Tin Obsession

Last night I booked the first of a number of flights for this summer. I’ll be spending a good bit of time in Germany – helping my mother move into her new flat. While I don’t mind being away from home for a long stretch of time – both my children will be travelling for several weeks this summer, and my hubs will be happy to have some quality time *without* his beloved – it suddenly occurred to me that the only thing that really irks me about being away, is not having access to all my craft tools and materials. I am currently in a creative phase again, and the thought of not being able to make a few junk journals or pocket shrines, suddenly feels me with reluctance. There is also the fact that the next charity auction is rearing its head – and I need to get ready. So for today I am planning to get into the shrining game again. And while I am sitting at my desk, fiddling with pretty pictures and little tins, I thought I’d show you the full extent of my tin expression.

Now, it has to be said that you – yes, you – are also to blame. You are my enablers. I have received packages upon packages with gorgeous materials and tins tins tins. I can’t thank you enough, actually. And I really, really, really need to get into that stash, creating something with those tins. Here, have a look:

[Really sorry for the massive size of this video. I’d rather have included this in a smaller window, but technology didn’t give me the option. WARNING: Might make you feel a bit motion sick…]

Um, and that is not all. There are more tins in packages and bags elsewhere, I just haven’t unpacked them. I think that nasty layer of dust has to wait another day before I clean it up *any excuse to avoid cleaning*.

Good news at the end of this post. I wanted to let you all know that Flat Richie is travelling again. Yep, Richie took a bit of a lengthy holiday… due to unforeseen circumstances. But I have just checked the tracking details, and I can see that he has arrived at his next destination, ready to be delivered at the end of today… So I expect to hear more either today or tomorrow, time differences permitting.

Meanwhile, a happy mail bomb I sent off on the 14th of May has been sitting somewhere in a US Mail facility since 15th of May, without getting delivered to the recipient. Very worrying.

I tidied up my phone the other day. Here, have some purple love to have made it worth-while reading this post.




44 thoughts on “Tin Obsession

  1. Guylty, thank you for sharing the delightful video above. That New Zealand map I was so envious!! But the visuals are spectacular!! I hope the mail bomb reaches your recipient and we can get some news about Flat Richie bless him wondering the oceans looking for his next home..


  2. OMG, that is an amazing tin collection 🤣🤣🤣 There is one to come from me in the next box being collected but I can see you don’t need it in a hurry! How lovely to see some of the vintage English tins again 😊


    • It’s a crying shame that I haven’t done anything with the vintage tins. Especially as they were among the very first tins I was ever gifted… *shame on me*


  3. That’s just fabulous! Really envious of your collection as well as your planned trips.

    I’m staying HOME this summer, not much of anything else. Packing. Packing. Packing,.


  4. I LOVE your video! I liked seeing the unique tins that you display, as well as hearing all the tins clink together while you were rummaging through them. I’m very envious of your room! to have a whole room for your fangirling and craft supplies that is all yours, and you can hang anything you want on the walls without complaint from family members *dreamy sigh*

    p.s. could you read me the phonebook aloud? maybe that should be included in the next auction 😉 ❤


    • I am ashamed to say that at this stage I have actually commandeered two rooms for my crafts activities. I very deliberately avoided showing you the full misery of my horribly messy desk. That messy desk is the reason for me moving into my son’s room (he’s left for college) where I am now doing my junk journal stuff… Luxury, pure luxury, I know. One of these days my husband is surely going to throw me out of one of those rooms…
      And LOL: *me*? You want *me* to read you the phone book? Haha, you really like that Irish lilt, right? Jamie Dornan’s is much nicer than mine, including that Northern Irish twist…

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  5. Thanks for sharing the video with the glimpses of your crafting/fangirling room. It’s a nice space, airy and light. You do have a lot of unique tins! Maybe you could pack yourself a travelling crafting kit for your trips.


    • The space is really nice, you are right – I have unfortunately made my crafts table in the darkest corner of the room, which is why I am not working in the room any more. I have to change all that.
      The travelling craft kit is a brilliant idea, Sue. I must put together the essentials, maybe even in a tiny little suitcase. Ah, that’s a nice little project to work on.

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  6. Such little treasures that will one day hold one of your special creations. I was surprised by your voice. I was expecting more of a German Accent.


  7. You have a room of one’s own! Fabulous. Thank you so much for the privileged peek. I laughed and laughed at the kiss at the end of the video!!!

    Regarding the trip to Germany and crafting. Won’t you find some goodies to keep in your mother’s house, including some crafting supplies maybe? Isn’t that the reason one helps another with a move — for the spoils, including useful castoffs?


    • The kissiekissie is one of my favourite, silly games in my room *hehe*. It helps that the poster is almost life-size.
      You are absolutely right re. the goodies for crafting in my mum’s house. Except that I cleaned her out of old books, envelopes, postcards, stamps and all sorts of stuff when I was there in May – and shipped it all home. However, there may be more, and I will work with that. I am planning to put together a small crafting kit with my most important tools and materials, and after that I have to improvise.


  8. Wow, that’s a lot of tins. 😲
    Personally, I’m in love with the vintage ones. A little beat up and not shiny. Heavenly.

    Also, I cannot believe that nobody has mentioned the fact that you sit on Guy’s face regularly. 🤭🤐

    I love your room, especially the floor. Like I said, I’m a sucker for slightly scuffed, vintage stuff.


    • That’s good to know *makes notes for RAPS plans*.
      As for the face sitting… (I am sure I am going to get unwanted attention on this blog from now on for using this term *haha*) – IKR… Total win-win.
      Oh, the floor of the room is horribly scratched… If you like scruffy stuff, you should see my sitting room. After we tore down the wallpaper, we left the bare plaster up – which is discoloured after the centuries… I really like it, but my mum asks me on every visit if and when we will ever paint our walls 😂


  9. So you won’t be running out of tins any time soon. 😀 Thanks for this little look at your stash, and I don’t see why you should take down the NZ poster. It’s very decorative there on your wall. No prizes for guessing where my eyes went to first. ☺️ And I always enjoy your videos. Your voice is a happy combination of soft German consonants and Irish lilt.

    You have a hard job ahead of you, closing down your chidhood home. I have to admit it was a bit of a wrench for me, but I managed to scoop up a treasured ornament or two and some favourite books. Perhaps you’ll come across a few nice crafty bits while you’re packing to turn into something new and remind you of old times.


    • Nope, that stash is going to last me… Even the four RAPS I made yesterday, didn’t make a dent into it. Hmph… I really need to get cracking again. I’ll flood the market. (Or maybe I will have to branch out into other celebs? 🤨)
      Yeah, the whole issue of cleaning out and closing up the childhood home is looming over me. I am thankfully not the sentimental type, and there was never any question that I would ever return to Germany to live in that house. Moreover, it’s not a property that has been in the family for centuries, so it’s easier to let go. But nevertheless, my childhood is inextricably linked with that house, and there is a little bit of regret in me, for sure. I know I will miss the beautiful garden. But the decision isn’t mine, anyway, but my mum’s, and she is superexcited about her new flat…

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  10. Wow! When I think of the fact that you have already created 180+ shrines, the number of tins in your stash is even more amazing. Like Kate, I love the vintage ones best- they have well worn character. Your craft room is fabulous and I especially love the fan corner and all the gorgeous pictures and the NZ memory wall. That original shrine made by your husband is a treasure and the perfect vessel to hold precious little RA keepsakes. Thank you for sharing another lovely video. It’s fun to see a little bts of your creative space and get glimpses of your beautiful vintage home. I’m a sucker for old distressed things so scuffed floors and bare plaster = heavenly.
    p.s. Where did you find that full sized Guy poster? kissiekissie indeed! *swoons 💕


    • Ha, I have high hopes of finally reaching the 200-tin-mark this year, Donna. The stash is a nice motivation to keep shrining.
      Thanks for all the feedback re. the vintage tins – that is really good to know. I like that they have had a life, and that they show it. They really make me imagine where they have been, what they have been used to and who they have been owned by.
      My home is very much shabby chic – with more emphasis on the shabby than the chic *lol*. And not through any interior decoration decision but by necessity – there is just so much old stuff in here, we live with many old pieces of furniture and the decoration as it was 100 years ago… It used to annoy me, but I now quite like the eclectic mix.
      The Guy poster was a gift from one of our fan sisters who was cleaning up her RA collection. It was from the “Radio Times” magazine, 2007. Totally love it (and don’t look at it often enough…)


  11. No more tins for you, young lady, until you use up the ones you have. Very impressive stash. Love your workroom/playroom. I just realized the reason I am not crafty is because I don’t have a proper room in which to release my dormant creativity.

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    • LOL – you are so right, Kathy. Hehe, for the last while I have always told myself not to buy any tins. And besides one little funny one that I picked up in the V&A recently, I have been good.
      Great excuse for not crafting, btw *hahaha*


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