Housekeeping on a Sunday

I’ve done some updating. The shrine section has got all the recent shrines now, too.

And the badgers’ gallery also has been updated with Nordlicht’s images.

Also, I enjoyed watching a tiny little interview with Richard from Sundance. (Leaving this in an embedded tweet – because it’ll take you straight to the bit with Richard – so you won’t have to sit through everyone else. Thank you, Chiara-scuro!)

Wow – it feels as if that is light years ago, now. Is it just me or do others also feel as if Richard looks like an awkward teenager, making himself smaller? (I’m surprised about RA saying that he was a fan of Fiala/Franz’s previous film, Good Night Mommy. A horror film? 😬 He’s really developed a taste for this dark stuff… or maybe he just said it to fill the silence?)

Oh, and as a quick little photo – snowyjo keeps saying that she always admires the variety of mint tins available in Europe. Well, Tommie, I thought of you when I spotted this in our local, small town supermarket:

I strictly resisted the temptation to buy any of these tins. I have too many that are already waiting to be used. And incidentally, I have used a couple of them already for projects. The “Lucky” green tin front right and both “Route 66” and “VIP only” in the top row ring a bell. Oh, and the pink tin in the bottom row, second from the left, looks familiar, too.

Those were actually last year’s thank you shrines for the Birthday Auctions. One month to go, everyone 🙂 I am already excited. Yesterday I booked my flight home. I will be back in Ireland on the 13th of August, so will have a few days to get the auctions under way.


15 thoughts on “Housekeeping on a Sunday

  1. re the interview-he looks so adorable, i think maybe he was holding back a bit because he’s not the main star?
    re horror-maybe likes it /maybe he doesn’t -we know whatever he does he will always massively big up his directors/co-stars/etc


  2. Agree that this seems like a long time ago now. Looks like he could be leaning into the interview “frame” as the interviewer looks quite a bit shorter than him. Fairly sure the info about Severin / Fiala was also included in that longer panel interview we saw months ago. I didn’t take it literally then to say he’d loved horror. Here he says that he had seen the film (I imagine a lot of people did as it was considered artistically significant) and so wanted to work with them “no matter what,” which doesn’t necessary he’s a fan of the genre; in fact, it suggests he didn’t care about the genre but thought their perspective was interesting. After seeing The Lodge I can see why he might say that; they definitely have an artistic POV and the film is well made; they got a great cinematographer, for instance.


    • Definitely leaning in because he is taller than the interviewer. And yes, I have heard him say that he had seen GNM before. I was just wondering whether he has given up his resistance to horror.


      • I didn’t see Goodnight Mommy, but I have seen more horror films in the last few years than in my whole life previously (Get Out, Assassination Nation, The Dead Don’t Die) and it’s my impression that horror as a genre is changing quite a bit. The three I chose to see were because they were considered to be “saying something.” While I couldn’t watch all of Get Out, and had to turn my head from the screen in much of Assassination Nation, I think the critics who are pointing to horror as a genre that is moving beyond a singular focus on gore, shock and violence have a point. I think The Lodge could be seen as trying to “say something” about extreme religion (even if I think it says it quite clumsily and superficially). I don’t know if Armitage cared about that at all, but I do think it’s fair to say that choosing to be in this film isn’t quite the same as giving up a resistance to horror.


  3. Nice to see the shrine update. I have to comment again how much I enjoy the way you stage the photos. They always have a subtle nod to the character in each shrine. Like the peacock paper for the preening Claude Becker…brilliant 🦚 I have the Lucky shrine you mentioned and I love it. I’m really getting excited to see what this years auction offers.
    Enjoy your time with your Mum. Hopefully everything goes without a hitch and you leave her well settled.


    • Aw, thank you for saying that, D! Since I don’t hang on to the shrines, the process of staging them and taking a photo of them, is kind of like making them *mine*. The little photo shoot at the end is always part of the whole creative process for me. And sometimes it just really gives me the greatest pleasure to find appropriate accessories – or little cheeky extra ideas like the peacock papers for Claude *hehe*.


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