Earcandy Taster: First Excerpt from “A Nearly Normal Family”

Ready for a double-post day?

I only spotted it today on Twitter, when first Rita Maltese and then Valentina Ancilotti posted links to two excerpts from A Nearly Normal Family, Richard’s latest audio book due to be released roughly a week from now. Earcandy *smacks lips*. Especially when I hear Richard say “Lund” in the prologue of the audio book, I get heavy shivers down my spine. Don’t ask me why.

Interestingly, soundbite number 2 has already been on Soundcloud for 6 days. Unbeknownst to us? Maybe Pan Macmillan has not yet understood the power of the Armitage name 😂…

In any case, I can’t wait for this release. Because it has happened: I have become an audio fan. And no, I do not credit Armitage for that. It’s actually because of my junk journal hobby that I got into listening to audio stuff. Whether it is books or podcasts, I actually love listening to something while I am putting together my junk journals. (I still can’t concentrate on audio books while creating my RAPSes, btw. Go figure.) So this next audio novel is very welcome.

Just an opportunity to display this picture again. Armitage, smiling by obligation


42 thoughts on “Earcandy Taster: First Excerpt from “A Nearly Normal Family”

  1. 1. Hooray for double post day. You have made my special day Extra special
    2. Hooray for pic with bearded Richard beaming thru the computer at you/me/us
    3. Great for your audio and podcasting.
    4. Any new junk journals on YT to peruse from you?
    5. Those eyes there just melt me every time


    • Ha, beard? I didn’t even notice in my loved-up state 😂
      But yeah, I’ve really grown to like audio stuff now. Only works with occupations that do not require my brain power, though.
      I have a couple of new junk journals upstairs which I am dying to make a video of. The last video was this:

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      • Super! thank you. I am certainly not alone when I say that I enjoy your videos ie jj or the trip into your craft room last week. Would be great for more of those… you’ve got an engaging voice…


        • 😂hehe. Trying my best. (I used to work as a speaker for German audio material, reading the news and conducting audio discussions… It was fun, especially because it was professionally produced and mastered in a studio….)

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  2. Really like the video. I could do something like that but I really have no time. In fact I should be studying for my certification exam but I seem to be here and not on that website. Must go and get studying.


  3. But by the way, what is with that ugly cheap-looking white shirt? Did someone just lend it to him for the photo? Why isn’t he wearing a t-shirt under something that thin? Just saying….

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