Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/23

I don’t know what to say today… 😂 Here’s the round-up:

  1. Ok, Gary Fuller there, talking to weather woman. Although – that looks more like a break in filming and Sarah Wayne Callies is on the phone… See that lovely little touch of her elbow. Man, that guy is such a dreamboat… Gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Where does this gorgeous over-the-shoulder of John Proctor come from? Screenshot from the Digital Theatre recording? Posted by crazytxgradstudent
  3. Jeeeeeeps – NSFW, but if you want to know where fan fic is at on Tumblr, then check fizzyxcustard. This is just a prompt, but boyo… 
  4. Not sure whether this is a series that ra-of-light has invented, but she has a post here about which of RA’s chaRActers you would like to be friends with. Well which ones would you like to befriend?
  5. A nice snippet piece of news discovered by richardarmitagefanpage. Has anyone heard of B.P. Walter?
  6. Hooray, riepu10 gives us another of her background-less picture edits. This time it’s John Porter. Love.
  7. LOL – this gif almost works as a perpetual round-and-round sort of gif. Porter topless. I *need* this gif. Thanks to psicopathya
  8. A nice little Lucas North collection by mzperx0506universe
  9. This gif is nothing new. But the caption by grimweaver… ROFL
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but are these Epix’ BS ad bits that include Daniel Miller – one gif for each season? Posted by serik27
  11. LOL, Guy tells Marian to shut up… What a Guy wants by nfcomics
  12. Mzperx0506universe posts an example that shows something is wrong with tumblrs community guidelines. Why ever would this set be considered in breach of community guidelines?
  13. This is a most welcome gif set. A collection of Lucas’ smiles. Thank you, I need that, mezzmerizedbyrichard
  14. Ten years between these photos. Still the spy supreme. Posted by angelpretend
  15. And in the same vein two pictures by mezzmerizedbyrichard. I have to confess I really think the peacoat looks way better on Richard

Nice list. I hope you found a few fun things you liked.

Happy weekend!

Guylty ❤

PS: For those who were wondering about my spray painting project – here’s a before and after 😆

Sorry, not that impressive. And the spray paint probably cost more than buying a new table 😂


26 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/23

  1. Thank you again for the link love Guylty! And the roundup as always, there’s always a few I miss!
    Re Gary Fuller, the gifs are from the movie (post tornado) not bts, but I can imagine Richard doing the same thing – that gorgeous smile and a gentle touch on the arm.
    The Tumblr community guidelines are continuing to be a source of annoyance. It seems to me there is no rhyme or reason why posts are flagged, the logarithm thingy or whatever they use operates in its own mysterious way. I currently have a gif set that’s a work in progress, so I save in drafts as I go, but it’s already been flagged and I’ve had to appeal before it’s even been posted for public viewing. The whole situation is just stupid.

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    • Ah, I must have missed that bit between Gary and weather girl in the movie then… It just really so much like a gesture that gentleman Armitage would use 😍
      Tumblr… is just ridiculous. I went through one of my additional “-itage” tumblrs the other day. It might have been “chestitage”. Half the posts were flagged, half were not flagged. When I appealed them, they were all reinstated. Stupid, I agree.


  2. 1: That might be from the movie. I think she’s call her daughter to say that she’s okay. I could be wrong though.
    2: 😱🥰😍
    6 & 7: Backgroundless Porter and shirtless Porter. 👏🏻
    12: He’s too sexy for the guidelines.
    8 & 13: Lucas love ♥️♥️♥️
    14: So, so good. Always good. And getting better.
    15: Peacoat fan here as well!! It’s just *chefskiss*

    Thanks for a great roundup. Lovely start to the weekend.


  3. 1 is from the film, one of the final scenes after the tornadoes are over. It’s the beginning of the scene that focuses on the people who survived. They’re talking and then her phone rings — she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her daughter but cell service has been restored. It seems to be the signal that all the pregnant glances during the film are not going to lead them to a happy ending as the rest of that part is about the lessons that everyone learned after the natural disaster.


    • Oh, now that you are summarising it, I vaguely remember that scene.
      In a way I was glad that the film resisted the typical Hollywood happy ending of the two single main characters walking hand-in-hand into the sunset together.


      • Yeah, there was no basis for that anywhere in the film. They were just two foolhardy parents worried about their kids (and the school). The earlier version of that script made the parents entirely incidental — it was all focusing on the kids’ perspective of what they saw — and that wouldn’t have allowed for such a focus on the parents’ perspective. Not sure why that got built it.


  4. i’m doing them all today! been out steampunking…again
    1-funny how sometimes you don’t notice things unless someone else points them out
    2-that’s such a clear picture of him! sigh
    3-woah! lol!
    4-hmm, Porter is a good choice, Harry would be a good solid friend who’s game for a trying to imagine Porter and Harry as friends! would that work? lol!
    5-saw the BP Walter tweet-not sure who he is
    6-hmm, Porter looks odd without the context of the background
    7-impossible to look away!
    8-blue boy
    9-i genuinely don’t know how i would survive him looking at me like that!
    10-like teh first gif best
    12-tumblr need to sort out their algorithms
    13-love the last pic-all in the eyes
    14-like a fine wine!
    15-like Dans hair but i also l think the peacoat is the bees knees
    well done on the round up and the table looks shiny!

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    • Hehe, you had a lot of time on Saturday 😉
      Porter and Harry as friends – with you or with each other? Not sure whether they would work as buddies. I suspect Porter would be a tad too aggressive for Harry, and smily, fuzzy Harry would probably get on Porter’s nerve…
      Peacoat all the way, yay!


  5. Danke schön for the great round-up Guylty – Porter-rich, mmm.
    4. I’m not sure if I’d like to befriend any of my favourite RA characters, e.g. Dolarhyde, um good at lifts, telecommunications, cocktails, err appreciates plums Not sure if I’d only want to be just friends with his characters either – oo frustrating. I’d love to befriend Richard though for his sense of humour.

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