An Armitage-Read Audio Book I Nearly Missed

Ehm, I am completely astonished right now. I have become a bit of an audio fan in recent months – not least because there was a lot of audio courtesy of Armitage to consume. And lots of opportunity to listen, thanks to my crafty endeavours. But it was totally news to me that there is yet another audio book drop scheduled for July.

Damn, I am disappointed now. I thought I had a scoop here. But this is how *I* found out: Audible retweeted a customer request for recommendations. And good fan that I am – especially because I had asked for recommendations myself the other day – I felt obliged to reply with some complimentary tweet.

And the marketing dept at audible really has picked up recently. They were on the ball with their reply. Fellow fan Deirdre dared to ask a direct question about new audio works by Armitage to look forward to, and only then did I realise that there was something coming in July…

Ah well, who cares – there’s something to look forward to, even if I am the last to know 😂.

In other news, I am back in nostalgia land.

Yeah, dog roses in hedgerows. And I didn’t have to look hard. It was just there to be picked. Apart from dreaming of slender, long fingers that are picking dainty roses, I have been sorting through shelves, cupboards and drawers, found lots of things, laughed and cried over them, and have carried about 100 kilos of books to the charity shop… There is a latent sadness underneath it all, although my mum’s new flat – contract signed last week – is beautiful and big. But the house where I grew up, will be gone forever, soon… It’s nice to still have the memories, though.



More decluttering to come the next few days. And months. Sigh… But I’ll be back in Ireland for a while in between.

Oh, just a little heads-up re. Flat Richie. I have made a few enquiries and I have found out that it has been received at the last destination – but I have not heard from the recipient, yet. I’m going to write to her and find out more…




32 thoughts on “An Armitage-Read Audio Book I Nearly Missed

  1. I hadn’t heard either, but since I’m only a few books into the Armitage Audio Oeuvre, it’s no biggie. I have years of listening ahead of me yet.

    Love the rose and I understand the bittersweet feeling associated with cleaning out a beloved house. I did it years ago for my grandparents. But really quite interesting as well.


    • Ooops, missed the comment.
      Years of listening – hm, unfortunately not. You have no idea how quickly the time passes with RA whispering sweet nothings into your ear 😉


  2. I preordered mine along time ago..Wow, I finally knew something RA that you didn’t know..I am speechless !!!!! Now I’m a fan girl.LOL.😁 😀 😃


  3. i still can’t bring myself to join audible, just cause i don’t want to give money to Amazon..urgh
    still i am enjoying audio books via my local library app-got to listen to Lost Daughters via that and bought the Georgette Heyers on CD.
    Just finishing Frankenstein read by Richard Pasco-what a fabulous voice that man had too. It’s funny, because I think it’s easy for people to think we’re biased into automatically liking anything RA does, but i’ve tried a few other Heyers via my library and I just cant stand the narrators! alot of them tend to be really over the top. RA really has such skill with narrating.
    We planted a beautiful yellow climbing rose in our front garden about 4 years ago-t’s really taken now-there a pic on my twitter feed.
    Thanks for the flatrichie update too


    • I agree with you re other narrators, Rachel, many are just plain awful, so I always listen to the sample. Have you listened to Phyllida Nash narrating Arabella by GH? She’s no RA, but she’s a good narrator. The British ones are by far the best imho.
      I’ve always bought books from The Book Depository and was very disappointed to learn that they are now owned by Amazon. Grrrr!

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    • I understand your attitude re. Audible. (In my case it’s no use – I actually work for Amazon on a regular basis, so have sold my soul to the devil, so to speak :-D) However, the library app sounds really good. I researched and it turns out that we have BorrowBox in Ireland, too.
      Yeah, I am reluctant to try any other narrators, just because I know that RA has really spoilt us with his talents. I mean, that was so obvious when he read Wanderlust with that female narrator.

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  4. I missed this one, too. Good to have something else to look forward to! I am signed up with Audible though I am really trying to cut down on my Amazon purchases so I’m disappointed to hear about the Book Depository as well ☹️

    Good luck with the house clearing – nice that you are able to help your mum with it though. When are you back in Dublin? There’s a parcel on its way to you but Mr Guylty will be there to take it in I hope… 🙂


    • Mr Guylty indeed took the parcel in. And I am absolutely shamefully behind in sending my thanks to you. I am catching up with stuff since returning late on Tuesday.


  5. Thanks for the audio scoop! I hadn’t heard about that upcoming listen. I’m still hoping for RA to read another Heyer book someday–maybe “Civil Contract”, with its many voices giving him a fun challenge. And hugs for your Mom’s new place. It sounds lovely. Yet leaving childhood memories behind in your former home can be hard, but those memories will still exist in your mind and in your heart. Hugs! And lovely the yellow roses in the hedgerow homage to Thornton. Sighhh!

    P.S. And 20 years after we sold it, getting to tour our old family home that my parents had built and we lived in for nearly 30 years–seeing the changes to it good and bad–was like a twilight zone episode with tree saplings now 40 feet tall, walls removed, solid walnut paneling painted over, garage doors reoriented, etc. Ha! But it was nice to see another family enjoying our home, as we did.

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    • At this point, I take *any* book read by RA. I am really turning into an audiobook lover…
      Childhood memories and houses – well, I am consoling myself with the thought that by giving things away and decluttering, I am losing unnecessary ballast. It is liberating to own less.
      I very much liked the way you put it in your last sentence – while I may be sad to let my family home go, you are very right: It is a nice thought that a new, young family will enjoy the house that we were so happy in, too. That is a consolation.

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  6. Thanks for letting us know about the audiobook. It sounds like it would be really good. Daddy Armitage in vocal form!

    Good that you are able to help your mum with the house. When my family home had to be sold (after my mum died), my siblings had to do the clearing out. I wasn’t able to travel back to Toronto.


    • I am so glad that I am not the only one who didn’t know this. Or maybe I did but my memory is not what it used to be…
      I haven’t even read the synopsis – so Armitage performs a father? Sounds good, I’m glad I preordered it *haha*.
      You know, there is an advantage and a disadvantage about not being able to go and do the clearing out. Sure, you miss all the heavy lifting (literally), but you might also miss rescuing the bits and pieces that hold meaning to you. I was able to save a few things (of no value other than sentimental) from my mum’s current “declutter mania”. Phew.


  7. I still haven’t become a member of Audible. I just purchase as they come out. I find that the last two releases I recommended to my local library were purchased by them. I may just wait to see if they buy this new one and borrow rather than purchase it.
    It’s so bittersweet to clear out a family home. After my husband passed away it was difficult to sort through the memories and leave behind the home we had spent many happy years in. Having the help and support of friends and family was very comforting and I’ve been fortunate to relocate to a lovely place. Wishing your Mum much happiness in her new flat.
    P.S. I will never again see a yellow rose without thinking of Mr Thornton pulling one out of his waistcoat. Lovely 🎩🌼

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    • It took me a long time to actually get into audio books, D, and I only joined because I wanted a particular audiobook and wasn’t prepared to pay 35 Euro for it. Over time – and since I have the subscription – I have really gotten into listening to books. So in my case it really has worked out well. However, I haven’t explored my local library yet. Maybe they provide a similar service…
      I really feel for you re. clearing out of a family home after the passing of your husband. I am not sentimental at all, but as you said, it is bittersweet, knowing that I am leaving the house that I grew up in. But it is what my mother wants, and it makes sense for her to downsize – and with me living abroad, there is no point in hanging on to a house that I will never live in. As you said – the upside is that one can (hopefully) choose to live a smaller but lovely place, and the excitement of choosing new things for the new flat – carpets, bathroom fittings, kitchen – also soothes the pain a little bit.
      I was never a particular fan of what we call hedge roses – dog roses – but I now really love them because of the association with Mr Thornton’s look full of love… I melt just when I think of it…


  8. My daughter has a barren garden in her new house i thought I could slip a yellow rose or two into it then she announces she would like pastel colours , blast, now I am looking for a pale single rose to go unnoticed lol


  9. You have my deepest sympathies on the cleaning out task: both the necessity of it and the pitfalls. I’m glad it went reasonably well for you both.


    • There’s more to be done… it was just the start. I am planning to spend a couple of months in Germany in July and August. (I’ll have to do a lot of travelling on the weekends *coughs*)


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