RA Pocket Shrine 192/? – Furry Love

Before I left Ireland last week, I put a little parcel in the post. It was intended for one of our most stalwartest of stalwart fans, Herba, who has been accompanying many a fan’s journey with her German language blog Unkraut vergeht nicht. The last couple of weeks her blog title has come into its own. The translation is “weeds don’t die”. (I have read that the equivalent proverb in English is “bad weeds grow tall”.) The expression is used to denote that it takes more than just a little knock to kill someone, or that someone is tough as old boots. Well, if you are not reading Herba’s blog, you may not yet know that she had indeed a little knock on the head and has been under medical supervision. She’s back on track to getting better – but I am sure a little love goes never amiss…

Anyway, so I put a package in the post before I went to Germany. Stupidly I didn’t think it through. Instead of sending it from Ireland, I should’ve just taken it to Germany and post it from here. Apparently I *need* a little knock on the head to think logically! But the package eventually reached Herba today. I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, and so I sent a dose of humour Herba’s way.

Ok, wanna guess? With that kind of background – peacock feathers – who could be enshrined this time?

Yep, the peacockiest peacock of them all. Ladies, he is waving at you in recognition. Claude Becker.

And since I am – as all of you know – not a fan of the facial shrubbery at all, I wouldn’t exactly call Claude “furry love”. But…

… Claude’s gorgeous furry friends on the other hand… Yes, definitely lovely. Ooops, I have just spotted a car tire in the scenario above. What the hell, Guylty? Looks like my cutting and assembling was not exactly top notch. A big apology to Herba!

Anyway, I have just heard from Herba that she *did* laugh. Mission accomplished then. Here’s hoping that Herba’s beautiful own furry friend is not going to get upset at the two impostors (three, if you count the furry felon) in his mistress’s secret pocket shrine.

Once again – best wishes to Herba. I’ve been missing you these last couple of weeks, and I hope you’ll be able to return to daily blogging soon!


10 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 192/? – Furry Love

  1. I love Claude Becker’s shrubbery. And his furry friends. But to be honest, after reading furry love my first thought was Daniel M. laying on a furry blanket, scene of BS
    Best wishes to Herba!

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  2. Dear Guylty!
    This was such a nice surprise and yes, all the hairy goodies inside made me laugh after your kind words warmed my heart ❤
    Thank you so much for this and let me say that I missed our little community too while I was away :*

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