A Couple of BS Odes

Thanks to Kathy I have a ready-made post here today. Very handy, as I have arrived in Germany and am now spending my time doing the “tech” organisation (anything involving the digital world) for my mum, as well as fiddly work like cleaning off the silicone residue in the bathroom. Best part of today: spray-painting a small garden table (originally owned by me, ca. 1985 – no lie) from bright red to sapphire blue… Anyway, Kathy left a couple of odes in the comments, and I am pairing them with an illustration.

Yep, that season of BS was BS…

Kathy – spot on. Thank you for sharing your odes with us.

PS: Apparently there is a release date for The Lodge  in Germany now. Herba reports that it will open the “Fantasy Filmfest” which takes place across several German cities from 4th September. I’m definitely missing that.

20 thoughts on “A Couple of BS Odes

  1. Kathy’s odes rock!! Always a pleasure to read them. Hope you are well and hustle and bustle of your mum’s move is progressing w/out too much stress. Do you have a pic of your garden table spray painting masterpiece?


    • I took a “Before” picture – and am currently stuck in the “during” 😂. Couldn’t finish properly because it started to rain yesterday – and I am spraying outside… Waiting for the weather to become dry again. The table only needs one more coat and then should be good to go…

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