Richard’s Stranger Family

Richard is making it really easy for me today. I got sidetracked junk journaling again (supersecret project – managed to finish it), and just as I sat down at the computer again, wondering what to write about and whether I really had to blog about wallpapers now, I see that Rich has posted some lovely family pictures.

What a gorgeous family picture is that? It all fits together, I have to say, and I am really delighted to see Dervla Kirwan for the first time in her role as Richard’s wife. The boys are gorgeous, too, We don’t see that much of the younger boy, but he really looks believably like a mixture of Dervla and Richard, doesn’t he? – I also can’t help but note how genuinely happy he looks in this picture. It all bodes extremely well for The Stranger.

And then there is a second image – posted on Twitter.

The boys again, but no Dervla. In any case, I really appreciate that Richard is switching it up, posting two different images on the two platforms. The more insight for us, right?

Once again – it’s fabulous to see him so enthusiastic. I hope he isn’t just “pretending” to be – I don’t believe that, anyway, but I go by what he said in London, that he is always fully into any project he works on, and he has never any regrets taking it on. (Not that he should have with The Stranger; this looks as if the project is shaping up nicely.)

Just because I can:

That lock of hair… sweet!




42 thoughts on “Richard’s Stranger Family

  1. looks like a gorgeous family photo…wonder if it causes him pause for thought? i have to admit it does a tiny bit for me, not having kids and wondering (slightly) about my life decisions (only slightly, not enough to keep me awake at night)
    i’m massively excited for The Stranger when it arrives on Netflix! and i’ve said before, Dervla Kirwan is utterly perfect for the roles of Corinne too

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    • That for me Rachel is an angst subject but he’s got time and right now focusing on this project and Seville and his production company are a lot! If I could though I would gladly volunteer to “practice” until success with him…
      Dervla is gorgeous!! That’s a great pic except WRinkle in Time happening there in their faces..

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    • You know what, I thought that, too. I often think that RA seems the kind of guy who would have made a great dad. (Well, being a man, he still could. Or adopt, I guess.) I can *so* easily picture him as the doting father of a little girl.
      Haha, I *do* have two children (and not regrets either), but it’s also NOT a dream scenario that keeps me up at night… If anything, it’s probably what comes *before* the doting father, that I would think of. (And that’s as much as I will say on the topic of my fantasies 🤐)
      I really like the look of Dervla Kirwan. And I stoked, of course, that she is Irish. Not that it matters in any shape or form. 😂

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  2. Am I right in saying that this is the first time Richard and Dervla have worked together since Strike Back? IIRC she really seemed to enjoy working with him then and had some lovely things to say about him!


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