Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/14

I don’t know why but I have nothing else to show than the round-up. Is it silly season already?

I can’t believe that Shutterstock seriously released that derp. And then put the watermarks *there*… If I didn’t know better I would think it was malicious…

So, here is the round-up.

  1. Staying with the smiles (from yesterday’s Monet fest), I absolutely loved this lucky screenshot of Thorin by fizzyxcustard
  2. Nfcomics is right – it absolutely does. (What a Guy wants)
  3. Goodness… this man. I mean, the way he acted that last scene in NS. He is so utterly convincing there, the look of love on his face. This can be watched again and again. Thanks to mezzmerizedbyrichard
  4. When is this film ever going to make it into some kind of distribution???? Riepu10 puts the best of Chop into a gif set
  5. ooooh, pretty pictures, pretty pictures, of pretty man *loveeyes*. Photo set by muperx0506universe
  6. A picture of Daniel Miller, included here purely for the caption provided by fizzyxcustard
  7. And fizzyxcustard again because I love games like that – favourite RA in character pics (no Thorin). Which are yours?
  8. Had we seen this before or have I missed it because I was off Twitter for Lent? Sinnaminie has made a plushie of Adam Price – Richard’s character in The Stranger
  9. Richardarmitagefanpage posts a piece of fabulous fan art of Richard
  10. Moodyhedgie paints Trevor Belmont – looks very much like RA or is that just me?
  11. Not new, but decided to include these gifs by ghisborne here with a shout-out to Kate because forehead crinkles
  12. And because there is so little new stuff around, I have decided to post an oldie but goldie from a fan friend of mine from the really early days. I suspect Sketchlavie has long dropped out of the Army, but in her day, she posted some fabulous stuff… Careful, spam!

Have a lovely spring weekend, all!

Guylty ❤


39 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/14

    • I have to agree, Sue. In my opinion the portrait was not 100% him, but at the same time I thought it was such an amazing piece of portraiture, that I wanted to divert some attention to it.

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      • I can’t draw for shite, so I admire anyone who has that skill. But yes, it didn’t quite capture every feature as I see him. But maybe that’s also a bit of artistic license.


        • Artistic license, yes. But then I have also noticed that we actually all see things differently. I often see people applauding some fan art and saying that it looks *exactly* like XYZ, and most of the time I totally disagree with that. Must be our different perceptions…

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          • I usually disagree with the general enthusiasm, but I tend to just “calm my tits and scroll on by” as they say. If you can’t say anything nice…

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  1. No. 3–😍 I’m 💀
    No. 4–😭
    No. 5–🤩
    No. 6–🤣
    No. 11–yay for Crinklitage 😆 (we need an emoji for that)
    No. 12–take my email address for that kind of spam any day

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    • Sketchlavie was great fun. She organised a tumblr fan book and sent it to RA, too, and later on she had lots of fan items printed and gave them away for free… I suspect she is not active anymore. Her tumblr has been deactivated for ages.


        • I did a little search just now and can actually not find either tumblr. As in – the old posts are still there, but the blogs are labelled non-existent or deactivated… Sigh.


  2. Thank you so much for the mention. I really want to see UATSC again soon. I was able to watch once when they had in their page but it feels like ages ago.

    I miss Sketchlavie too ☹ Especially her pick up line posts.


  3. Lots of goodies here! Thank you, Guylty ⭐️ I’m spoilt for choice but a few thoughts…

    #2 Horrible women are too good for the Sheriff IMHO, but Guy deserves only the best. Any volunteers?

    #4 I’ve never seen as much as this of ol’ Snake Hips Chop before. Does anyone really think the DVD will make the delivery date this time? Sigh.

    #12 I lol’d at the Spam. I’d love this on my wall. As good as Andy Warhol any day.

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    • I think Guy will have no problem finding a few good women to save his soul (in return for a bit of attention *grins*)
      The UATSC DVD? I have given up all hope tbh. I just suspect that nobody is particularly pushed about releasing it anymore. Brady seems to have moved on to the next project. It’s a huge disappointment!


  4. yeah, number 3 is literally what did me in with that man-literally if RA came round my house and looked at me like that tomorrow (yes i know) I would die joke
    number 4-really want to see this! argh
    number 9 is very very good

    sorry, i’ve been very tired of late-little despondent and having some anxiety issues-so struggling a bit to communicate amongst all that.

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    • Um, if RA came round my house and looked at me like that tomorrow, I would leave everything and elope with him, no questions asked.
      So sorry to hear you are not in top form recently, Rachel. Hope it is just a phase and the increasing hours of daylight (sunshine!!) will help lift your mood, soon. Don’t worry about communicating – RL and self-care are more important!

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  5. Thanks Guylty – one of the reasons why I love your round-ups is that they show how bloody gorgeous he is in all his guises, John T & P, Lucas, Chop, Dan the Man, Thorin etc and as himself.
    Hmmm 7, favourite in character pics of RA? That might encourage me to stir my stumps for a blog – but how to choose!
    I thought THAT Shutterstock positioning was covering a damp patch for a moment but it’s the border of the stamp.
    It’s great that N&S is on Netflix because there seem to be new RA converts on twitter almost daily .

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