Is This Different?

This is totally context-less. I haven’t discovered this this weekend but this has been sitting in my download folder for a while. You remember this picture?

Yep, that’s Richard as Daniel Miller in a luscious, hedonistic scene evidently cut from season 1 of BS. Disregard the blue tint of the black light in that Berlin den of iniquity, but dirty sweaty Daniel, possibly a bit loosened up by a few drinks too many? Bring-it-on! And especially once you see this:

Hello chestitage!!! The full extent of the open shirt plus chest hair only becomes evident from this perspective. My-oh-my *fans herself*… Yes, resume whatever you are doing, Daniel, don’t stop now *coughs* *chokes* *dies*.

Right, in all seriousness – this is a slightly different shot than the one we had been served before. Sorry for the bad quality – it is only a screenshot. *Was* this scene ever included anywhere? I don’t remember seeing it. And the “new” picture above I just spotted on Channel 4’s iPlayer where BS was on for a while. I really wonder what Daniel saw there – did there. Fan fiction writers to the fore, here is your prompt. Your opportunity to write some entirely original porn… ooops… fiction I meant, fiction.

Too much for a Sunday? Apologies ladies. I just thought I’d leave it with you – do with it what you want.


45 thoughts on “Is This Different?

  1. I’m certain that scene wasn’t in BS but what a pity! Danel sexy and dishevelled ooh and I love that little hand on his abdomen – plenty to imagine there.. When I started reading your post I thought you were going to say that it was the same crumpled shirt he wore recently (although it isn’t) but he really suits that look. It’s odd that Channel 4 chose that pic (and I’m not sure they should advertise something that isn’t included in the show – mis-selling I call it) but perhapsi it was the striking visuals they liked. Hope you had a lovely break in Germany.

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    • It happens so often in movie trailers—they show a really good scene and then it’s not in the final cut. That always irks me. But I like this picture, so all is forgiven. 😉

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    • That little hand was what stood out to me, too. Of course, Daniel is not distracted by the temptation of a woman *lol* – he is checking something else out, under the pretense of partying hard. Ah well.
      You know, I am not even surprised that Channel 4 use the picture to advertise – most likely the designer of the Channel 4 site hasn’t seen the show and therefore doesn’t know that that particular scene does not exist. But why is Epix/the producers of the show handing out this shot for publicity purposes? Mind you, you are right – the striking visuals are definitely useable.

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      • Dont know but then Epix also that image of Daniel with his hand on the mouth/throat? of the woman journalist for promo, and that was cut from the scene – although I understand why


        • True. Maybe that was just a different location for the same scene where Daniel meets Ingrid on the terrace of the Monkey Bar? Maybe they filmed two versions and then used some as stills?

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  2. Ooooooh, now that’s a story that should be written. Just coming to the end of the first section of my Raymond fic. Was thinking John Porter but this………!

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  3. Ode to the Blues.

    Haven’t a clue,
    Why he’s bathed in blue.
    And covered in sexy sweat.
    But his shirt is undone,
    There’s some chesty fun,
    So no one cares,
    I bet.

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  4. I love this image. It looks to me like he’s wearing a bit of eyeliner, and with the billowing unbuttoned white shirt, I am reminded of the New Romantics from the early 1980s (my teenage era). RA as a sweaty, clubbing Daniel Miller would not look out of place in a Duran Duran music vid IMO😉. Indeed, that may be why they cut the scene from BS with the realisation that the character looked more convincing as an extra in a 1980s music vid than as a CIA agent!!? 😆
    Whatever the reason for cutting this scene, it probably would have been one of the more interesting scenes in BS from a fan perspective.


    • LOL, the return of the guyliner *hooray*!!! That’s not the New Romantics, Zigzag, that’s Sir Guy in his white shirt post-resurrection 😉 But yes, I know what you mean by the New Romantics. I think they were very slightly before my time (although I was a Duran fan later on), but I picture Tony Hedley from Spandau Ballet in his billowing poet shirt… Your explanation why the scene was cut, sounds oddly realistic *hahaha*. “from a fan perspective” *fnarr-fnarr* yes


  5. I’ve wondered when in the nightclub scene the first pic was taken…..seeing your screenshot, after Hector took his phone to bug it? It’s a shame they cut it. It wasn’t in the version I saw on TV, nor the DVD – I would remember that sexy, dishevelled look for sure!

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