California Dreamin’ with #FlatRichie

Following up from yesterday, here is darling Richie in California.

Kathy took Flat Richie out to a nice view – and to her own garden.

I can almost smell the scent of those sweet peas!

Moreover, with the parcel having reached critical weight, I executively tasked Kathy with the thankless task (um) of whittling down the weight of the parcel to something manageable. As mentioned before, the parcel had accumulated some beautiful but heavy items. Please don’t be disappointed or angry if your item was taken out (some of mine is among the excluded items, too, so you are in good company 😉). “Hand cream, a candle, a hardback children’s book (The Snowman) and soap. There are still plenty of items left, at least 24”, says Kathy. “Some items were easy to figure out (in plastic bags) and some got overwhelmed by tissue paper and maybe started out as singles but migrated to multiples. It is still great fun to receive all the goodies and picking out stuff to keep and stuff to send is a blast.” Her own picks are here:

Zoom in on the red booklet! This is hilarious! I wonder who…

Kathy again: “Whittled the items down to 21. Tried to keep interesting things that were lightweight and combined some items that were floating around the box. Even used my Weight Watchers scale. Also I am rewrapping a lot of items because the tissue in many cases is falling apart. I wanted the second half of Richie recipients have a fresh looking package to rip into. All is well, he will be off to XXXXXXXX soon.”

The items that were taken out, are only temporarily out of circulation. They will re-join the circuit at some point – for an auction or so.

Well, that’s all good news, isn’t it? Richie is travelling already, Kathy informs me, and the parcel did *not* cost a three-figure postage fee. Still steep, but that apparently is US Postal Service for you.

The customary map look:

So, Europe, get ready, Flat Richie is coming!
PS: Ms Guylty’s last school exam is beginning as I am pressing “publish” on this post. Her last subject is music, and she is confident that it will be doable. This morning at the breakfast table she enthused about the pieces she has had to study, and her favourite is this wonderful piece by Tchaikovsky – 14:29 onwards you will know… Fingers crossed for Ms Guylty.



14 thoughts on “California Dreamin’ with #FlatRichie

  1. Kathy, the three items you selected are terrific!!! Lots of Richard gazing!! Your garden is magnificent too!!!

    Guylty: The Snowman is my contribution and I would happily donate it to the auction. I hope that was ok to announce/reveal/write?!…
    Good luck to your daughter today! I know she will ace!!


    • What a lovely idea, that Snowman book, Michele. No worries about revealing – apologies for having to “un-weight” the parcel a bit. It would be lovely to put it into a future auction.

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      • Oh no it is fine. I am not a crafter yet (correct term?) so I wanted t put in some Richie things and Nordlicht took Thorin (thank you Nordlicht I miss you here) and Richie read The Snowman so I thought why not.
        That piece you linked is wonderful… love Tchaikovsky sooo much!!! Nice tie in to Richie also!!


    • Thanks, Michele. I have the Snowman sitting in a bookcase and ready to be an auction item. I suppose I could mail it to the highest bidder, rather than mailing it back to Guylty or you. I am glad you liked my garden. I really have nothing to do with it. It’s all Mr. Jones.

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  2. A suggestion: Kathy, why don’t you photograph the other items (beyond the three that were your chosen “keepers”) that you removed from the box to lighten it. Having already contributed a few things, I can attest that there is a jolt of pleasure in seeing them (and giggling) again when a lucky recipient shows them here on Guylty’s blog. We don’t want other contributors to feel deprived of that fun…and those pink flowers in your garden are beautiful.

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  3. Great choices, Kathy. You have a beautiful view and the flowers are gorgeous. It’s a shame that it was necessary to lighten the package but understandable with the steep US postal rates. Hopefully we’ll get to see those items at some point later on. Looks like Flat Richie has been well cared for by all his lovely hosts. He doesn’t look travel weary in the least.
    Best wishes to Miss Guylty- love Tchaikovsky too ❤️

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