Richard Armitage on a Plane

Originally on my list today: Writing up the re-watch notes for TI episode 2. But hey, incoming news are much more interesting. Apart from half a shirt in an IG post from last night, as reported by Servetus HERE, Mr A is apparently happily travelling and making jokes. See evidence below:

That’s how the upper crust flies 😂. And hello Mykita! So here we have a little bit of presbyopia in action. I think the Neighbour!Richard canon has just received another boost.

Sad truth: I blew up that fuzzy smartphone picture to life-size because I wanted to find out whether RA’s most savoury bits – the salt-and-pepper temples – have been dyed black again. Result: Inconclusive. Too much shade. I suspect, however, that they *have* indeed coloured over him. And sorry, but Team Stubble is not happy. Let’s hope that this is just down to a break in the filming schedule…

Obsessive? Me? Surely not. I just like happy smiles, that’s all…

Phew – that gives me a little more time for my TI review. Coming tomorrow.

Over, and fangirl out. 😍


46 thoughts on “Richard Armitage on a Plane

  1. Sticky beak me would like to know where he’s going!! A break? Or a change of location? (I can’t recall if there was a flight in the book *sigh* I only read it a month ago)


    • Well, the picture was taken by Harlan Coben – so if it is not the cast moving locations, then it could be the two of them flying to NY, I guess. Isn’t that where Coben is usually based?


        • Jou, das war die Frage. Ich dachte ja, dass die zufälligerweise beide am selben Wochenende nach NY wollten – RA, um seine Wohnung aufzulösen und Coben, weil er da wohnt. Aber angesichts der nicht gerade bescheidenen First Class Preise (£9450 one-way!!!! 😱), könnte ich mir auch gut vorstellen, dass das dann doch eine Dienstreise war.


          • £9450 !?! Da scheint der Wohlstand ausgebrochen zu sein. Wenn es eine Dienstreise ist, dann muss er aber bei jemandem einen wirklichen Stein im Brett haben. Gut für ihn.


            • Du, ich geh davon aus, dass First Class für Promis (auch von seinem Kaliber) Standard ist. Man kann ja nicht erwarten, dass ein sensibler Künstler da in der Holzklasse mit Hoi Polloi zusammen sitzt. Oder in Business, wo ja heutzutage auch schon jeder Dritte dank Airmiles upgradet…


  2. What a smile! Definitely inspires a “meeting on a plane” fantasy scenario. (Although I think that a smile that wide, at least on him, is reserved for someone he’s gotten to know fairly well.) I may have to try first class sometime just to get an idea what it’s like! Having just been on a plane with my leg having to touch my neighbour’s for 5 hours, individualized seating is something I’d enjoy — unless of course the other leg in question belonged to a certain actor!
    I see he’s wearing the ubiquitous white T-shirt. And I still think the hat is so he doesn’t have to style his hair.

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    • Great explanation re. the hat. I hadn’t considered that. (Team Hairpiece might also agree *muhahaha*)
      Oh cod, 5 hours of involuntary body contact with a stranger. I so hate that kind of thing… Sitting on a plane and sharing the armrest is already horrible. But yeah, you are right, I’d be more than happy to share my armrest with RA.

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  3. Maybe those lucky stiffs aren’t paying for their flights with their own cash or frequent flyer miles. Since they are travelling together, they are probably doing some sort of
    business. I don’t think they just ran into each other on a random trans Atlantic flight.

    Ode to Caps

    There is a guy who’s liked a lot,
    Who we agree is extremely hot.
    What if he is a Yankee fan?
    We will forgive him,
    As much as we can.

    Kathy Jones


  4. What a great pic!
    And I like the glasses too, but I think the lenses are a bit big…or does it look that way because of the broad smile in his face? Mmmmh….


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