Nearly Normal


Yep, a nearly normal man. Who likes to joke and tease. So much better than merely normal.

Especially as picture 1 hides the beard.

In any case, the release ofย A Nearly Normal Family – the audio book – is imminent. My Audible library informs me that the book will be released in two weeks’ time, on the 25th of June. It has been in my pre-orders for a while now. But interestingly Audible also offers me two versions of the book…

So don’t be fooled into clicking the pre-order button again. I nearly did.

However, I’ll go back to gorgeous SheheRAzade now, coyly smiling from behind his book. Raised eyebrow porn of the finest.

๐Ÿ˜ย ๐Ÿ˜ต


27 thoughts on “Nearly Normal

  1. After years of hanging on his every word, I now don’t hang on very many. So many of his messages (tweets) are cryptic, or things are mentioned or hinted at in interviews just disappear. I agree with you Guylty, sometimes he just talks to fill air time. I am not being critical, I might do the same after endless interviews covering much of the same ground. Or maybe because show business is so unpredictable, plans fall apart. BTW, not a fan of the latest beard.

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  2. Books as beard disguise ๐Ÿ˜
    Yeah, I like that he pumps up every work he does…but I think he does believe in most the work he does.
    I wonder where he is with regard to his production company? Will be fascinating to see what direction he’ll go in.
    Thankfully Borrowbox have The Guilty Ones available now…so I have it reserved. to wait til September though!

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    • He said in London that he never has any regrets about the projects he has done – and I get the impression he is also happy to spread the word about the work he does. Probably part and parcel of the job.
      I was wondering about his production company in a different comment thread, too. (I think it was a convo with Michele.) No news = good news?
      I have to check my local Borrowbox, too.

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  3. I, of course, love the beard. But I also like the playfulness of hiding behind a book! Which book sounds really interesting, I think. I bet that the second audiobook description is because they wanted to list Richard first this time, for maximum leveRAge of the name.

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