Reward for the Re-Watch

It’s Sunday and I am trying to go back to my daily posting. Hey, Armitage – can you please tweet every day or something, so I can fill the pages here? Cheers, mate! Not that I really have anything profound to say or report. What’s new, Guylty *muhahaha* However, a couple of fun bits had accumulated, so I thought I’d do a quick mixed bag today.

The re-watch is dead, long live the re-watch

We have finished with The Impressionists, hooray. I’d like to celebrate that with a little collaboration between our own Mezzmerizedbyrichard and myself. Well, all credit to Mezzy, really, because she did the technical work and managed to isolate a pivotal moment in a file. My only credit may be that I begged her to do so.

Instructions to use:

  1. Sit comfortably, making sure that sharp edges or any dangerous objects are at a safe distance.
  2. Look intensely at the following picture.
  3. Click play below and keep looking into his eyes.

NOTE: Guylty Pleasure shall not be liable for any loss, cost, claim, damage, demand or expense resulting from potential swoons, falls, fainting or choking.

Tip: You can operate most audio players by simply activating them with a press of the space bar on your keyboard. Works well for multiple re-plays *coughs*


Good. In that case, you can help me decide what we will put on our list for the next re-watch. Things to consider: Would you like a one-off rather than a serial piece this time? Something old, something new? Something borrowed, something blue – although I have not heard yet of any blue movies in Mr A’s oeuvre. Aw. What a pity. I am sure it would have an audience, too… *winks* Why don’t you throw a few suggestions into the comments, and I’ll most likely make a little poll in my next post.

Oh, and before I go: Just to update you on the progress of Flat Richie. Last sender Monica and I have been a tiny bit worried about Flat Richie. He supposedly arrived at his destination a month ago (according to the tracking info) but has not surfaced in any messages to me. I have sent an e-mail to his current recipient, hoping to hear back soon.


37 thoughts on “Reward for the Re-Watch

  1. Did we hear from Monica about her flatrichie choices? I can’t remember
    The audio files is funny 😁
    Re something blue. …I was under the impression that Between The Sheets would fall under that category!

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  2. I laughed out loud at your instructions Guylty! Perhaps we need to add “significant others” to the list of things that need to be at a safe distance hehe. And that photo! *swoon*

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  3. Got home to watch game of thrones, but the hubs isn’t here. So checking in here, not that my hubs is ever here. Haha, (no that would be horrifying.)

    Not that Mr A is the lead, but I really liked Oceans 8. I also enjoyed watching Anne Hathaway slap him hard a few times. But that might just be my preference because I’ve been annoyed by men the last week. Still prefer Sir Guy best of all, but Mr A is easy on the eyes in Oceans 8.

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      • For the moment it probably is, but if it stops raining tomorrow, I have to get back out there with pesticides around the house. It’s taken me years to get the spiders 🕷 in the house cleared out.

        See a few years ago, my fearless hubs brought in a plastic back splash, (what you put below the rain gutter spouts on the ground to let the water move away from your foundation) into the laundry room. (Why?!) He put it by the back door between the dryer and the wall. I don’t know how long it was there. Don’t usually spend that much time at home and he does a lot of the laundry. The underside was thick with spider webs. It was horror horrible! I was so mad, but since the spiders were long gone, having moved out to better locations inside my freakin house, I put it on a folding chair in the middle of the laundry room. So he would see it and have to walk around it to let’s the dogs out dozens of times a day. If you can believe it, he walked around it alright, but never noticed it was there. For days and days!

        I gave up and put it back outside, then spent two years fighting and killing spiders. Now I’m all mad about those damn spiders again. 🕷 Not really. 🙄

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        • Ugh – that’s my kind of nightmare. Lots of creepycrawlies gathering under planks of wood or plastic back splashes. I shudder. That’s exactly the reason why I am not big into gardening – the thought of all those insects makes my skin crawl.

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          • I killed three black widow spiders outside the garage, under the back deck stairs and outside the laundry room door last year. That was after battling the ones that were inside the house earlier. A rather large one made itself at home in the master bedroom too. I was seriously ill when I found it, locked the dogs away, sprayed then 6 hours later vacuumed and vacuumed again with a shop vac getting behind and under every tiny space I could find. Horrors.

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