Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/16

Hello and top of the mornin’ to ya. You know that comedy OTT “typical Irish” accent? Well, I am in the part of the country where the Irish accent is really musical and almost a singsong. It took us a few hours to get here, but we arrived last evening, and this was the view from our room:

It has been a long time since I was in this part of the country. In fact, Co. Cork is where I first learnt to love Ireland. I came here at the age of 14 for a language holiday, and I fell in love with the country more or less immediately. I remember thinking back then – “this is where I want to live”. And somehow I made that dream come true. But in all those years, I never went back to Cork. Until now, with my friend requesting a holiday down South.

Anyway, that is just to illustrate why I am a bit short here in this post – travelling takes time. Oh, and tumblr has been quiet. But I compiled a tiny little round-up for you:

  1. Guys, I don’t know what is happening with me, but I suddenly can’t stand RPF anymore. Am I getting old and boring? Well, I better let you decide yourself whether you like RPF. Here is one (not read by me) by legolaslovely
  2. Eyelash porn courtesy of riepu10
  3. Is that a derp or are you just angry to see me? Thorin, posted by fizzyxcustard
  4. *rofl* Where does this tweet exchange come from and why was this not posted on Twitter? Found by ra-of-light
  5. And harking back to last week and our community re-watch of TI, riepu10 giffed some Monet
  6. Intense Daniel Miller, courtesy of fizzyxcustard
  7. Sorry, there is a lot of fizzyxcustard in this round-up today, but this slightly smug picture of RA is just too good to ignore
  8. The latest picture of RA (from “A nearly normal family” audiobook), cropped more closely by fizzyxcustard
  9. Castlevania stickers? richardarmitagefanpage passes on the tweet by Adam Deats

Short. Sweet.

By the way, any suggestions yet on the next re-watch?

I am travelling on today from Roscarbery towards Baltimore. Nope, not the one in Maryland, US. 😁 This Baltimore is a small village on the coast, and it’s almost as Southern as you can get on the island of Ireland. If we are lucky, we are going to take a ferry to Cape Clear, Heir or Sherkin Island today. If not, we’ll explore the seafood festival in Baltimore.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Guylty ❤

80 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/16

  1. That was just right and tumblr cooperated for a change. I didn’t try the fic. Not sure I have that in me today.

    As for the rewatch, maybe a one-off? I might throw my hat in the ring for Ricky Deeming, but idk how feasible that is for everyone else access-wise. I wouldn’t mind basking in that glory once again. Of course there’s always Harry, about whom I feel major HPM after the article that shall not be named. 🙄

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  2. Frozen
    I am really interested in your opinion, about the story and the beautiful filming as much as Richard’s small but central part lol


    • Yve
      Frozen would be great. It’s a haunting movie and he is pretty good in it for the amount of time he’s on screen. Shirley Henderson is dynamite in it.
      Guylty; enjoy Cork I had the same reaction when I went in 2000!! 👍👏❤️❤️

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    • Frozen is another great idea. Guess what: I have never watched it!!!! So that would definitely get my vote. Mind you, I am not sure where to access it. I don’t have the DVD, I think.


  3. I’ve tried reading RPF occasionally over the years I’ve been a fan of Richard’s, but I’ve never been comfortable with it and the RA x reader ones in second person……..just….no. Each to their own though! 😉


    • OMG Mezz, me too!! I have read a lot of fanfics in my life, but I had never come across this second-person thing until now and I’m baffled. I can’t get my head around it at all. Totally off putting. People must love it though judging by the amount that’s out there and more power to them (as long is I don’t have to read it).


    • IDK, I have read a good bit of RPF in my time, no matter which person. But lately I just haven’t felt interested in it anymore… I wonder whether that is because I have encountered RA as himself a few times and it doesn’t feel right to me anymore…


      • I still read it, but I think in general RPF is successful to the extent to which it squares with your own picture of Armitage. That was often a problem for me even years and years ago — the author would seize on some aspect of his life that s/he thought was central, and if I felt like the author misunderstood whatever datapoint it was, it would detract from the picture in the RPF. To me that is a bigger problem than even liking / not liking any OCs in the RPF, which I think is a significant issue for a lot of readers, and one of the reasons many of them write in second person.


        • That’s bang on! And in that sense, the only RPF that I enjoy is RPF written either by myself or by someone whose writing I admire and whose view of Armitage mirrors my own. Lately I have noticed that my interpretation of him just doesn’t match the RPF writers’ anymore…


      • That makes sense to me, G. He is now flesh and blood, you have encountered the human being behind what we see on the screen, even though he is still playing a role in those public circumstances.
        Kate, second person feels like voyeurism to me. The author is relating to me what happened/is happening to me with Richard and personally that feels ick.


  4. Are you saying “Faith and begorra” too? 🙂 I’ve learned somewhere that actual Irish people don’t start their sentences with “Sure and …” which was apparently an Irish-American thing but is also disappearing now.

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  5. I’ve seen this Nearly Normal pic.a few times…I have to comment..Did he sleep in that shirt?? What a wrinkled mess..


  6. I’m just back to Canada from N.Ireland where we did a lot of nature walks in the forest, mountains, sea shore — what an absolutely beautiful country.


  7. and I forgot to say, totally agree about RPF. I really don’t like the ‘insertyournamehere’ stories much – just pick a name already. I prefer imagining the characters, not being literally in the story myself.


  8. There was a pic of him in this plaid shirt.I have one with the same color and plaid, in fact I had it on and I made a comment about it and you replied kismit.It was on Guilty blog..

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  9. #1 I tried to read the RPF but the “You”s got in the way and made me abandon ship. #8 I can picture him running late, picking that shirt from the laundry pile, shaking it out and saying “this’ll do.” 😆 When he is caught out as a mere mortal it always warms my ❤️
    I would love to revisit Ricky again and he’s in my collection so a rewatch would be easy. I saw Frozen a looong time ago (I think on YT) but don’t remember that much about it.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday in Cork. It looks gorgeous there.


  10. Have you heard about Blenheim Films going bust!
    Candida Brady made a complete ‘dogs breakfast’ with Urban and the shed crew and I am so sorry for everyone connect to it ,me included.
    If I could go back to one moment in history it would be to see this film.
    On other blogs everyone one is being so ‘understanding’ Perhaps they have all seen it …….


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