Flat Richie Pops Up Again

Good news. I haven’t got a sighting yet, but I have news of Flat Richie!

Had a few delays picking up FR, but got him on the third try. So much fun stuff, I’ll take a while to pick my treasures. Some packages hold multiple items, so it’s a bit confusing. I might break the rules and replace more than three items. The bottom package had a ton of stuff and I think things might have become mixed up a little during all his travels. Love the journal. I will show Richie around town for a couple of days then send him off.  Love, Kathy

I am taking Kathy’s note as an opportunity to send out a little reminder for all who are yet to receive the package.

  • Please bear in mind the weight of the parcel! I have heard from previous parcel recipients that the package had accumulated so much weight that the postage price for a transatlantic journey had risen to three figures!!! That kind of defeats the purpose of the whole parcel chain – we don’t want this to become a huge expense, we just want this to be huge fun.
  • So please, when you are replacing items, choose lightweight gifts.
  • Also, as Kathy points out above, it may be a little bit confusing if some of the gifts consist of multiple items. Again avoid multiple-item gifts, if possible, or please package clearly (in a plastic bag?) so that we avoid confusion.

If I remember correctly, I started the Flat Richie parcel with 20 items – maybe that is a good item number to keep in mind. If possible, let’s not go above that. I am autocratically giving Kathy permission to choose more than (the otherwise suggested) three gifts, if only to bring the weight down of the parcel. When I started the parcel chain, the package came in under 2 kilos in weight, and the postage (within Europe) cost me 22 Euro. That’s just a guide weight/price, and the postage will vary depending on country of destination, but it gives you an idea that it *is* possible to do the parcel chain in a financially viable way.

Sorry, ladies, I don’t mean to be wagging my finger at you here. In fact, let’s celebrate the fact that we have now reached the half-way mark. We are at number 14 of now 26 participants. Celebrate!

OMG! The caption data tells me that this picture is from 2002!!! Really? But I spot beautiful teeth?

So, let’s hope that Flat Richie will gather some steam again. I also hope that Jen took some pictures of *her* loot before she sent the package on to Kathy, because I am curious what she chose.

Otherwise – tally ho!

PS: Why is Richard so surprised/in awe of Sypha’s Funko Pop figure? Or maybe he hasn’t received a Trevor yet? Neither have I – even though I ordered mine *immediately* way back on the 15th of February. 😠  Claudia already has hers…


17 thoughts on “Flat Richie Pops Up Again

  1. Yay for FlatRichie popping up safe and sound. I can’t wait to see some more “here’s what I chose” reports. Seems like forever since we’ve seen one.

    Major LOL on that photo. 😂😂😂 That’s just beyond description.

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    • It’ll be fun to see Flat Richie again!
      And yes, about *everything* about that photo is hilarious. The goofy grin with the raised eyebrows, the dancing pose, the shiny suit, the open collar (like a pimp), the Schnellfickerschuhe 😂… He’s come such a long way…

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  2. yup, i’m utterly convinced we’ve not had reports on all the Flat Richie recipients! not that i’m a stickler for this sort of thing…………..
    I didn’t quite get his post this morning tbh (i also don’t get the appeal of those funko things), I do feel he’s gone back into “Twitter is Work” mode


  3. Just FYI, postage here in the States went up recently, a month or so ago, quite a bit. So unfortunately that’s a factor. I’ve noticed that even very small parcels, like when I trade Zox within the U.S., are now at least 75 cents more, sometimes even higher depending on how far away. It’s very annoying, to say the least, and has cut into my trading budget. 🙄


    • I’ll just throw a bit in here I warned Zee already US to Europe is expensive even if you do 3 weeks but then I think no tracking and I always track my packages anywhere for peace of mind. Good point LoLo about prices going up here in America 😘


    • That is *extremely* annoying, I agree. Similar over here, btw. Tracking went up by 20%, and postage costs even more. If we do something like this again, we need to take that into account.

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