If You’re Happy, Put A Flower Crown On It

Like this, for instance

Seriously. Is there anything more joyful than a flower crown? Look, it’s summer, the sun shines, Richard’s latest audio book is on my ears, and tomorrow I am going on a little mini break to Germany.

Sunshine in Dublin – the view from my window across to the park right now

So I thought I’d put a flower crown on it. On me. See right.

Ok, no, seriously. I am in a good mood – that is what sunshine does to me. Do I hear anyone saying that I have obviously chosen to live in the wrong country? You may have a point there… And it’s fiinally here. As you can see in the picture, I am actually sporting a sleeveless summer dress. Ha!

Right, but to make something out of this post, I thought I’d quickly show you the flower crown that I made for RDC5 this February. I was adamant that we would blend into the professional Hannibal con attendants by ruthlessly appropriating the flower crown idea for ourselves. As you can already see in the photo right, I decided to give my flower crown a little red dragon twist. ..

There he is… In his gold and red glory.

Claus is a much better model than me… My favourite part of the flower crown is actually this side:

Indeed, the woman clothed in the sun is there, too.

I hoarded lots of kiddie toys for weeks to make this. Fan art? Obsessive? No, just an expression of creativity. And of joy, really. Like Kate I totally believe that flower crowns should be mandatory. Especially on *him*.





19 thoughts on “If You’re Happy, Put A Flower Crown On It

  1. They should indeed be mandatory. It’s such a joyful part of that particular fandom and one that I fully embraced. I actually felt a bit bereft having to return to everyday life without one.


  2. That dragon comes from a Flying Tiger store, I bet 😀
    I bought a purple one the other day and it’s identical 😀


    • It’s really hard to tell. He definitely had warmed up by the end of the event, but at the beginning you could tell that he was not in his element and that he found it a bit bizarre. My general hunch is that it is just not quite his cup of tea. He just isn’t sociable enough for it – he doesn’t seem to thrive on the attentions of an adoring group of fans (unlike other celebs). He liked the interviews and possibly tolerated the autograph sessions, but the photo sessions were awkward…
      Or maybe he will grow into it, now that he has tried once…

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  3. I saw him wearing that crown in person. As I recall, all the panel members wore them for a few minutes. But of course, Richard looked most resplendent.in flowers. In that audience, large numbers wore antlers. Having never seen the show, I didn’t get it. Still don’t.


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