Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/21

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Today is not Saturday! 

Just in case your inner clock was quite confused by a weekly round-up appearing on a Friday. It is only due to the fact that I am travelling this weekend, yet I did not want to forego my usual weekend routine. Yes, those daily posts keep coming. But I know that I won’t be able to blog this weekend, so I have to schedule posts. – While you are reading this, I am about to arrive in Munich. I have had a really early flight this morning, taking me into Munich for 9 am. Just in time for breakfast, right? So while I am sweating it in Munich, here’s the round-up. If it really doesn’t feel right for you to read it on a Friday, you could always postpone it until tomorrow. Mind you – I have some other content planned for tomorrow. *coughrafflescough*

  1. Starting off with this beautiful extremity… Richard’s hands. Always nice to look at. Compiled by riepu10
  2. And I am quoting riepu10 again for the gif of Richard’s dad dance. Yes, it’s important to have that in our arsenal!
  3. Hm, why is there a Paul Walker quote under Richard “Cutie Cheek” Armitage? Only tallian will know
  4. Porter taking his kit off is infinitely preferable to him getting dressed. Says mezzmerizedbyrichard. I am inclined to agree
  5. Oh, I like this prompting game by fizzyxcustard
  6. And here was a reply to the prompted image by fizzyxcustard. What was your prompt?
  7. Neckporn courtesy of deepestfirefun. Or is that really throatporn? Possibly jawlineporn?
  8. *rofl* oh cod, this is a good one. What a Guy wants. Cheeky fun by nfcomics… it just keeps coming up
  9. Medieval biker. (I think we had this one before, but what the heck, it still makes me laugh.) By mininottingham
  10. Reposting this post by fizzyxcustard because it is so rare that we get Richard as a chaRActer *looking straight at us*
  11. OMG, how did I miss this. Riepu10 gave us a spy. I’m using him right now (see right).LOL, I love how he is just standing there… I also need Guy… just sayin’ 
  12. A bit of droolitage provided by ra-of-light
  13. *sniggers*… Well, I guess we know who starknesskenobi was thinking of
  14. Angelpretend reposts fanart of Mr Thornton. Really cool – wish I knew who the artist was
  15. On the design that went into making Thorin a noble (read: sexy) dwarf. Posted by ithriyann. And boy am I glad they did…
  16. OMG, I don’t think I have seen this before. A Bagginshield comic – love it. By howdyhabit

Ok, I was really digging to make this worth while for you guys – even though it’s a day earlier than usual. But I think there really are a few gems in there. So have a good Friday – and enjoy your weekend, too. I’ll be back on Monday, but am scheduling a couple of posts for Saturday and Sunday, too. And I may actually be able to do some commenting – thank cod for the WordPress iPhone app 😉

Have a great day,

Guylty ❤



43 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/21

  1. Keep cool!
    ref. Paul Walker , didn’t Richard meet him at an audition or something? I vaguely remember some mention long ago.


  2. Glad to read that you made it to good ol’ Tshermany in one piece. Thanks for the roundup! Tumblr was benevolent today and let me view it.

    ROFL about little Guy coming up repeatedly. 😂😂

    riepu’s giffing skills deserves our eternal gratitude. Neckitage and hands and Porter undressing—oh my. *fans self*

    And Daniel Miller staring at us from under the $8 haircut—intense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank *you* for providing all this goodness. Honestly – thank you! Not least because there is less and less original stuff happening on tumblr (apart from fan fic which I don’t have time to read through), so I am always delighted when I find a new post by you or Mezz.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s true. There is less and less original stuff in tumblr. There are also couple of quite visible reposters and that doesn’t help.


        • The reposting is a difficult issue. Mind you – I have basically reposted today, too, by using that picture originally posted by deepestfirefun…


  3. Thanks for the magnificent round-up Guylty. What a stunningmain pic of Daniel, confident, determined and so sexy. No. 7 b&w is exhibit A for why it is a crime to cover his perfect jaw-line in shrubbery – and it made me laugh that Thorin’s hair-designer didn’t want to cover his refined features with a ‘wall of hair’. Sorry Team-Shrubbery, I’m not going to make any more divisive comments about the beard, that’s it.


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