Silly Sunday

While I am travelling back in time to the place where I spent all my summers in childhood (the German North Sea coast), I leave you with some silliness that I had a laugh about. I received a Google alert yesterday and clicked through the link. Hilarity ensued.

The Richard Armitage cut-out. So, Kate, apparently what we saw at RDC5 was *not* the cut-out then but the real thing *muhahaha* – sorry, very mean joke. Shocking: Reduced in price by 80% or something like that. I am not good with percentage calculations. I am sure someone else will be much better than I am. I mean, WHOT???? How can this thing not be a bestseller? Every fan should have one of those. No, scratch that – every woman! Not sure whether every partner/spouse would entertain a cardboard cut-out Richard, though.

Anyway, I fully approve of the look. This is Berlin Armitage at his finest. (Just for proof that it was Berlin 2013, here’s a fuzzy photo that also shows dark suit-blue shirt-colourful breast pocket handkerchief combo and nape curl look:)

Anyone buying that thing?



52 thoughts on “Silly Sunday

  1. Question is…how tall is it?! I bet its not life size and if it were…
    6ft 2? 6ft 2 1/2″ or 6ft 3″?
    Because even RA doesn’t seem to know how tall he is 😁
    On a side note….Yeah I dont think it would go down particularly well in this household!

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  2. This is too funny. Wanna know the crazy thought I had yesterday? I would really like an RA bust. Like one of those Roman or Grecian marble things. I’ll accept plaster. I even googled and couldn’t find anything. I would seriously buy that! Do I need help?

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  3. I’ve looked at one of those, seriously considered it at a reduced price, but I really don’t think he would be welcome in this household either unfortunately.
    One of our RA ladies brought a cut out Thorin from interstate for the Popcorn interview in Sydney, he flew as an oversized item. We had photos taken with him, to much amusement. I think he ended up staying in Sydney with someone else instead of going back home.

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    • I would definitely never live it down if I populated our flat with that 😂. It’s bad enough already with the snide comments.
      Wow, I had no idea that one of the Aussie fans brought a cut out Thorin. That is absolutely hilarious.


  4. I´m not going to buy the cut-out (I still have one of a-ha in my basement 😉😊) but I have to say that this is my all-time favourite look, the suit, the little details, the longer hair and… the stubble, just terrific 😊…

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  5. “Be the envy of neighbours and amaze your friends with this life-sized cardboard cut-out of some bloke in a dark suit with a blue shirt and tie. Stand in a window to discourage the creepy grocery delivery guy or shock your mother-in law when she comes to feed the cat while you’re away.

    A must for every home.

    Comes with added neck curls.”

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  6. “Last week I purchased your life-sized cardboard cut-out of Richard Armitage, and it has changed my life. Reports have been flooding in of women of all ages fainting in droves in the immediate area of my house. I’m now helping the police with their enquiries, pending a charge of disturbing the peace.”

    Zero stars. “

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  7. I have both the Thorin cutouts that were available. (One was in my office at work at the time. Such a great conversation starter.)


  8. Maybe I should buy one and present it to my family as a scarecrow for the garden????
    Mmmmh, but not sure what the family dog would make of the suited stranger standing around between pumpkins and potatoes 😉


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