Favourite ChaRActer Photos

So, in last weekend’s round-up, I linked to a tumblr post by fizzyxcustard.

So, favourite RA in chaRActer pictures. And in *my* case there will be Thorin, too. But I am slightly changing the rules in order to limit the whole thing: When I say “pictures” I really mean “photos” and NOT screencaps! Yes, that will make it slightly more difficult because gems such as smitten and lovingly-gazing Thornton is only available as screen capture… 😭. The upside is, that “photos” means the quality of these stills is much better. Too much waffle, Guylty, let’s go! In no particular order but the one that comes to my head and therefore probably also means how much I love these characters…

Jesus, the man has nose. And profile. And light brown highlights. And sutbble and and and *thud* – I have uploaded this in full glory. Click and be slayed!

Imposing, confident, master of the realm. Mr Thornton in his habitat. Let me just sit here at your feet and admire you…

Another supermegalarge image. Click and you can count every individual pore. I love this image of Lucas North because he looks delicate, vulnerable, yet determined in this image. Plus: eyelash porn. Need I say more?

Don’t ask me why, but I have always thought there is something suggestive in this promo shot of Thorin. No fight necessary, Oakenshield. Take me, I am yours.

Determination. And a wet shirt. Need I say more? Rescue me, Porter!

Alec Track. Demi-god in white. Undecided whether it is the forearm fuzz or the cowslick that gets me when I look at this.

Ok, totally ignoring that abominable brown leather jacket, but can anyone resist that wide smile? Harry shows how gorgeous RA could be as a romantic lead.

Total 1950s rebel! Ricky Deeming – dangerous but cool. And very nice bokeh here, too. Not a screencap but a film still btw, so it counts.

Again, an amazing mixture of scary and vulnerable – an example of Richard’s nuanced portraiture. Click to see a massive version of this image – the close-up reveals the fantastic work of the Hannibal make-up department!

Ok, yes, because of the exposed skin. But also because of the honesty, the upstanding sheer will of determination, and the vulnerability of nudity. John Proctor.

Lastly – because all good things come to an end and I am not going to go through all the “smaller” chaRActers – Richard’s latest opus, Daniel Miller.

An unusual choice, not least because this scene was cut from BS1. But colour. And sweaty Dan. Because… *um*… there is something very hot about a sweaty, dirty man.

After all this, I am now going to take a shower. 🚿 I feel rather flushed myself…

What are your favourite pics? Leave a link in the comments if you like. 



34 thoughts on “Favourite ChaRActer Photos

  1. I like the clothed, poster Proctor with coat on where he’s looking straight at the camera. It stunned me when I first saw it — the range of emotions on his face: bewildered, defiant, scared, angry, etc. All of it. The he could convey that to a photographer in a studio, not during a performance. Amazing.


    • THat is a fabulous picture, I agree, Besotted. I liked all of Jay Brooks work with RA, including the pictures taken in rehearsals. THe pics in the pea coat are really gorgeous – and very artistic, too. At first sight of the poster I thought of Pierre Gonnord’s gorgeous photos of Spanish homeless men. http://tiny.cc/jvlb6y


    • Oh yes, that is a gorgeous picture. I don’t usually like long hair on RA, but Guy looks so beautiful there, and there is less of his usual hubris in his stance and in his gaze. Definitely one of my favourites, too.


    • Indeed. And it really is like he said at RDC – he changes looks like a chameleon, every time he plays a character. Of course he is recognisably Richard underneath. The ‘basics’ always stay. But details change, and that is fascinating to see.

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        • No issue at all, only that I wouldn‘t consider them „photos“ because they are nit standalone, one-frame-shots. Like a picture of a screen. But I agree that there are absolutely gorgeous screenshots and I often drool over them myself 📸🤤

          Liked by 1 person

          • Doing it this way, with the limitation to actual photos, made it easier for me to choose. I have hundreds of screencaps, many taken over the course of just a few seconds, one after the other to catch the nuances of RA’s expression, so choosing from them is well nigh impossible.😉


      • absolutely! I became a fan after watching Strike Back and the first time I googled “Richard Armitage” I was like “No, that’s not him!” 😀

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