#FlatRichie News

Just a short bit of news today – but important.

Last week Flat Richie made it to Slovakia. He stopped by with Korina in Bratislava, and after an initial worry about where the parcel had gone to, the two were united. Korina has promised me pictures of what she chose, but she hasn’t yet had the time to put a little report together. However, you can rest assured: Richie has already left Slovakia and is indeed on his way up North to a secret place… In the meantime, Korina sends this picture to all of you:

Wow, that’s one gorgeous screensaver there 😍. Anyway, looking forward to Korina’s report – and to hear back from the next recipient.

In the mean time, I continue packing and organising the transport of the things that I intend to take with me. Luckily it has become less than previously thought – my mum is going to keep *my* antique chest of drawers and use it as a hall table/storage. Yay. I still have to find transport for a set of 6 dining room chairs (authentic 1960s retro Scandi chic – my son wants to have these chairs), and about 3 moving-size boxes with assorted paper stuff (mostly ancestry/family documents and stuff for my crafting business.)

Luckily, little Miss Guylty has just arrived today from her big Interrail trip. She has more or less crossed Europe all the way from the South West to the South East (not quite the furthest corner, but pretty far), from Portugal to Croatia and many a place inbetween. It’s mega hot here now, but at least we have a free of charge outdoor swimming pool.

I’ll leave you with a few pics of my home town and surroundings.



21 thoughts on “#FlatRichie News

  1. Good news about Richie. He’s moving right along.

    I love your photos. It’s stinkin’ hot here as well. 🥵 Well, you’re getting your full of summer, I guess. 😉


  2. Hurray, flat Richie is safe and sound. Great news. Loved the photos of your beautiful hometown. Thank you for sharing them.


    • 😊It’s just a small town – most people here probably work in the nearest big town, Bremen. But the longer I am away from my town, the nicer I find it… In any case, I always enjoy coming home to it.


  3. Always good to heat about flatrichie 😊
    Photos are lovely and good news re your daughter..bet she’s having a whale of a time


    • LOL – I have heard that it is also hot in Ireland! And that’s quite something… Weather here is set to reach temperatures in the mid-30s, up to 40 in the South. And sure, guess where I am going this weekend? To the South. 😂I seem to have a knack for travelling in 40 degree weather.

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  4. Great to see Flat Richie’s happy travels continue. What an adventure he’s having. Your town looks lovely. And that plum cake makes me nostalgic for my Grandmother.
    It’s super hot here too and we’re in the rainy season so the humidity is awful. If it wasn’t for A/C I’d be a hot mess 😆


  5. Good news about Flat Richie, travelling to the North is the right direction to escape the heatwave.
    Your hometown looks idyllic. My hometown has changed a lot since my early days so I feel sometimes a little bit lost and strange when I am on a visit


    • Oh yes, all those small towns of my youth are much bigger these days. My own included. It’s much smaller than Dublin, though, and so it is fun and almost like a holiday to be back!


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