RA Pocket Shrine 188/? – Roses

My preparation for Operation Au-Au is in full swing. Au-Au = August Auctions! And since I will be away for most of the time before that. I am currently under high pressure producing some shrines to be packaged up with other items when we put on the auction again. The last couple of days I made 4 shrines.

Wanna guess who’s in them?

Let’s start in the top left corner, shall we?

As you can see, I gave the other side a little makeover – which also gives away who has been enshrined.

I thought that was clear from the other side, too, until Andrea commented that with “Scott” printed all over the tin, it had to be Dr White. Ooops. No. I was concentrating on the roses – even though they are pink and not…

… yellow. There he is, in Helstone, traipsing through the hedgerow, finding his loved one’s favourite dog roses. How ever did he find them?

He looked hard. Although he looks pretty soft in *this* pictures. Which is why those words are moveable magnets – can be applied whichever way the owner prefers. The little white dot in the bottom left is the candle holder, btw. I permanently fixed it into the shrine by way of glue – I did not want to make a hole into the gorgeous flowery lid.

Sigh, Mr Thornton can look at me hard or soft, I’d equally melt into a puddle I think. And he can bring any colour of rose…

Unfortunately I can’t quite remember who sent me that gorgeous tin. Hariclea? LoLo? Donna? Tiny Clanger? Loops? I have realised with horror that I have lost track. I amy have to go through all my previous happy mail posts to find out and credit properly. Apologies.

More RAPS reveals soon.

52 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 188/? – Roses

  1. Swoon 😍 You know I can’t resist the Thornton smoulder… ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
    Might have to get my bidding finger warmed up! 😊

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  2. Ooh, I love teasers. This shrine is perfection! Two simple words and it sums up JT. Hard (proud/hot tempered/stubborn) and Soft (vulnerable/compassionate/romantic) He’s one of RA’s sexiest roles imo.
    If I could take wild guesses at the other 3:
    The France tin could be either Monet or de Merville
    The top right – Red Dragon
    Route 66- it would be a hoot if it was Thorin- he’s known for losing his way… But I could totally picture Ricky Deeming roaring down 66 πŸ˜‰

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    • Those are great characterisations of Mr Thornton, and I completely agree. He is all of that – and the whole dichotomy of his character is what makes him so attractive.
      As for the guesses – you got one out of three πŸ˜‰ I think I’ll reveal another one this weekend.


  3. Off topic but I am excited about Netflix doing the Julia Quinn books The Bridgerton family, I know Regency fiction isn’t widely popular but many people would have loved to see filmed versions of the Georgette Heyer books so this may be of interest.

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