RA Pocket Shrine 184/? – T for Thornton

Good morning! I regret to inform you that I have not been able to compile the weekly round-up for this week. Yep, I am in London and that means there is no computer time scheduled. Last night, Hariclea amd I went to see Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal by Harold Pinter. One of Pinter’s more accessible plays, the action moves backward, starting with the present and then going back 9 years in time. It was a entertaining, interesting, demanding and often funny play, and Hiddles completely vanished into his role. It was wonderyto see him live on stage. He really has theatre in his blood – effortless presence. I very much enjoyed him and his two cast mates – amd the little girl whom he had to embrace and hold. A thousand fangirl hearts swelled and many an ovary popped in the theatre when that happened.

Prior to that we visited the first of three unmissable photo exhibitions I want to see this weekend. Martin Parr’s Only Human in the National Portrait Gallery. Parr’s kitsch colour over saturation emphasises the set-pieces-ness of his photo subjects. He documents English identity, and latelya lot of that is actually Brexit rather than England. His pictures are not to everyone ‘s taste, but as a recordist, he is doing to England at the turn of the 21st century what James Joyce did to Dublin at the turn of the 20th century…

But on to today’s quick RAPS reveal. I brought a little shrine for my host as a thank you for putting me up.

The tin says “it’s nice that you exist”. Hariclea speaks fluent German, so a German tin fits. But just for fun, the other side of the tin was customised by me, too.

There we have the theme developing. Time for tea with…

Who wouldn’t like to insert themselves there?

I freely admit that I wasn’t a fan of NS, but Mr Thornton is defiymy cup of tea. And a nice cuppa at that…

As for tea – I am sitting in a warm comfy bed and Hariclea has just served me a massive cup of tea with oat milk.

Another day awaits! Today it’s the Tate Britain with Don McCullin, my all time photographic hero! I can’t wait!!! And we’ll meet Suzy of Silverbluelining blog.

Have a lovely weekend!


30 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 184/? – T for Thornton

  1. So happy for you that Hiddles was all that and more! Enjoy the galleries and time with your friends in London! Safe journey home to Dublin as well!
    Thornton shrine is delightful and captures him beautifully! I love the insert yourself here! So clever !! ❤️😘👏👏

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  2. Oh what fun! Your trip *waves at Hariclea* and a darling Thornton shrine 😍 He is definitely my cup of tea!

    Have a lovely day today, both of you! (And Suzy) 😘😘😘


  3. That sounds like such a great weekend. I’m very jealous … it’s practically a torrential downpour here today and I’m off to work. Tomorrow, I’ll work on our tax returns. Sigh.

    Lovely shrine. I’m listening to a North and South audiobook right now and imagining our Mr Thornton.


  4. Sweet shrine. You can never go wrong with Mr Thornton. Sounds like a fab friends reunion weekend. I missed out on the Tate when I visited. Definitely will be on my list next time. Hope you’re having a wonderful time. I just noticed from the comments that Rachel and I share a birthday. How cool is that? Sending her good wishes for a happy day. ❤️

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  5. While you are having such a sophisticated, intellectually stimulating and fun weekend in London, my highlight for weekend is a trip to Costco. I need to seriously up my game.


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