Back With Raffle Results

Hello hello hello! It’s taken me until early evening, but I am here to bring you the results of our latest little raffle. Saturday’s “Heart” RAPS has a new owner. And she is…

Congrats, Cat! Randompicker chose you 🥳. Please do me a favour and send me an e-mail with your address. I’ll try and get the shrine sent to you asap! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and for taking part. I am going to go through the comments that have accrued since Friday and reply. In the meantime, the draw protocol for the raffle can be found by clicking the seal of approval below.

So, here I am, back again. The weekend in Munich was far too short, I have to say. And yes, I say that *despite* very hot temperatures. We had 34 Centigrade (93 F) yesterday, and the sun was beating down. But there was a lovely breeze as well, and we spent the day walking in a forest between a beer garden on one end, and a restaurant terrace overlooking the river gorge on the other ;-). I also visited two of my closest friends, spent several hours sightseeing around the local palace, and rooted around a city centre flea market for junk journaling supplies. Oh, and we went up the clock tower of the town hall for a fabulous view all the way to the Alps. I have put a few pictures in the gallery below. –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On the flight back today we flew right across city centre London – I was really excited when I noticed where we were, and I kind of waved at Hariclea while we were above London.

Coming down into Ireland, the contrast in weather couldn’t have been greater. A thick layer of cloud, and rather nippy temperatures of 18C.

Ah well. But I am home again.

Ooof, I am feeling a bit woozy. I didn’t get much sleep in the heat. Back tomorrow! xx



41 thoughts on “Back With Raffle Results

  1. OMG I love to travel, and I even like the flights–when the weather is reasonably clear and the airplane is low enough to see something on the ground. Those images of London make me PINE to be on a trip!!!


    • I used to love flying. Heck, just 2.5 years ago I didn’t mind flying on my own to New York. And now the thought fills me with absolute horror. But when we were flying across London I forgot all about my fear and was distracted by the view. I took tons of pictures.


  2. Congrats from me too, Cat!!
    Thank you for the lovely slideshow, sounds like you packed a lot into a few days. Ah, those views from the plane! I remember coming into Dublin and seeing those green fields brought tears to my eyes; to my Irish roots, it felt a little like a homecoming.


    • You know, I always have that feeling with Ireland, too. Once the planes start descending into Dublin (which is basically as soon as they have crossed over the English or Welsh coast), I get all excited and happy.


  3. Lovely pics as amazing as ever. You go to such interesting places. It’s always a bonus when you get to meet up with old friends to boot. I am itching for an overseas trip again. I hope to see that aerial view over London in January. Fingers crossed. And Congrats to Cat – you won a real beauty!


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