Reclining RAPS Goes To…

I have a raffle result to post. Small shrine, small number of entries, and the winner is… Dele Haynes! Congrats, Dele. I think I have your address courtesy of various Richie swaps ;-). The shrine will make its way to you soon. Thank you for taking part – and the same goes to everyone else, thanks for putting your name in the ring.

The draw protocol can be found under the seal of approval:

Wait, wait, you think this is all? Nope. I have an ode to rescue. Kathy has been at it again… And boy, she really gets it right here:

Need a bed πŸ˜‚… But tell me, is it just me or do you also find that picture above really rather titillating? I am trying to put my finger on it. A man in aΒ  reclining pose. I mean, he has covered his crotch with his hand, but somehow… *coughs*… I don’t know how to say it… but somehow that makes the whole pose even more provocative imo. Or maybe it is that leg angled up, which means that he is sort of exposing “the most valuable parts”, or maybe it is simply that a reclining pose *always* connotates the bed… But *ooof* *wipes sweat off her brow*

I am trying to remember whether I have ever done a picture analysis of this image. I certainly remember feeling quite attracted to the image even though I am *so* not into formal clothing on the man, and particularly pin stripe is one of my pet hates. The reclining pose did it. I also remember having a bit of a Eureka moment at some point when I realised that the picture must have been taken on the set ofΒ TI. I actually recognised the weird vases in the background from the cafΓ© scenes in the show…

Afaik the picture was made by photographer Jude Edginton who supplied photos to go with an article about Richard in the Sunday Times published 30 April 2006. Funny, almost to the day… wait, is that twelve (12!!!) years, almost to the day??? Wow, but you wouldn’t think it was that long ago… Sure, he has grown older in the mean time. We all have. But considering that *this* (below) is only three years old, it’s pretty amazing how well he has aged.

UNF. Click HERE, btw, if you want another ode, related to *this* picture

Right, it’s getting a bit hot in here. I think I need to have a cup of tea to cool down…

Oh, one last thing – last word I had of Flat Richie was two weeks ago when he stopped in Tennessee… I know he was travelling domestic from there – and I know who the recipient should be. I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t heard anything yet about Flat Richie’s whereabouts, but I will inquire now.




22 thoughts on “Reclining RAPS Goes To…

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Kathy strikes again! Brilliant. Yes, Guylty, that pose is definitely provocative even though I share your distaste of pinstripe. And the hair is just… weird. But the smoulder is red hot and he’s challenging the viewer to resist his charms… ❀️

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    • The hair hadn’t occurred to me as such. I guess that is the season 2 Guy mullet… Which is being hidden under a wig for The Impressionists. I am usually not a mullet fan, but in Richard’s case I am quite fond of it *eeek*.
      “Challenging the viewer to resist his charms” – that is the perfect way to put it. He really is quite assertive there in his gaze and his pose. Not our usual shrinking violet… πŸ˜‚

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  2. that top photo is a pet hate of mine, i think he looks like a dodgy estate agent! lol! plus it looks damn uncomfortable
    the bottom photo, well much much nicer bar the …pah…cigarette !
    oh i hope flatrichie is ok…i mean not-flatrichie has also gone quiet on us too


  3. I don’t remember seeing the top photo. I think it is rather funny, he is giving a come-hither look while lounging on an uncomfortable hard surface. I’ll take bare-chested Daniel Miller in bed over pinstripe man any day. Even with the cigarette. Congratulations to Dele.

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    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Iβ€˜m pretty sure it was a wig. Hair colour is wrong. Kind of looked straggly and artificial to me. And the photos taken on set show him with shorter hair than Monet…


      • Young Monet wouldn’t win prizes for being the well dressed man either, just wait till you see his second hand suit which he had to accept in lieu of payment lol


  4. What a wonderful surprise. I’ve been busy all day and have just now gotten on Twitter. Thank you Sonja for the little treat….and for the reclining beauties. There’s something about him in that pose that makes me all tingley. Looking forward to receiving my new little treasure.


  5. What? I visit with my sister for three days and miss a shrine draw? And the Monet rewatch that I in fact suggested? Must be more vigilant. Lol. Congrats to Dele. (I personally love a man in a suit!)


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