And Off He Goes To Korea

FYI – since Instagram is down and some of you aren’t on Twitter – the master has tweeted his goodbyes.

And for Twitter, Richard had an extra little sweet for us…

Is he chewing on a little petit four, courtesy of First Class service? Or is that an ironic little smirk?

Anyway, #TeamLawn is back in business!


19 thoughts on “And Off He Goes To Korea

  1. I wonder if it’s something to do with his production company. I think production in Korea would be more economically easier to finance than in somewhere else. Well, time will tell.

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  2. #TeamLawn Good one hehehe! I love his longer hair, that fringe makes my fingers itch to run through it 😉
    I’m curious as to why he’s flying out of Paris not Heathrow.


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