I thought that maybe with age and with growing wisdom (…) I would become a little more patient, but no, I am as impatient as ever. I am currently waiting to see that a shipment has arrived at its destination overseas. It’s a shipment that I have been owing to the recipient for a loooong time… and I am literally breaking out in shivers and hives when I look at the tracking info provided by my postal service.

Received. “Received” only means that the package has made it to US soil. But it has not yet been delivered to the recipient. And wow, that is 8 days in the country now and still not at destination??? Or do I have to worry?

Speaking of worry… I kind of had to laugh when I recently captured this little timeline coincidence.

Yep, that’s a screenshot of my mobile WP feed. But I thought it was hilarious that there is the big, massive headline “He’s alive and well”, and then above that “he” is actually decapitated and headless. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I wouldn’t exactly describe that as alive *nor* well…

Right, not much to say here today. If you are a long-time, regular reader of guylty.com, you might know that I seem to go on an annual trip through Ireland around this time of year. The last few years I spent a lot of time exploring Connemara, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal with various (fandom) friends. This year my regular May visitor (not a fandom friend although actually also quite taken with Mr Armitage’s charms) requested to explore the South of the country. And that is where we are off to from tomorrow. West Cork, to be specific. I am planning to take my laptop with me and am hoping to blog while travelling, but just to warn you that there might be delays โฑ

Speaking of West Cork – if you have an Audible subscription and don’t know what to listen to, can I recommend the true crime podcast ‘West Cork’ to you? It’s free and full of suspense. Here’s the summary:



45 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Guylty, is that County Cork Blarney Stone country you are taking your visitor too? Ahhh brings back very fond memories. I missed Connemara and Ring Of Kerry when I went to Ireland in 2000 so much beautiful country and so little travel time to see all of it. Have a fantastic time!!


    • Indeed it is. I take it you have kissed the Blarney Stone, Michele? ๐Ÿ˜‚
      We won’t stay inland but go to the coast along the Beara peninsula and possibly taking the ferry to Cape Clear.

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      • Guylty, I actually nudged it with my nose. The guys dipped me back and I have a picture on a Kodak disposable camera (I know I know) of my face. Was very cool!! I went to Cliff of Moors too which was a dream. Ireland is such a beautiful beautiful country. What a fantastic itinerary you have planned for your guest!!


  2. I can’t tell from your screenshot if the package is through customs or not. That will add a few days, if not. Depending on size of package and destination, if the package entered at NYC and has to cross the country (and depending on postage type, 8 days isn’t out of the question. I would start to worry at two weeks.


    • oh, thanks for that, Serv. I always find it really hard to tell what the tracking info means. Customs makes sense, though. I suspect the package is in NY, but it won’t have to travel far from there.


  3. Sounds like you have a lovely trip planned. Have a great time and try not to worry about Mr. Richie. All will be well eventually. He must be quite enjoying the leisurely pace of his travels lately. He has had time to really get to know the local inhabitants and their respective locales. He quite insistent about refusing to be rushed through his travels.

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  4. Have a wonderful trip! I would love to return to Ireland, we saw so much, including the Beara Peninsula, but nowhere near enough – it would take a lifetime to see what your beautiful country has to offer *feeling nostalgic*


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