I Call This a Double Yummy

Just a day ago I was joking on Twitter with the usual suspects about Armitage and biscuits. And then this:

Double yummy, right? Richard Armitage, observed by a gaggle of bikkies.

Apparently he also had to sprint for the camera.

I’m still laughing about the weird sound effect on the mini clip in tweet #2…

And updating as we go along:

23 thoughts on “I Call This a Double Yummy

    • It’s certainly interesting to watch him at work. I like those short glimpses of the process. For me, it doesn’t demystify things at all, it enhances them because it becomes clear how much work and effort, planning and team work is required to make such a show.


  1. Oh they’re biscuits! Large because they are in the foreground. On my phone I thought they were leather sandals. What’s that weird grey square near RA’s mouth – a tray for the biscuits?


  2. I’ve just seen it on a bigger screen, that grey square is on the shop window with the biscuits, duh. BTW That sound In the video is hilarious isn’t it, and the other background noises are too – a woman seems to say ‘ping’ in your first video and there’s another on twitter where two people are having a dull conversation about Mondays while Richard streaks past (as in running).


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