in the tin. Mix in order to create the marble effect. Bake for 45 minutes at 190 degrees. Dust with icing sugar.


63 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #W

  1. Having dipped my toes into writing fanfic now barely I admire the creativity and clear passion of everyone who attempts this art form. These characters good and bad are beloved and to weave a story around them keeping the integrity of the character but expanding a story line or romantic side is not easy! Kudos to all who have written fanfic. It is subjective but as I have found out it isn’t easy as it looks!

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    • Yep, agree. I did some fan fic writing in my time, and I don’t have the patience for it. I’d also really need some time and space. (I envisage a lovely, fully equipped little wooden house somewhere near the sea. Electricity, wifi, toilet and shower. Can otherwise be basic and needn’t be near civilisation – and then lots of time to write and be creative. Heaven!)

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  2. See, I’ve tried dropping Mr. Kate off at Småland—he gets so bored when I look at furniture we don’t need. For some reason they wouldn’t have him. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I’m in your corner for any character death recon. Well, maybe not Thorin. That’s too iconic.


  3. Marble cake is called Tiger cake here in Finland. It’s good ❤

    And your prompts are good. I always hated the end of Hannibal, it was just so weird and bizarre.


  4. Was it self-raising flour? I used to add lemon zest to the plain batter and ice the resultant cake with Nutella — other chocolate spreads are available. 🙂

    I love the idea of a little seaside hideaway of one’s own. Sorry, Virginia, a room isn’t enough to cut off the noise and interruptions.

    And the prompts set the cogs of my imagination churning like the titles of Game of Thrones. I’m sure someone will be along to take them up, but meanwhile…

    Defense de Double Entendre.

    Alienor first became aware of the intrusion when her skein of prized ducklings came squawking up the hill to her secluded cot. Troubled, she abandoned her preparations for the evening pottage and hurried to investigate.

    As she reached the tangle of thorn bushes that marked the final turn in the path, the source of the disturbance became clear.

    There was a man in her pond!

    He stood naked to the waist amidst the rushes and duckweed, scrubbing his back with a handful of soapwort – a back scored by a criss-crossing of livid scars. Who was he, and what was he dong here? Were those brutal excoriations the grim legacy of battle wounds or the bite of a flagellant’s whip?

    Alienor stared at the tall body; the broad shoulders, the muscled arms and narrow waist. She could not wait to get to the bottom of it.

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  5. In relation to absolutely nothing, it made me laugh that I had another Twitter exchange with David Hewson the other day…about artichokes. Yep, I know how to make all the big-time writers love me.

    Hope all is well! Will try to be in touch soon.

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    • LoLo. First, hope you are feeling much better now. Then can you slip in a question to Hewson if Richard is doing anymore of his audio narrations any time in the future? Inquiring minds want to know!


    • You, David and the artichokes… I must snoop and see what it was all about.
      And big apologies from here – it’s my turn to write, including a big thank you for the parcel. It’s just that with my mum around, my days seem to only have 2.5 hours at all…


      • Noooo! No snooping, lol. You’ll see how boring I really am. All it was was me asking him if he’d planted artichokes (he’d posted a photo of his garden) and he said what kind of artichokes and blah blah. Very blah indeed; it just tickles me, how much he loves his garden.


        • Nice one! And as I said before: I think it is very nice of him that he has allowed the follow into a proper conversation. He usually comes across as very nice on Twitter. (I sent him an e-mail once and was a bit taken aback at his rather curt and brash reply to a genuine question about his books. He must have had a bad day.)


  6. I’m doing better, thanks! Still a ways to go yet but I’m so happy to be making progress.

    Apologies, but no questions about RA to Mr. Hewson at any time. I correspond with him for his sake alone, as I do with all the writers I chat with, and that will have to stand. I hope you’ll understand.

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    • LOL – too kind, Besotted. I am good at prompting, maybe – but when it comes to writing, I am not sure whether I can cut the mustard. If I had time and muse 😉


  7. Ode to Happy Endings

    When poking my muse,
    It is too hard to choose,
    Which character I’d like to save.
    So many are doomed,
    It might be assumed,
    RA likes it that way.
    I’d love a revival,
    With his survival,
    As farmer, soldier or spy,
    I think it’s so wrong,
    They never last long,
    And are way too hot to die.

    Kathy Jones

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  8. I love wandering around IKEA and having the meatballs for lunch. My hubby’s idea is to always take the shortcuts and miss all the forced browsing. He hates IKEA.

    Jenny has really started a nice little story there!


  9. G, thank you for recipe..I can figure out grams, but, 190 degrees ??? 200 degrees in my stove is Keep warm setting..Help with the oven temp setting for US..could it be 350 ?? Most cakes in U.S. Are baked at 350.degrees..Sorry for sounding so ignorant.


  10. I have to confess I’ve never set foot in an IKEA store. And it’s not as though I don’t like to shop. Am I missing something? G, I love your fanfic ideas…keep prompting- I for one would be up for any alternative scenario which didn’t end with his character being killed off for a change. Oh Kathy and Jenny, lolololol you both made my day with your clever writing 😂


    • Oh, you haven’t? You are missing something, D!!! Ikea is a bit of an addiction *coughs* – and I can guarantee that there is always something there that one simply “has to” buy… Plus, they do have a nice restaurant with yummy Scandinavian food 😉


  11. Thank you for the recipe! My husband hates ikea, too. I have a big issue with Guy, who seems a big black crazy diamond among a bunch of drunk cosplayers. So I was sure to find a lot of fan fic with a Guy robot, like in Westworld, the movie with Yul Brinner as the morderous robot, that I loved dearly. But didn’t find any. Someone can help me and find (or write) a fan fic where Guy leads the rebel robots? Please!

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