The Fan A to Z – #Y

With London out of the way, I continue through the last couple of letters of the Fan Challenge now.

Y – Choose a work of art or a song that reminds you of RA

Only one????????

The easy answer is this song and because of this exact fan video.

I even bought the song download although I am not a Timberlake fan. 🤪

As for works of art… well, another easy answer would be Monet, seeing that Richard played him.

Haystacks. Claude Monet

But in all truth, I can’t actually think of a work of conventional (visual) art that I associate with Richard. If I was cheesily inclined, I would say that I’d rather spend hours looking at the man than any other painting. He *should be* a painting himself. Well, and luckily he is. Watch this…

Isn’t this gorgeous? This is one of the best pieces of fan art I have seen. She sold that amazing painting for the mere sum of 30 Euro on Etsy… Had I known and had I been without husband, I would’ve been very much tempted…

What about you? Any works of art or songs that remind you of RA?


48 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #Y

  1. I would say for me “Wrapped Around Your Finger” by The Police 😉 although I also would go w “Woman In Love” by Barbra Streisand 😛🥰
    Oh JT is a kind and compassionate guy
    who is a family man. Many could learn from his example! 🤔😉😊

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    • *coughs* I know… I often find myself thinking about him, too – wondering what he would make of this or that or the other, or thinking that something simply reminds me of him…


      • I am in great company! He pops into my head oftentimes during the day. I wonder where he is, what he’s doing…….whenever I’m out in the garden, invariably I think of him pulling the ivy off the roof of his house in East London (a comment he once made in a long ago interview. I forget a lot on a daily basis, but this, I remember lol!)
        It’s a little frightening how much this man has taken over my mind. You are spot on Besotted, and it’s not just the intensity of it all, it’s that he’s been taking over my mind this way for so many years! No end in sight either………………….


        • Oh, same here. I am reminded by him *all the time*. And it’s exactly as you say – it’s that thought “I wonder what he is doing *right now*. Is he already at home, flicking through a new script with a glass of red in his hand? Is he sprawled on his bed, watching a TV show? And what is he doing when he is filming on location and put up in a hotel room?”


          • Guylty thank you so much for saying that b/c I thought it was just me thinking that way and pretty much exactly what you described above what’s he doing this weekend, what’s he having for dinner how’s his dad and brother
            What is next on the agenda? I feel I am in great company here!! 😘👏❤️💗💗

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  2. I agree about “SexyBack.” I can’t hear it anymore without seeing UNF visions of RA. Those videos were a major player in my losing my heart to RA, no doubt.

    How are you feeling? Much better, I hope!

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    • I think yesterday was the low point. Was sneezing and snuffling all day long. It’s much better today, and my throat doesn’t really hurt, either *knockonwood*.
      Heather should’ve been paid for those ‘sexy back’ videos. By RA. I am sure they have brought in scores of new admirers!

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  3. Oh god, drool, Sexy Back is a distillation of Armitage hotness! I’ve heard so many great songs from RA fan videos. Songs that I have on my ipod, some even with him speaking, and which remind me of him. OK I’m going to attempt to insert a link to a painting, Burne-Jones Beguiling of Merlin, that reminds me of RA, particularly Guy, with his beautiful androgynous unearthlyness.
    But I see his face in all sorts of things, sculpture, paintings, a fold in a cushion …


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