From The Waste Paper Basket Of The World Press

Before the day is out, a quick update from abroad.

Northern German sunset – the land is flat, the sky is wide. And we now have good weather again with temperatures of 25 – 28 degrees Centigrade (77 to 82 F). My mum’s flat has been painted – by her son-in-law. Carpet is going to be laid tomorrow. Theoretically the move could go ahead, but the movers have been scheduled for 8 August. So I have time to go through the house and organise a few eBay auctions of things my mum doesn’t want. Mr Guylty is flying home to Ireland tomorrow. But there will plenty to do here, so I will keep busy.

And now to the wastepaper basket of the world press. Imagine my surprise when the term “Armitages Boy” came up in my search. Particularly this headline:

I nearly choked. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that studs should breed. *coughs* Quote:

In the past 7 years I saw Armitages Boy competing at shows and I was totally impressed by his athletic composition and how spectacular he was.

Sounds absolutely legit. *coughs* I mean, just consider this:

UNF. Gif by mzperx0506universe

Ouch. Gif by con4cyn

But ok, alright, I get it. We are talking a stallion. No, really, a stallion.

As Armitages Boy has reached the age of 17 and because the demand for breeding is so high, we decided this was the best time to retire him from the sport. This way the breeders can enjoy this superstar as well as his offsprings. 

Well, may the stud produce many a racy horse. The fandom of Richard Armitage, meanwhile, can hopefully look forward to a few more years of athletic performance.


17 thoughts on “From The Waste Paper Basket Of The World Press

  1. *Roflmao* Now, thanks to you and the horse, I spilt my Cappuccino all over my desk and can’t stop laughing *Roflmao*
    Important for the next Q&A with RA: ‘How is the breeding going?’ *giggle*

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    • So it was just the right kind of post for a Friday – and cheering ourselves into the weekend.
      LOL – oh I’d love to see his face if someone asked him whether he has had much luck with his progeny so far…

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  2. I saw that news and was going to post about Armitage’s Boy retiring to a stud farm in France. The lineup for breeding services and all that! (Back at work and too busy to post, unfortunately.)


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