A Damn Good Adam

I tried to tune in and get a glimpse of the first trailer for The Stranger but the BBC wouldn’t have me. And then I spent most of the day taking Mr Guylty to the airport in Hamburg. Esther and Hari already caught the clip, and Servetus has reported it, too. I’ll just post about it to keep it for posterity.

Mh, I think the consensus is that Adam is a damn yummy daddy. But what do I see there – he’s drinking a bottle of beer while taking his son to his football practice? *tuttuttut* Adam. Unless it is non-alcoholic.

But niggling aside – #TeamLawn is thrilled. As is #TeamMole and #TeamBomberJacket. And on a more serious note – nicely played, Richard and Hannah. He is convincing as the first unsuspecting and then slowly suspicious family man – I just love watching him when he is given extreme changes of emotion to work with. From friendly to suspicious to angry to concerned. A joy to watch. And the unblinking intensity of Hannah John Kamen’s stare is also eerie and suspenseful. In short: the trailer makes me want to see more. Not only because of Armitage, but also because of Adam. And that’s a good start.



18 thoughts on “A Damn Good Adam

    • He really is. I just loved observing the changing emotions on his face. It’s what he is so good at. The little nuances are what make him so convincing. That little glimpse bodes well for the entire work.

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  1. it’s full on Armitage angst-isn’t it?
    it’s a perfect clip tbh
    re the drinking-as long as it’s one beer only, then he’s fine to drive! lol
    i was grateful to find the clip on iplayer this morning as i slept in


    • Total angst – but boy, is he good at angst. The clip was well chosen because it really shows Armitage’s abilities off – and it really raises the suspense.
      And no – even if it is legal – but when driving with a child on your back seat, no one should be drinking *any* alcohol.


    • Suits him so well! (Interesting choice here – I would’ve expected they put the “shady” stranger into the half shadow, but no, she’s in full light… )


  2. I’m very excited about this project. Already we’re seeing peak Armitage physical acting here.

    So I guess they just went with Armitage accent then (of which I am a huge fan!!)? Because at some point he teased all these different northern accents he might use.


    • TBH I did not really listen to his accent – and even if I watch the clip three times in a row, I can’t pinpoint his accent. Ok, it’s not American (thank cod – sorry, but really), but whether it is specifically Northern, I could not make out.

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  3. Splutter, drool***! The smooth-chinned screen god is back! I’d nearly given up hope of ever seeing him again. He is a cross between Lucas and Daniel And the bomber jacket. And the northern accent And being bad, drinking and driving ( not that I approve in RL) Yes a great play of slow realisation and intensity in those eyes.


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